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Lindsay Lohan

Almost Live from New York ...

3/3/2012 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving her New York hotel this morning, script in hand, as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo plans to sing her opening monologue and from there ... nothing is off limits. We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show, but no word on exactly who will make an appearance. 

Lindsay is counting on tonight's "SNL" to re-launch her career. So we gotta ask ...


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These young starlets are setting the bar awfully low for hair and makeup. 10 years ago nobody would be caught dead with hair like that in public. Spears is just as bad.

930 days ago


The only thing Lindsay is going to nail, is the nail in her coffin career

930 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lilo, when somebody tells you, you can't do something, DO MORE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

930 days ago


One of Lindsays fan set a jinx upon her,looks like tonight this jinx will come true

930 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

One of the tests to become a H8terologist contains the following question:

If you say anyone of the 15 Lilo H8rs wlaking along the freeway on a dark, deserted evening, would you;

A. Pick them up and take them where they needed to go.
B. Stop and let them use your cell phone.
C. Swerve into them so they could rest in the ditch.
D. Stop and let them have your car.

930 days ago


@Rogue- I voted that she'd nail it. And I can't stand her. The reason she will nail it, is because the host doesn't have many roles and therefore less lines to remember. So you're logic doesn't add up...... and the votes say nothing as to how I feel about her. She is, and always will be garbage until she quits trying to stay famous and focuses on being normal.

930 days ago

Jay W.     

Whether you Like Lilo or not... the numbers will be good for SNL tonight.

930 days ago


BTW, all this really does is make her look desperate and pathetic. She'll do anything to hang on to even the tiniest bit of fame. I mean, come on, the way she hounded Loren it completely unprofessional and she brags about it like it's acceptable behavior.

930 days ago


The results of your poll kind of prove that her relatives/friends come on here and post some of this crap, the stuff supporting here. There isn't one person who isn't related to her or a friend of hers that thinks she's going to do well tonight or that this is going to relaunch her career. SNL doesn't do anything for anyone. All it's going to do is showcase how hideous she looks and how truly lacking she is, when it comes to talent. All of this is a HUGE joke, especially the part about nothing being off limit. She ok'd everything, they're not doing the things she didn't ok. Just like with the interviews she's been doing, she only answered the questions she ok'd before hand. So, nothing is off limits as long as she approves it first, which means you'll only see what she wants you to see.

930 days ago


She is doing what anybody would do when you land a new job...impress,impress and impress,then she will eventually start the slacking and showing up late. Screw the cast they cant film without me attitude.

930 days ago


Thief, loser,liar, has-been at 25! I forgot, narcissist! I bet she wakes up everyday and realizes that all of Emma Stone's recent roles could have been hers except for one big dina or michael in the Stone family and no drugs or denial. I hope SNL gets its lowest ratings tonight--why support a thieving liar?

930 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

First of all, she's going to screw it up. She's a stupid idiot. Secondly, she's going to blame someone else for her failure. Then a couple of wallets and purses will disappear from the green room. And finally she'll likely be found Sunday morning in some Times Square gutter with jizz in her hair and a DOA career ha ha ha.

930 days ago


@ROGUE WARRIOR- YOU FAILED TO ANSWER MY QUESTION IN REPLY TO YOUR WISHING PHYSICAL HARM ON US BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE LILO. The question was: Would it be ok to smack you in the head with the claw-end of a hammer because I don't like your opinion? Can you answer that one?
To scared to answer without being realistic I assume?

930 days ago

Jay W.     

Still a fan. Best of luck Lilo !

930 days ago


How many celebs..have so many polls agianst them?
How many celebs have to beg for parts on a show..asking for pity..and the public opinion to get their foot off their head?
If she has to goto all these extremes to be noticed then she is not doing it on her own merits...
its all just Pity Jobs...and people wanting to see her fail..
every time she has done anything positive..she takes two steps back..
Money and stupidity is her own worse enemy

930 days ago
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