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Demi Moore

Returns to L.A. after Treatment


3/5/2012 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_demi_moore_plane_rehab_launch_EX_v3A healthy-lookin' Demi Moore touched down in L.A. on a private jet last night ... the first time she's been seen in public since her whip-it induced medical emergency back in January ... and TMZ has the pics.

Moore -- who was reportedly vacationing in Turks and Caicos following a stint in treatment -- was greeted with a big 'ol bear hug by a mystery woman who was waiting on the tarmac.

Moore had been off the radar ever since the January 23 incident ... when she was hospitalized for seizure-like symptoms after inhaling nitrous oxide at her L.A. home.

Demi's rep said the actress was seeking "professional assistance" to treat exhaustion and improve her overall health ... but wouldn't reveal where she got treatment.


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julien zhalirwa    

droums of the is profrsion naltoolss

932 days ago

John T.    

She is so onsecure, sad that at partys she has to always be the one up and showing off. Who takes pictures of themself and posts them on face She is 50 yrs old for chris sake , when is she going to grow up. Everything from getting a guy her kids age to her nasty hair and the dressing like a kid is to say see me and be the center of attention. Money can't buy class. Everyone in Hollywood sits back and watches her at doings make a complete fool of her self. Sad part is she thinks she is sexy with those tooth pick legs. Washed up.

932 days ago


Ashton==Idiot to the max, always was, always will be.
Demi==classy lady with her touch of the hippie, carefree nymph she will always be. No matter how far Ashton hurt her. She bounces back because she is an angel and those beautiful wings will keep her flying, and flyin way above people like an Ashton Kutcher. No, her daughters should NOT remain friends with him for any reason, as he was not a step father, or even a friend to do these things he did to their mother. He has no redeeming quality to deserve any of their friendships, even Demi's for the sake of a "oh Hollywood friendly divorce, stay friends".
Someone who does things like this is not worthy of any ones friendship Demi, take that to heart from a.........
A 52 yr old Grandma

932 days ago


Please, please leave her alone and let her heal!

932 days ago


Not sure where you're getting a healthy looking Demi Moore form that pic TMZ, but, whatever!

932 days ago


So a week or two in *rehab* or on a island and now she is cured??? BULLSH*T!

932 days ago


Party tonight at Demi's place!!! BYOW
(bring your own whip-it's)

I used to respect her but now she is just another ugly personality from Hollywood. Such a shame that she can't see what she is doing to her kids and just get over it and be the bigger person. I did at one time think Ashton was the bozo, but time has proven that he is a smart good looking man with much potential and sexy charm. Poor Demi, she got betrayed....get over it. You are not so special that it makes you exempt from the reality of being human. Men lie, men cheat and relationships fade. Fact of life. Just for the record, women lie and cheat too. It is the nature of the beast to be tempted by sweet flesh and spread the seed.

BTW, I love Two and a Half Men. Seriously hilarious. Keep it up Ashton, We love ya!

Demi, stay off the hooch! Use some judgement

932 days ago


Is that a 50 year old woman wearing daisy dukes? She needs to head back to rehab.

932 days ago


Is that a nearly 50 year old woman wearing daisy duke shorts? She needs to head back to rehab.

932 days ago


Oh, let me see. What can I hate on her for? Hmmm...I really want to hate. I hate to hate. I hate her. I hate you. Wait! I hate me!! So that makes it sooooo freakin easy to sit here in my perfect world and bash everyone that isn't perfect like me. You all suck. You're s***. You're lowlifes. You're either too fat, too skinny, too old or a dumb kid. When you are at my level, HMU. Until then, don't spread the s***.

932 days ago


Hope she finally grows up!

932 days ago


Exhausted from what? With all the millions she has etc... Hollywood stars need to wake up and smell the coffee! They are all self centered and self destructive, and yes, they're all Democrats too!!! Has she dumbed her geeky, dorky, and adulterous husband yet?

932 days ago


Ohhhhhhhhhh it must be wonderful to be a recovering addict who gets to vacation in the Turks and freakin Caicos and not have to be living on a street corner in a box eating from a trash can instead. Oh the life of the rich and famous!!!

932 days ago


I've always loved Demetria Moore. First, in the groundbreaking blockbuster 'Nothing But Trouble'.. then later in the tearjerker 'The Butchers Wife'. Demi's finest acting chops were on display in the historically-accurate, numerous award-winning chart-topper 'The Scarlet Letter.' I hope she gets back on track for a big comeback. I see her starring as a middle-aged Erin Grant in 'Striptease 2: When Nature Calls'.. maybe trying to get her wild daughter, played by Rumer Willis, out of the stripping business and into the hospital to get a chin reduction.

932 days ago


That's healthy looking?

932 days ago
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