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Kris Humphries

Our Wedding Guests Should

Get Their Damn Gifts Back!

3/5/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries believes ... Kim Kardashian has NO RIGHT to keep the gifts from their doomed wedding ... insisting every single item should be returned to the guests.

Sources close to the NBA star tell us ... Kris is adamant that gifts from a fraudulent wedding should be returned.

We're told Kris gives Kim props for cutting a check for twice the value of the gifts and giving it to charity ... but he feels Kim should have made the contribution IN ADDITION to returning the gifts.

Kris has told friends he feels the guests were duped into spending their hard-earned cash on wedding gifts ... claiming Kim never intended to give their marriage a real chance.

Kim insists she truly loved Kris and was legitimately heartbroken when their relationship fell apart.


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Kim, you don't make the rules. Give the gifts back,KRis is so right. He is the normal
One here. Give the gifts back that's the way it works.

964 days ago


Of course he's right. Humphries was made a fool of but at least he has style and class. Kim doesn't have an honest sincere bone in her body and no class whatsoever.

Humphries, she did you a favor. Guessing he never got his $2 million back from Kim she said she would do for his engagement ring she also kept. No surprise there.

Right off the bat Kim and family NEVER do anything out of kindness let alone generosity. Their ulterior motive has always been pure greed. How much money did we just make off our scams. That's their only concern. Nothing but greedy misers.

If Kim had an ounce of class, she would have asked the 'guests' in leiu of wedding gifts please donate to charity. Yeah, like that was ever going to happen.

C'mon, Kardashians don't have 400 friends the guest list was mostly E! employees.

964 days ago


MORONS would blame Kris Humphries when greed and fraud is simply Kris slut Jenner's claim to fame. KIM IS HER MOTHER'S DAUGHTER AND TOGETHER THEY PICKED GIFTS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND KIM KEPT THEM. Those invited to waste their money take no tax credit while Kim keeps the gifts and gets IRS tax credit at the same time. YOU who think Kim is fine keeping gifts just want to see her slut self on TV for the next ho' show she'll have and oh, she will. They are a vile group and the Jenner girls are now on the same path thanks to their mother and woosy dad. Kris Humphries was/is a nice young man with a good black dad and white mom who are God loving people and a family to emulate. Their love is unconditional and Humphries was sold a lie from Kim with every reason to marry her cause he loved her. He made no secret that he wanted to live in a small town and raise their family away from the spotlight. No matter if you like or dislike him, KIM AND HER MOTHER MUST GIVE EACH GIFT GIVING IND GIVIDUAL EVERY WEDDING GIFT BACK FOR IT WAS A CHARADE AND IF YOU AREN'T BLIND, AND RECOGNIZE THEY TAPED THAT CONVERSATION, MAMA AND KIM, IN THE CAR, WAY BEFORE AND SHORTLY AFTER THE MARRIAGE .. IT WAS A SHAM, A FRAUD, A REALITY HO'S HAPPY PRE LIE ... GIVE BACK THE GIFTS KIM AND CARRY ON YOUR FRAUD FOR THOSE WHO WILL ALLOW YOU UNTIL THE TIME YOU HAVE YOUR HEART BROKEN ...recall those morons who still have faith in Kim that she (and her ho' mama) told us she 'always' dreamed of and wanted since she was a child, a big, beautiful wedding and this was it. Well, she had the porn film sold and a wedding to a black producer first that didn't include 'the big beautiful wedding' (she just skipped it) come on, get real and stop buying into and selling her trash. They are just low life users and you are their PR. Kris Humphries has moved on emotionally but the pain has to be there for he was used and abused and didn't know it was a sham. IT WAS A SHAM AND KIM AND MAMA WERE THE INVENTORS .. GIVE BACK THE GIFTS KIM

964 days ago


So not only does she keep the gifts SHE gets to write off a donation to the IRS for her "contribution".

964 days ago


Kris Humphries is 100% corrrect. The right thing to do is to give the gifts back. ALL of them. But KK is too self centered to do the right thing.

964 days ago


Of course the people should get their gifts back. But the only thing Kim Kardashian gives away for nothing is her body.


964 days ago


Some of the gifts were gifts to charity in Kim's and Kris' names to begin with. As Kathy Lee Gifford said, she doesn't want her charitable gift returned anyway. As for the tangible items given as gifts, considering the income bracket of most of the guests, I doubt if any of the money they spent on those gifts was "hard-earned," and most of those guests probably preferred the money be donated to charity. Kim handled it admirably. It would be tacky to return gifts that were probably already opened and their packaging thrown away, not to mention an overwhelmingly daunting task. Kris is just being petty.

964 days ago


She keeps the gifts and she gets a tax write-off! How does she know how much each gift cost? The chairty - will they publicly file that Kim gave the amount she claims?

You don't know much about "charities" and rich donors! She'll get lots of it back some other way from the charity.

964 days ago


what happened to the ring

964 days ago


GIVE ALL THE WEDDING GIFTS BACK HO'KIM and we know that bullllsh*t dreaming about the wedding you had since you were a kid cause you married the nice black dude who put up with your whining and whoring and your wedding wasn't the dream one you 'dreamed of'... or did you intend to divorce him too and wasn't that before you did the porn film with RJ ..come on ..your taking the IRS tax credit to save money on your taxes, give the wedding gifts back. Kris Humphries an honest guy with an awesome black dad and white mom family who are honest and loyal and loving. He wasn't part of the lie and fraud. GREEDY MAMA AND KIM .. GIVE THE GIFTS BACK NOW !!! and morons who trust them .. DON'T!!

964 days ago


I wonder if I had called off my wedding after only 72 days if all of my guests who spent hundreds of dollars on ME would mind if I didn't return their gifts but just donated to charity. Those people spent their money on a gift, so they should have gotten THEIR MONEY BACK!

964 days ago


Agree with Humphhries give the gifts back and let the wedding guests who gave the gifts decide what and who they want to donate the gifts to. Kim gets a huge tax write off and the guests got to spend money on gifts for a expensive fake wedding. Sounds like the Kardashian way of doing things.

964 days ago


selfish and greey immoral and nasty are all a part of who she is...she is beyond stupid too to think that no one will see through this. Lord this woman is beyond help...she is so far gone with the her ego and plastic face, delusional and deluded, Kris H knows what time it is, thank God and Greyhound he is free of the freak circus called The Whoretrashians! Word to all pro athletes you are bigger than this crew, do not at all costs get sucked into the black hole called Kim culio, there is no return.....

964 days ago


Yes they should be returned but then again you married a slut !

964 days ago


Giving the gift is the right thing to do and a decent thing to do. I can't stand the KArdsians can't wait till their hour of fame is up..

964 days ago
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