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NY Councilman

BOYCOTT New TV Show 'GCB' --

It's an Attack on Christianity!!!

3/6/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York City Councilman Peter Vallone wants ABC to pull its new show "GCB" off the air ... STAT -- and to expedite the process, he's demanding "people of all faiths" boycott it ... on grounds it's an attack on religion.

Vallone tells TMZ, “The title of the show alone is yet another outrageous attack on the Christian faith. Charlie Sheen will be back on ‘Two and a Half Men’ before we see a similar title targeting another religion."

The show was originally named after the book entitled "Good Christian Bitches" -- but ABC changed the name to stand for "Good Christian Belles" in response to criticism.

As for the name change -- Vallone tells us, “No one is fooled by that ridiculous claim. The original intent is clear, and changing the title of a show in your head doesn’t count."

We've reached out to ABC for comment ... so far, no response.


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It's just not funny!! I am a Christian with a great sense of humor and laugh at lots of different situations but this just isn't funny.

926 days ago


Folks, I absolutely KNOW the people in this show!!! Grew up with them, and it's why I do not go to church anymore. I am spiritual, not religious. Two things about the Southern Baptist religion I grew up in, they feel that there may be people out there enjoying life, and it is the need of Baptists to find those folks and put a stop to it. Another thing: Do you know why Baptists don't have sex standing up? People might think they're dancing. (No drinking, no dancing, etc. etc.)

926 days ago


I thought the show was hilarious, because it is true!! I quit going to church because of the narrow minded-passive agressive"loving" females at my church, that will back stab you in a christian manner. Get off your high horses and open your eyes it happens in every church and in every religion!

926 days ago


I don't know how it did in the ratings, but the reviews were bad and it may not last long - so why give it extra publicity by calling for a boycott?

926 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Don't get me started, TMZ. Don't get me started.

926 days ago


If you can't boycott because of the name, boycott because it's just not a good show. A lot of good actors, but a waste of talent. Plus it makes Texans look ignorant.

926 days ago


You know EXACTLY why this is wrong, TMZ.

Because ABC would NEVER do a show called, "GMB" - "GOOD MUSLIM BELLES/BITCHES".

"Free speech"? BA-LO-NEY

926 days ago


It's ok for Christians to hate on everyone like gays...but don't you dare say anything negative about many people are such sheep....please man in the sky....if I give you 10% of my money...let me into the mythical heaven....wasn't it a bunch of priests that were molesting young boys...yet they homosexuality....hyprocrites!....

926 days ago


it is a *BLEEPING* TV show. What the *BLEEP* does it matter what they *BLEEPING* call the *BLEEPING* thing. Get a *BLEEPING* life Peter *BLEEPING* Vallone. Didn't your mommy ever *Bleeping* teach you to mind your *BLEEPING* own Mutha *BLEEPING* bidnazz. #justsaying

926 days ago


If he has such an issue with this show, why doesn't he target the trash being filmed in his own city and neighboring state that is far more detrimental to the well being of those around like Jersey Shore and the Kardashians. They hurt society much more than GCB.

926 days ago


If the show was based in NYC no one would be bitching! Get over it and it so fits Dallas High Society!

926 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Oh, get over it nut-job. You believe in a 2000 year old sand dwellers book about an invisible magic man in the sky. Insane/mentally deficient people shouldn't be taken seriously.

926 days ago

who cares? the show wouldn't have gotten any notice any way until now... besides, aren't there way more pressing issues in general? open season on Christians reads one comment. systematic take down reads another. and walt disney would roll over in his grave reads one more. uhhh, yeah... abc is disney, but it's still a business that needs to make money. and with all the junk on tv, they are really just keeping up with the trend. or kardashians... just throwing it out there...

926 days ago


C'mon you cowards, do the same with Muslims!

Oh that's right, you are only picking on a group of people whom you know will not fight back.

926 days ago


All these networks are trying to take down Christianity.

926 days ago
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