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Rockies Mascot

Strikes 'In Your FACE' Pose

For Tim Tebow!!

3/6/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Colorado Rockies mascot tebowingTim Tebow just got a metaphoric slap in the face from the Colorado Rockies mascot ... who struck the QB's famous pose even though he's -- a DINOSAUR!! 

TMZ obtained the ironic pic that flies in the face of all Tebow holds dear -- Dinger the Triceratops ... Tebowing with several Rockies players in a Phoenix, AZ park Saturday.

The Elias Sports Bureau is getting back to us, but we're fairly confident this is the first time a dinosaur's been spotted Tebowing in the wild.

Evolutionists -- 1
Creationists -- 0

Your move, Timmy.

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YOU IDIOTS! Once and for all, DO IT RIGHT. The Thumb & First finger go against the forehead. It's not the Thinking man. STUPID!

959 days ago

Delaware D    

hey creationists - VOTE MITT! Then VOTE RICK! It's OPERATION CHOAS!!!


959 days ago


Wanna hear something funny?

creationists think jesus rode a dinosaur.

959 days ago

Derek Valenzuela    

hey idiots creationists believe in dinosaurs just not the 50 million years ago thing. look up carbon dating scientifically it cant tell you how old things are past a certain point. a point not even close to millions of years. its all a guess predicated on evolution "THEORY". I love the tebowing though.

959 days ago


Cheap shot fueled by envy. It is a moronic act by some third rate athletes and a stupid person in a costume.

959 days ago


Good. I'm sick of this Tebowing crap. Get over it.

959 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Why all the Hate, TMZ? Mean-spirited bullies or what!

959 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

oh ye of little faith.
try to realize that something as seemingly insignificant as pain is proof that we are spiritual beings. because pain cannot be manifested in any physical system. try as you might, it cannot be done. no known physics even begins to talk about qualia. no quantum mechanics nor even string theory. and before you mindlessly think I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm a polymath genius with mad leet skills in artificial intelligence. I am the one who knows. and a corollary to the fact that pain is impossible in the mechanistic domain is that evolution which is a purely mechanistic concept could not have made us. it simply doesn't have the expressive power. however much evolution might seem to make sense, it could not have created us.
I know many of you will have overwhelming urges to be idiots and wont take the few seconds to understand the significance of what I've just told you. but if you can calm your weak mind for a few seconds try to realize that you never even stopped to wonder what sensation is...

reality is far more bizarre than you have ever imagined.

959 days ago


creationist believe in dinosaurs. duh

959 days ago


Oh for pete's sake. It's not an insult. The Rockies and the Broncos don't hate each other; many members of the Rockies (like team leader Todd Helton) share Tebow's faith and it's a giant mutual admiration society here in Colorado. This is just a loving Denver in-joke with a cartoon dinosaur and is far more likely to be a tribute to Tebow than an insult to him. That's like saying The Flintstones was supposed to be a slap in the face for either creationists or evolutionists.

959 days ago


Tim would think it's funny, and by the way, it's a MAN in the mascot costume.

959 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

"....EVERY knee shall BOW..." to The Most Holy Christ King YESHUA! (*Note: "Dinger" wiser than some Humans)

20TWELVE: Daniel TWELVE;1 is HERE, Zechariah TWELVE;8 is
NOW, Psalm2_0TWELVE is NOW, The Most Holy Christ King YESHUA reigns....ALL, for The Greater Glory of The TRUE and Living YAHWEH!

959 days ago


Teebow... Fuqkue OFF already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

959 days ago


TMZ you are such doucebags and have to twist crap into a story because you have nothing, as usual. It was in support. I am a Colorado native. It has nothing to do with your dumbass story. Get back to kissing the KarTRASHians and BLOhans butts and keep Colorado out ya mouf.

959 days ago


tonto del culo, tú no haces nada "in the face" de nadie, porque no hay nadie, nada, nadie, no hay ni face, ni nadie para hacer nada "in the face". De ser así no estarías metiéndote en todas partes, estarías muy ocupado y acompañado, haciendo lo que fuera, in the face o en otra parte...... ESTÁS COMPLETAMENTE CHALADO, Y ERES PEOR QUE UNA PLAGA BÍBLICA POR LA RED HUYYY, PERDONA... PUF.

959 days ago
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