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Tim Tebow

Not 'Bachelor' Material ... Yet

3/6/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Uber virgin Tim Tebow says he's not looking for Mrs. Right (or Right Now) on "The Bachelor," but we got host Chris Harrison to 'fess up about how the rumor even started -- and then we taught Chris a new term ... soaking!

Also, Patricia Heaton tries to dodge the Rush Limbaugh scandal by apologizing for her Sandra Fluke attack. Question is: Was Patricia offensive or funny? Debate!

Speaking of offensive ... is the new reality show "Shahs of Sunset" racist? One of the stars tackles the issue. Plus, the debut of -- "What's down below is where you go." It has to do with Chaz Bono ... you're gonna love this


(1:50) People claiming to be Whitney's relatives are demanding her death be investigated as a murder.
(7:50) Snooki's supposed engagement ring -- setting up the next reality show wedding?
(11:30) Will Tim Tebow be the next "Bachelor"? The show's host Chris Harrison calls in to address the rumor.
(15:51) If Tebow's "The Bachelor" ... would anyone watch?
(19:30) Chris asks which NFL QB would be the best "Bachelor" ... Gary's answer is beyond hilarious.
(21:00) Patricia Heaton takes heat for going the Rush Limbaugh rout ... did she really need to apologize?
(27:50) Harvey predicts "Shahs of Sunset" will be the next big thing -- we talk to cast member Reza Farahan about playing into stereotypes ... you gotta hear his answers.
(38:30) Why did Mickey Rourke rip "Moneyball"?
(41:00) If Chaz Bono went to prison ... would he go to a male or female facility? Dennis has the best as ever.

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Mikey R has no bussines critisizing anyone about acting,he can only play himself a wack job!

962 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Is Harvey the 'so-called Lawyer' stupid? Chaz legally is male. He goes to male prison.

962 days ago


I agree accidental death isn't murder.

962 days ago

Cheryl A.    

yeah Bubbles, for now but IF she went to prison I don't think they would allow her to take the male hormones that give her a beard. She cut off her boobs, she is still a woman.

962 days ago


Patricia has a right to her opinion too. The law student actually sounds like an unpaid whore and wants us to pay for her birth control. No way.

962 days ago


Charles, she is a slut.

962 days ago

Granny Linda    

Why doesn't that woman go to Planned Parenthood? Isn't that why we pay taxes? And when has a doctor prescribed sex for a woman's health? Or, why doesn't she make whoever she's having sex with pay for her birth control...she should be using condoms anyway.

962 days ago


You actually do not have the facts on Patricia Heaton/Fluke situation. The woman IS paying her own insurance for the birth control what she WANTS is to (having paid for her insurance) not be DENIED by a religious group from RECEIVING her birth control...she IS already paying.

Patricia Heaton behaved like an ignorant bully in her tweets (and I'm guessing some alcohol was involved if I want to be charitable)and should very deinitely apologize-and then shut up.

962 days ago

Granny Linda    

If Chaz Bono's body was found somewhere (God forbid) and had to be identified by DNA, what would her DNA show, male or female? Personally, I think she should be sent to a man's prison if that is how she chooses to live. Why disrespect her?

962 days ago


Mr. Harvey Levin . May I ask? Why is it that most of your staff is overweight, they are at an age where they should be looking their best (sexy) It should be a rule 30 minutes exercize every shift. They would look a hell of a lot better on camera. You must have a McDonald's nearby. Thank G-d you have that blonde with her breast hanging out looking for the cover of Playboy ha ha. Why is Max looking so haggard like he sleeping on the beach at night. I guess that's enough out of me.Gotta run seriously. Bottom line your all great entertainment.

962 days ago


A lot of women in America have to take birth control for medical reasons as well it is not only for recreational sex. Vasectomies, viagra, etc are paid for by insurance companies. Rush also said other comments such as if society pays for birth control then the women who use it should have to turn in videos of them having sex in return. I'm sorry but agreeing with him even in the slightest bit is completely ignorant. It's fine that Patricia and him disagree with this women, however, going at it that way was completely wrong.

962 days ago


My biggest complaint is that insurance companies will pay for Viagra ... but not birth control??? C'mon!

962 days ago


I love how there is 300 employees and you make the dumbest spelling mistakes

962 days ago


If Chaz is legaly a man then mens jail

962 days ago


i read if chaz has not had the surgery he is still legally a she and would go to a womans prison and once the surgery is done he would legally become a male and transfered to a male prison..

962 days ago
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