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My Husband's Still Stiffing Me!

3/7/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of "CSI" creator Anthony Zuiker claims her estranged hubby is hoarding money from the show ... and she wants to make something else clear -- she's not the only one who lets her kids shoot rifles!

Jennifer Zuiker is responding in legal docs to Anthony's claim that she's the poster child for greed, asking for spousal support when she rakes in nearly half a mil a month -- and that's net!

But in new legal docs Jennifer claims she's getting zilch and hasn't gotten any "CSI" profits since separating from Anthony.

As for the whole gun thing ... Anthony claimed Jennifer is a bad mom, and his arsenal of evidence includes a trip to the desert with her 11-year-old son where she let him shoot TV sets with a rifle.

Jennifer now says she told Anthony in advance she was going to take the boy to the desert to shoot and he didn't object. Further, she says 2 of her boys have been shooting with family members for years (see pic below -- it's unclear if it's a real gun or a BB gun).

The divorce case has gotten ridiculously ugly. In fact, they're in court this AM because Jennifer is asking the judge to make Anthony give her $3 million toward the purchase of a home in Hidden Hills valued at more than $6 mil.


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A BB gun is a real gun, morons. They can be dangerous you know.

962 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I don't see why she should get any of the CSI profits. Did she even write any of the episodes?

962 days ago


A mom who lets you shoot tv's in the desert equals awesome.

962 days ago


I shot my first rifle at 8 years old. I have never killed anyone and I know about gun safety. Maybe thats why I never killed anyone playing with a gun! Whats the big deal? Take the curiosity out of a gun and kids wont play with them. They will respect them....

962 days ago


Its an absolute crime in this country that when there is a divorce these 'homemakers' get roughly 90% of the assets. I could see petitioning for child support but 3 million? Are you kidding me? Women want it both ways in this world. You want to be treated as independent and fair but then you know you get way more than a fair shake when it comes to marital assets. This woman probably never worked more than a day in her life and she'll be living in a 6 million dollar home when it's all said and done because why? Because she has to do some laundry or make the kids dinner on a daily basis? Probably does not even do that. And she needs 3 million to do that? Give me a break, this country is flawed in so many ways its ridiculous.

962 days ago


Sounds like they are both *******s!

962 days ago


i thought rich guys could afford good looking wives

962 days ago


Get a job whore..

962 days ago


This woman's picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of Gold Digger. Does her greed know no bounds?

962 days ago


Marraige has become worse than prostitution. Make that bimbo get ajob and work. You enjoyed the perks of being married-now move on and get a job-you lazy piece of trash.

962 days ago


I got a feeling he hasn't been "stiff" around that bush pig in a long time...him or any other man for that matter.

962 days ago


Every woman with a child feels entitled to everything from everyone and our society makes sure she gets everything, from welfare to alimony.

962 days ago


She worked 2 jobs to support him up until CSI
And SHE came up with the CSI idea. Check the past
8 yrs of interviews people. He would be no where
Without her endless support and help.

962 days ago


I got my first rifle at 8 years old and learned how to use it safely, just had fun shooting at cans and other targets. I don;t think that makes my dad a bad parent at all.

962 days ago

Toasty J    

Nice Botox, beyotch!

962 days ago
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