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Rush to Rush Limbaugh


... or Else

3/7/2012 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The '80s have come back to bite Rush Limbaugh in the ass ... Rush (the band) has followed Peter Gabriel's lead and have demanded Limbaugh stop using their music on his radio show ASAP.

Rush (the band) was FURIOUS when they discovered Rush (radio guy) was playing their song "The Spirit of Radio" as he ranted about wanting to see sex tapes of Sandra Fluke. The band got even more upset when they learned it wasn't the first time Rush (radio) has used their music on his show.

The band has since fired off a cease and desist letter to Rush (radio) ... saying, "The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement."

The letter continues, "Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush’s music and confirm that you will do so."

As for Peter Gabriel ... his song, "Sledgehammer" was playing on Rush's radio show when he called Fluke a "slut" ... and, shocker, Peter's pissed too.

Gabriel's rep said the singer has demanded that his music also be pulled from Limbaugh's show.


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funny, chrissie hynde tried to do the same thing with her pretenders song "my city was gone" 15 or 20 years ago. it's still the opening song of the show. why? CASH.

962 days ago


PS, why no attempt to get a comment from the other side?

962 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


How many groupies have these guys had over the years!

962 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

PS: Even when I was young and the BAND rush was doing concerts, I thought they sucked.

962 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Limbaugh is a lower form of life, a person disgusting beyond belief.
A person asked "why no comment from the other side". Rush doesn't respond to requests for comments. He was breaking copyright laws, he will not respond to his being a thief of someones intellectual property. If he had opened his fat, grotesque mouth about it, I'm sure it would be here.

962 days ago


RUSH, I used to like them. Now I see they're just a bunch of worthless has-beens. Rush L. called a girl a "slut" for demanding that we, the taxpayers, give her $3,000 / per year to pay for her contraceptives. I agree with Rush wholeheartedly... SHE'S A SLUT!

962 days ago


I think he really pissed of a lot of woman this time. He wants movies of the sex act because she wants insurance to pay for birth control--- creepy. I bet his insurance pays for his little blue pills

962 days ago


Wait, so Kirk Cameron can say being gay is wrong and he's defended because of the whole freedom of speech thing but when Rush says how he feels, he's attacked?

Please explain 'cause I don't get it...

962 days ago


All you morons who are bashing Limbaugh, I assume you disagree with him then? So you WANT this girl to get $3000 of our taxpayer money every year so that she can have protected SEX? Wow.

962 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

TMZ, did you do a story of Ed Shultz (yes, I know no one really knows who he is) calling Laura Ingraham a slut?

Or how about that slut JenniferLopez calling Sarah Paling a bitch?

I must have missed those stories.


962 days ago


Rush the band is right here with wanting their music pulled.

962 days ago


It's not a violation of copyright laws to use bumper music for a few seconds on a radio show. It happens all the time and stations pay for that right.

962 days ago


It's great to see him losing sponsorship. This guy is a disgusting fraud, clown and a hypocrite. Unfortunately the people that listen and believe his ridiculous rhetoric are just as bad.

962 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

When we used to go to concerts and rush band came on stage, that's when we would leave to go outside and smoke weed. I only had ONE friend who liked that band. The rest thought they sucked.

962 days ago


Banning music in any form is wrong! If you are a true artist, than one would not care. This is such a double standard. Ms. Fluke wants to have someone pay her 10.00 per month birth conrtol. What about parents who children have autism, speech disordes, CP, downs, MR, ADHD and so on?? Who pays for their care. If you are low income, you child might be eligible for SSI and/or medicaid. Insuranc today will not pay for many of these services---Obamacare will not either. They feel the child can get most services via the public schools. This is usually not done well, as the school are such a mess for many reasons--UNIONS number one cause. Strattera is over 200.00 per month, parents will pay that due to it helps their child. 10.00 per month is a lot for many, but not that big of a deal. This is just Obama tryng to get re-elected and get the women vote. Nothing more nothing less. These celebs need to stop doing their drugs!!!

962 days ago
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