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Eddie George

I Was NOT Cheating On My Wife

3/8/2012 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie George is adamant... he is JUST FRIENDS with pro golfer Rachel Connor
Retired NFL superstar Eddie George is adamant ... he's JUST FRIENDS with pro golfer Rachel Connor ... despite the fact he was a passenger in her car when she was busted for DUI at 2 AM this week.

George -- who's been married to singer Tamara Johnson since 2004 -- tells TMZ ... Connor was "simply trying to be nice by offering me a ride" Wednesday morning after a golf event in Florida.

George says he "realized that Rachel lived the closest to where I was staying. So she offered to drop me off.  I believed her to be competent to drive and not impaired at all."

He was wrong ... allegedly. As TMZ first reported, cops believe Connor was HAMMERED ... because she could barely walk, couldn't count and reeked of booze. George was never accused of any wrongdoing.

Still, George reiterates, "Rachel Connor was simply trying to be nice by offering me a ride."

Here's Eddie's entire statement:

"As part of a two-day charity golf event, a group of us who had played together on Tuesday celebrated at dinner.  The group included Rachel Connor."

"After dinner, as everyone left the restaurant together, we realized that Rachel lived the closest to where I was staying. So she offered to drop me off.  I believed her to be competent to drive and not impaired at all.  We were stopped shortly after we left."

"At first, I hesitated to respond to this story. But I now see that people are willing to think the worst. So my wife, Tamara , and I believe we have to address this."

"Rachel Connor was simply trying to be nice by offering me a ride. No one in our group felt she was impaired or we all would have stopped her from driving."
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Too bad this is so far from the truth!!! I know for a fact he's a cheater, seen it first hand!

958 days ago

Emily Muddington    

Eddie's wife was on Survivor a few years ago... right?

958 days ago


I doubt hed cheat on Taj. BTW Taj is beautiful do your research! And SWV have a new song out called COSIGN look it up

958 days ago


In situations like this, a man should always clear it with the wife first, and then I would buy it. But I am sure that his wife was not aware he was in the car with that woman because she would have told his lying ass to take a cab.

958 days ago


I googled "Eddie George Wife" but it kept pulling up pictures of Warren Sapp. Oh, wait a minute . . .

958 days ago


@ nick, i just googled your momma, but it kept pulling up pictures of a skunk. I could smell her through the nasty azz through the computer.

958 days ago


of course they would take the blonde woman.. for a roll in the sack.. its set up like that , thats why you always see these blonde white chicks all over a black man.. its all about sex to them and its a damn shame because after all the bad press blak men get from whites, these women still look for that roll in the sack.. thats what they want.. no longivity.. black men are men and very few turn sex .. very few men not only black men.not there for substance!

957 days ago


How did Eddie GET to the restaurant? That's how he should have gotten back home.

Who would let a drunken 21 year old who, according to the officers, could not walk or count take him home. This dude was going to get some until the police stepped in...lol.

957 days ago


damn...no matter where u r in America...a black man in a car with a white woman...that car gone get pulled over everytime!...Poor Rachel...she woulda got home safely without any DUI...if she didn't have Eddie in the car with her!...no good deed goes unpunished!

957 days ago


So from what I'm reading everyone is saying Eddie was definately about to get it on with this girl because she's white and blonde. Sounds like what you're all saying is blonde haired white women are wh*res and gold diggers when it comes to rich black men? And rich black men make poor family role models. Mmmm. Well now we know the true definition of a gold digger and a whoremonger.

948 days ago


Eddie way to man up and let the girl take the dui then call a cab home after the arrest!! Wow between you and your boy mcnair thats 2 post arrest cab rides home and 2 females arrested for dui!!

921 days ago


Don't believe it. Why didn't he have his own car? He could not tell she was drunk? LIAR!

815 days ago


I can only say that things happen but sometimes things happen as warning signs that catches us before things happen. Your book is going to bless many couples. This was only meant to hinder your ministry. Shake the dust from your feet and do what you were called to do. He without sin............

753 days ago
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