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Jwoww Sued

How DARE You Bring 'Jersey Shore' Into My Home

3/8/2012 8:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jwoww from "Jersey Shore" is being sued for more than $150,000 ... all because she never warned her landlord that she planned to let the show film inside her pad ... this according to a new lawsuit.

According to the suit, Jwoww leased a pad on Long Island back in 2008 from a guy named Stuart Levine. But after she moved in, Jwoww opened her doors to 495 Productions to shoot scenes for the very 1st season of "Jersey Shore" (below).

Levine claims he had NO IDEA Jwoww allowed the shoot to take place until the show aired. He also insists she does NOT have the authority to use the house for commercial filming.

Now, Levine is demanding more than $150k from 495 and Jwoww.

So far, no comment from 495.


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Just trying to get his name out there... It's a shame how sue happy people are today!!!!

962 days ago


I'm guessing Stuie is in a financial bind, and payday loans turned him down.........

962 days ago


The name "Levine" pretty well predicates the crux of this article.

962 days ago


not a fan of jersey shore or any of the people on the show.but ill side with her on this.this is a clear money grab.what did her filming in the home hurt him? i mean he even said it he didnt even know they filmed until he saw it on tv so it isnt like it harmed the home or anything.

962 days ago


He's so lame....Get a life and stop trying to live off of other ppl. $150,000 REALLY

962 days ago


Well then, I want to sue google map for showing my house in their maps. I did not give them permission for people to zoom in and see my home. I want trillions for them using my home in the map. How dare them do that with out my permission.
This guy is broke and had a mild brain fart to come up with some money. After lawyer fees and court costs he will only walk away with about 25,000, that's if he even wins. If he loses he is still broke and in more debt and still looks like a dumb a$$. This could be tied up in court for years... Hope he doesn't hold his breath on this one.

962 days ago

C Carroll Adams PhD    

Generally only formal written contracts are enforceable relative to real estate issues, such as lease agreements. Normally a lease must specify activities not permitted, so any other use would be allowed.
However, most boilerplate lease agreements prohibit any use of the property for purposes contrary to law.

So, does the city where the filming happened require a filming permit? Even before "The Sopranos" started production in New Jersey a whole lot of towns there were strict about requiring filming permits and obtaining consent from neighbors.

As for the situation in Beverly Hills, CA that city requires filming permits and charges high fees, since usually a fire marshal is assigned during filming.

When filming permits are required, filming without one is contrary to law. Doing so would violate a lease. Then it would be up to a court to decide who pays damages. In filming disputes in Beverly Hills often the court holds the landlord responsible for a lack of permit.

962 days ago


Yes, never a good idea to invade someones privacy without their consent or them not knowing. Final. But it does lead to all kinds of really weird occurences, stranges posts on the internet, on UTube for instance. The blood drinking kind. But obviously, if someone is a nasty POS, they probably deserved it. Live like a bitch, die like a bitch. It`s in cases like these that you can only thank God that some people are not only vile but vain at the same time, because that`s what will eventually break their lying little, puny necks. :-)

962 days ago


Can't we just sue ALL of those idiots on MTV that brought these losers into the spotlight and continue to try and make them famous? That would be money better spent so that we don't have to see any of these orange, grease monkeys anywhere. They don't do anything other than act like drunk fools and whores on the show. Big f'n deal. Let's rid the world of this crap and focus on some actual talent.

962 days ago


No, you cannot sue everyone, just one would do. For slander.

962 days ago


and your damages are? whata tool

962 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

I wouldn't wish to look like her for a million dollars. . . No thanks I'm straight

962 days ago


ol' stuey thinks he hit the paydirt eh? good luck w that. lemme know how it turns out. p.s. i still think j-wha? is a waste of organic matter...but, i somethin tells me that stuey might be lower than that.

962 days ago


I thought there was a 2 year statute of limitation you have to sue someone, 2008 Really?

962 days ago

Ryan J.    

All that prick wants is money that he doesnt deserve.
If it were me, id counter sue for being a dumbass

962 days ago
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