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Michael Madsen


3/10/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Madsen mug shot after being arrested
"Kill Bill" star Michael Madsen was arrested in L.A. today on suspicion of felony child endangerment ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement tells us ... Madsen was arrested in Malibu at 3:55 PM PT ... and he was taken to a nearby Sheriff's Dept. Madsen was released early Saturday morning and was in decent spirits on his way out, calling the whole incident a "big misunderstanding" (see video below).

We're told police responded to a call about a family dispute at Madsen's Malibu home. 

According to law enforcement -- Madsen had gotten into a physical fight with his juvenile son -- and when cops arrived, they observed several signs of injury on his son. We're told Madsen also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest.

According to our sources, his son did not require medical attention.

We're told Madsen was booked on a charge of child endangerment with cruelty to a child -- a felony.

Madsen's attorney, Perry Wander, tells us "[Michael] found his son smoking pot and they got in an argument when he tried to take it away. It's a family matter and Michael asks that his families privacy be respected."


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Yeah, right; he was just pissed his son didn't share. There is no excuse for what he did.

955 days ago

does he still have the sword Bill gave him? i hope he didn't pawn it for beer money.

955 days ago


ol' mike ain't lookin so good these days.

turn your key sir. sir turn your key.

955 days ago


So this hyprocrite thinks its ok to get dog drunk then beat the hell out of his minor child for smoking pot. How about leading by example?

955 days ago


I saw him a night or two prior to this and he wasn't doing so well then either. I hope he finds the path out of suffering and agree that celebs and their familys should be given some space when dealing with personal issues like this. Get some help owe it to yourself and your fam. Best of luck.

955 days ago


So this hyprocrite thinks its ok to get dog drunk then beat the hell out of his minor child for smoking pot. How about leading by example, jerk.

955 days ago


1st, the state makes a law based on 5/100 bad cases then punishes 100% everyone. It is the domestic violence, child abuse etc... The fact is: they screw up 80% of the rest of families (unless you have $$$ to out from the trap). On other hand about 20 people have job to from some perspective it is good for economy. The only way out from this oppressive system is to **** of from this country, where "democracy" is not yet exported...
P.S. 5/100 percent ratio is based on Orange County family court records done by me. You can do that too. Records are public. No ****ing agency reference…

955 days ago


i kind of like the blonde look

955 days ago


hang in there michael - don't let the press get to you hon. hugs!!!!

955 days ago

joko cunnigham    

string him up by the apple bag...

955 days ago


hot trash commenters? yeah, you never have had a father keep your comments to yourselves -no one cares at lest he had the balls to step in you s***bags.That kid will end up in the trash can if someone doesnt try to stop his young ass. He might grow up to be Donnie Brasco if he knew you snots actually seriously gave a hoot.

954 days ago


wow people are actually attacking him for smacking his kid for smoking pot? I guess you can't win with some people. If he had let the kid get away with it and the story said "Mike Madsen catches son smoking pot and says its okay" , you would be bashing him too..

Drinking and doing pot are two very different things and it said he was under the influecne, it did not say how much he had to drink. For all we know it could have been 1 beer

954 days ago

Glory Bee    

ummm, a little confused Mr. Lawyer. If it's a private family matter why did you mention the pot smoking? No mention of this "private matter" until YOU said something. Lose that lawyer, get Jr. a job, if there's an alcohol problem deal with it (quietly please). BTW, my 15/16 year old tried to get physical with me. I may be much smaller but I brought her to her knees with one move. Cops said "Why did you think you could lay hands on your mom?" Always at least 2 sides to an issue.

954 days ago


Madsen showed-up at a Walmart today getting some sort of detox meds. They've got a photo on

953 days ago


Derp, I'm a pothead and I'm going to get into a fight with Michael Madsen. Derp, derp.

906 days ago
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