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Whitney Houston's Daughter

I Don't Want My Dad's Name

3/11/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown can't stand her name ... because of its association with her father Bobby Brown -- and now, TMZ has learned, she wants to change it all together.

Bobbi Kristina is telling friends ... she's wanted to change her name for years -- ever since her parents split -- but Whitney wouldn't let her.

Now that Whitney's gone, we're told the 19-year-old feels untethered -- and wants to finally change her name completely ... making it simply "Kristina Houston."

We're told Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a "better place" than she's been in a while.

It's unclear when she plans to make the change official.



No Avatar

Oh well    

Some of you people are idiots, you never tell a child to distant themselfs from a parent.

957 days ago


Wow... 6 pages of mean comments directed toward a 19 years old kid who just lost her mother in a very public way... What happened to you, people, to make you so sour and cruel? Hopefully, she doesn't come here and read that crap you're sending her without even knowing her...

957 days ago


I did it too. But I had a very common name and added my mom's maiden name in front of my dad's name to make it hyphenated. It's a pain in the ass to change your name, but worth it.

957 days ago

john calabassas    

Do not dis your pappy in this way... you cant change who you are

957 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

For any hope of a real life, move on, stop making press announcements and figure out what to do with your messed up life.

957 days ago


Not to be off topic---Can someone please tell me how to LIKe on here? Anyway, if she wants to change her name, I guess that's her business but I kinda feel sorry for her Dad--her mom was no angel either.

957 days ago

Jay W.     

Logan: 4 hours ago

Good for you Kristina. Your father's a jerk. I don't blame you. I would change my name too. It would be a nice tribute to your mother to use her last name.

Can you read or are you illiterate ? Her own mother wouldn't let her change her name while she was alive, yet you state "it would be a nice tribute to Whitney." ??

957 days ago


Hey idiot, changing your name doesn't remove the fact that you are Bobby Browns offspring and LOOK JUST LIKE HIM.


This idiot is dead by 30. Just sayin.

957 days ago

how lame    

Every time she looks in the mirror she sees Bobby Beatemdown brown. That would suck! I can't stand bobby brown. She would know more than any of us just how great or how terrible her dad was to her beloved mom.

957 days ago


Whatever if she wanted to do it that badly she could have done it as soon as she turned 18..this is a ridiculous story. Change the name but she can't change her face she looks just like DADDY!

957 days ago


She's making a big mistake.
First off, she's going to regret dissing her father like this. He does not deserve this. Whitney's side of the family has poisoned her against her own father.
Next, she believes that chaging her name will help kick start her sining career and, somehow, endear her to Whitney's fans.
Nope. It won't - and it will do nothing to help her career (what career?) She wishes she WAS Whitney - but that ain't never gonna happen. She's 19. If she really had the pipes, we would have heard from her by now. Fact.

957 days ago


Considering the fact that Bobby Brown has never really been a hands-on parent, I can't blame her for not wanting to be named after him. He hasn't really been there for her, especially since Whitney died. He cares more about doing concerts and promoting his career than he does about the well being of his daughter. I think Kristina Houston is a better name anyways.

957 days ago


She trying to use mothers last name for her own fame and that is the simple truth . All the parties she got in because of her mom is gone. Dry out and get a job.

957 days ago


She is chosing the name that will be more recognizable in hopes people will turn their affection for Whitney towards her, all to garner more profits from the name. Whitney's entire camp are in 'vultures scounging for scraps' mode. This isnt surprising at all for a worthless drugged out ugly little sh*t.

957 days ago


That has a nice ring to it, Kristina Houston.. Too bad for her father, but it was her mother who was always at her daughters side. She has to do whatever she has to, and I wish her all the best. To thine own self, Bobbi, be true. :)

957 days ago
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