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I'm Not Giving My Ex $50,000

to Fight Me in Court!

3/11/2012 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher says there is noooooooo way he is going to foot the bill so his ex-wife Tameka can pay for her legal battle against him ... this according to new documents filed in their ongoing custody case.

As TMZ first reported, Tameka wants Usher to write a check for $50,000 to cover her costs as the two trade legal shots in their fight for custody of their two children.

Usher finds that request absurd ... saying in court docs filed earlier this month that Tameka has consistently defied court orders and filed frivolous motions, like the one trying to force him to take a drug test.

Usher claims he's already forked over 25k for her attorneys and has shouldered the brunt of the financial associated with this case, especially when it comes to their kids.

Bottom line ... Usher feels Tameka's actions "directly harm the best interests of the minor children. Clearly, such actions should not be tolerated, much less rewarded."

A judge has yet to rule.


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I agree totally with Usher, she's a gutter rat. However, it won't surprise me that some sadist judge will give her everything she wants. It seems african american men get raked over the coals in the american court system. It's the same way with the child support system. When the men are with the women and the romance is on, most of the women don't ask for child support, but as soon as he breaks up with them or moves on the girls want to do all they can to hurt them and the courts go along with it. We should have better laws in this country and Tameka needs to move on. She is financially stable. Much moreso than when she met Usher. She should be grateful to him for helping get her business established and the beautiful home and other things she's gained. Stop tryna hurt/punish this man, count your blessings and move on girl.

962 days ago

Tracy B    

Shame, shame :( Tameka was a gold digger from waaayyyy back. I know you've been told this before BUT mama knows best. I saw you in action with your kids and you rock as a dad. Good for you.

962 days ago


straight gold digger. You want to take the man to court to get custody of the kids, when CLEARLY hes the one thats stable. and considering all the damn kids she has, she should really fall back, get her tubes tied, and get a damn job.

962 days ago


hell no. don't give her a dame thing. she is a evil witch who it trying to bring this black man down, and for what. she destroyed Usher's family and she is hurting the kids. now she is after the money. she needs to be slapped. and i am willing to slap the piss out of her for Usher.

962 days ago


all i can say is good guys finsih last!!! take it how u want to 6 in one hand & a half a dosen in the other...or as keyshawn johnson would say "COME ON MAN". wake up usher..

962 days ago

Don Binnick    

This is quite ridiculous; the world today has turn into something else. She is a very stupid woman, above if she knew she wasn’t buoyant enough why the hell did she start a court case. Who on earth will furnish a bill that will ruin his paternity, of course no one. My advice for Usher, This is now your tool, Use that sum instead to fight her in the court and win her straight. Don’t give her a dine, she is already a loser. If she has no money to pay her legal bills then how can she cater for the kids, let her go to hell.

962 days ago

dee dee    

i feel the kids is not ushers cause the bitch was pregnant when usher married her and it happen again in december so ifeel he need to take the dna test and find out his those kids is his and they do not look like usher the 2 kids belonged to tamkeras ex husband and she knows that .. she said it her self that usher dont want to take the dna test cause he going to failed it and his not the kids of her two sons ...always listen to your moms cause they do knows best ....

924 days ago


Everybody including his mother warned him about this poor excuse for a woman. Moms don't lie to their sons when it comes to women.

909 days ago


If Hollywood couples learn to tell the difference between LOVE, LUST, AND GREED and learn the meaning of commitment, maybe their marriages will last .

872 days ago


Ursher shouldn't have to pay Tameka , no more that $200.00 a month for both kids. How much is she gettting for all four kids in child support. Everytime these women get a successful man, they break him down. If Ursher was a poor man she would beg him to keep the children weeks at a time.

805 days ago
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