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Donald Trump's Sons

Ignite War

Over Animal Butchery

3/12/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump's two sons went on a big game hunt in Africa, and the carnage they wrought has triggered outrage by wildlife enthusiasts. 

Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and proudly showed off their trophy kills -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. 

In one shot, Donald Jr. is holding a dead elephant's tail in one hand and a knife which appears to have cut off the tail in another.

A wildlife enthusiast's website has just created a YouTube video of the slaughter expressing outrage.

As for Donald Trump, he tells TMZ, "My sons love hunting. They're hunters and they've become good at it.  I am not a believer in hunting and I'm surprised they like it."

Trump added, "I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community."


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I grew up hunting deer and rabbits with my dad in my teens. As I got a little older, I felt horrible that we didn't eat the rabbits we killed. I also started appreciating/respecting animals. I haven't killed an animal in over 30 years and I go out of my way to help stray animals and feed the birds too. This is not hunting with high powered rifles with a scope at a long distance killing HUGE animals! These guys are morons and I hope that they realize this wasn't even skill involved. Save the dogs are the only creatures on this earth that still love me matter what!!

918 days ago


STOP calling hunting a sport. A sport is when the other team knows they are in the game!

918 days ago


This will come as a shocker to most of you, but by hunting elephants, they are actually saving them.

Rich game hunters spend a fortune to some African communities for the right to hunt game. This gives the elephants monetary value, and therefore makes those communities protect the elephants vigorously from illegal poachers (who offer the community nothing).

So yeah, while Trump's son kill one elephant, countless more are saved in the long run. It's a tough theory to digest, but the proof is in the statistics.

918 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Now maybe they can both pull a Hemingway and spare us and the rest of the animal kingdom any further slaughter.

918 days ago


Were they hunting in one of those "special preserves" where rich people go to bag animals w/out much work or hunt? Do they want us to believe they were out really hunting in Africa?

918 days ago


That knife looks to clean to have cut off the tail.

918 days ago

truthseekr's not ok to name your kid Apple (re: Trump's criticism of Gwynyth Paltrow), but he supports his sons' disgusting slaughter of wildlife??? And he wants to lead this country??? Sheesh.

918 days ago


I understand that people need to hunt for food, clothing etc but this is absolutely disgusting, selfish and arrogant! What a bunch of SICKOs that Donald has raised [see: Donald's nannies] And, if that is Donald's weak response, then I no longer support ANYTHING he or his sick sons represent! That picture is absolutely heartbreaking. #dumpthedonald

918 days ago


If you need to eat or feed your family, that's one thing, but I can't understand why anyone would want to take the life of another living being for sport. It's wasteful.

918 days ago


Hunting for food is one thing hunting for FUN is another. This is sick, they spent thousands and thousands to MURDER innocent animals.. What a real man, more like a b****..

918 days ago

American Patriot    

well, it it makes him feel like a man.... lol. instead of his daddy's little boy.....silly.

love america

918 days ago


We don't hunt endangered species, period. Think of our children's and grand children's futures... we won't have any of these animals left on the planet if we encourage these ways. Stop being selfish! :-/

918 days ago


elephant wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a big guy you are ass hole

918 days ago


"Everywhere there's lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon." Beatles

918 days ago

Katherine Bush    

Hunting..Donald...With all that Ammunition they look like the Taliban

918 days ago
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