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Chris Brown’s GF

I'm Scared to DEATH of Rihanna's Crazy Fans

3/13/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
’s GF is scared to leave her house without bodyguards by her side -- and she's telling friends, it's all because Rihanna's crazy fans are threatening to kill her.

In case you missed it -- there was a lot of speculation last week that Rihanna dissed Karrueche Tran on Twitter -- posting a pic of a bag of rice cakes wearing sunglasses ... with the caption, "Ima a make u my bitch."

Rihanna and her rice cakes tweetThe joke -- Karrueche's Vietnamese ... rice cakes ... etc.

But several of Rihanna's fans took the joke one step too far -- unleashing an avalanche of violent threats on Karrueche ... like "I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!" ... "Watch yo back" ... and "I will kill you."

Rihanna never admitted the rice cake jab was directed at Karrueche -- but sources close to Karrueche tell TMZ, she now refuses to leave her house without Chris Brown's hired muscle by her side.

As for Karrueche's infamous BF -- we're told CB is 100% supportive of his new lady ... despite getting close with Rihanna recently ... and is urging her not to worry.
The real lesson here -- don’t date Chris Brown.


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If I was her I'd be more afraid of her boyfriend than some crazy fans...but well if I was her the woman beater wouldn't be my boyfriend.

923 days ago


I wonder why there is no outcry for a apology from Rihanna? TMZ, as you know there are plenty of instances where fairly respectable celebrities have said things that makes headlines, NAACP calls for boycotts, apologies, Jessie Jackson rises up from the relevant "dead" to jump on the outcry bandwagon and an apology is issued hours/days later. Either hold EVERYONE to the same standard or EVERYONE stop being such whiny b*ches about what people say!

Secondly, you can't be called an artist when you download the mixer app on your iphone, have 7 writers, 12 producers and make a song that has 3 verses repeated over and over.

"Do people like me yet?" -Tom Green sucking on a cow utter wearing a tutu (Family Guy)

923 days ago


How about getting a JOB first before you start requesting security. No one is thinking about your lame azz. Get over yourself.

923 days ago


first of all, karrueche started this whole mess by by making fun of Rihanna on you tube. Her raccist ass was making fun of Rihannas Barbados accent and just plain laughing at her withy her immature friends. so really why is she complain ing now . she cant handle what she dished out. oh please b real! if she was soo scared, y would she post the insults on you tube knowing thats a sociale media where people are bound 2 see it. All this for a man really!

923 days ago


Sad thing is Chris Brown and Karrueche are just using Rihanna for the attention.

923 days ago


Rhianna is in need of therapy. I'm embarrassed for her, she shouldn't even of acknowledge his new girlfriend. She comes accross as bitter and desperate.

923 days ago


Asian (and Asian American) Rihanna fans should be offended by this because if it were a noose around lets say a black barbie, al sharpton would be telling everyone to boycott _______'s music.

923 days ago

Josh More     

So how come people aren't saying anything about how this stupid bitch "Rihanna" has clearly made a very racist assumption, comment/tweet about Vietnamese people. If a white person did this OMG **** would hit the fan about how racist this f***ing cracker is. IDK i'm just tired of glorifying clearly ignorant stupid people with all be it decent talent but also has anybody every seen Rihanna in person? She has an awkward looking body and she is not pretty with out a dump truck of makeup.

923 days ago


Really Rihanna? Rihanna is a piece of trash. How old are u girl? Why are u bullying online? I sometimes like this womans music but I really can't stand her public image. Trash, Trash Trash!

923 days ago


HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....The real message here.."Don't date Chris Brown.."...EPIC!!

923 days ago


First of all to quote TMZ in anything when half of their articles are fabricated is a joke. Then this rumor that Karrueche Tran's team has been trying to start that she is getting death threats is nothing new. She tried to use it before to draw publicity to herself and it didnt work to well before. Now because Chris Brown has done a song with Rihanna and there are rumors of them being back together, Karrueche and her PR friends have been putting out stories after stories riding on Rihanna names (she has been riding Chris's name for awhile) to get make her famous. No Rihanna Fan has been issuing death threats. No Chrianna Fan has been issuing death threats. The only reason she walks with Big Pat is becuase she is with Chris and it come with the territory. This girl really needs to get over herself and get a job or something.

923 days ago


i think its really stupid that people won't leave them alone if rihanna wanna go back and her ass beat then let her do it i believe chris brown is very happy with karrueche and she shouldn't worry about rihanna's fans cuz they ain't gon do **** like they know where she lives

923 days ago


You should worry more about your boyfriend.

923 days ago


Man, That B**ch is a racist. I bet if Ms. Tran would of posted a picture of watermelon and fried chicken with a see through top and directed it towards Ritard the NAACP would of been raising hell.

923 days ago


All I gotta say is that was totally IMMATURE of Rihanna to be posting that pix on her Twitter. Rihanna probably have lots of Asian fans who look up to her & here she is disrespecting Asian. Come on Rihanna. Grow Up!

923 days ago
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