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Michael Vick

Bankruptcy Destroyer

3/13/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is conquering his economic demons with a VENGEANCE -- tackling creditors in his bankruptcy case left and right ... and TMZ has learned, he's just a paycheck away from total financial freedom.

You'll recall ... Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008 after the infamous dog-fighting scandal -- when he lost his NFL salary and several lucrative endorsement deals. According to court docs, Vick owed approximately $20 MILLION to dozens of creditors.

But Vick's been busting his ass to pay off his debts ever since he was reinstated with the Eagles in 2009 -- in fact, according to a new filing in his bankruptcy case, he's already reduced his outstanding debt to less than $400,000.

According to the docs, the outstanding debt is owed to Bank of America (related to one of his properties), BMW financial services, and his friendly neighborhood tax collector.

Sounds like a lot of money -- but to put it in perspective ... Vick earned over $11 MILLION between July and September 2011.

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I was very vocal at the time it happened and he went to prison and served his time for what he did. IMHO this shows that he took what happened seriously and is trying to turn things around and set things correct. I know he still goes out and speaks up about what he did so he continues to have that shadow which will never leave him. However many have been forgiven and given that 2nd chance for far worse things. There but for the Grace of God go all of us.....JMO

954 days ago


If Mike was white not only would he NOT have seen one day of jail, he wouldn't have lost anything other than a fine and a few hours of community service. I hope you Black people payed attention to what happened to Mike. He proved that justice is NOT blind in the U.S.A. It sees Blacks coming from a million miles away. And it treats them accordingly.

954 days ago

terrell m    

not only did vick pay his debt to society with prison but hes busting his ass to pay his bills honestly and you people still hate him. i for one am happy for him that he's taking his second chance to redeem himself and hes running with it.. so hats off to him. its hard for people to pay back 50 thousand dollar debts let alone 20 million... i think its time to let go of the grudge most of you built about a man whom you dont know off a stroy you read in the news paper.

954 days ago


congratulations to Mike he's doing the right thing.

954 days ago


Hooray! He's still a ****ing *******.

954 days ago


Now I need all these Animal Lovers to go to PETA.com and sign a petition to stop those ****ers from shoving their heels down poor kitty's throats and filming it..

954 days ago


How worthless do you have to be to kill a dog?

954 days ago


could you guys shut the hell up and let the guy live his life. i can hear it now...." but what about the dogs life " just like some dumb idiots that act as if there holier then everyone else...!!! go ahead Vick, i know your living it up while these dumb ass folks are still living there boring, lame sorry ass life.

i love seeing a young black brother throwing it back into all these hatters faces....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

953 days ago

Big Monster     

Why don't all you holy people shut the HELL Up already....!!! The guy man up to his wrong and not only that, he served his time already for what his done.

Hate all you want but, his laughing all the way to the Bank.

953 days ago


I get it, he's too black for you *******s to forgive. He's come a long way after ****ing up and is even a spokesperson for animal rights, but no, white america just can't let it go. Being as black as he is must have been enough to piss you all off, but the fact that he had dogs killed must have really gotten you furious. Go **** yourselves.

953 days ago


M.V.is a rich man with a dead soul, he is unhuman, no one with a heart could do the things he did over and over again. He has not faced his responsibility for his actions, he spent some time in jail and he paid some fines...SO WHAT! BIG DEAL!, he still hasn't faced the angels who rescued and adopted the dogs that did survive his abuse, torture and neglect, he is a coward. He was all set to do an interview with Oprah until he found out that some of the adoptive owners would be there, he backed out because he just wants to talk BS but doesn't have enough guts to confront head on what he has done. I have a question for anyone defending this s***..do you know how long it takes to hold a fighting pit bull under water until it drowns?? Vick does...nough said!

953 days ago


Michael Vick is the most hated athlete in this Universe, and rightly so, what he and his "posse" did to those poor animals is sick and disgusting, I hope Karma bites him and those other losers in the ass one day and they receive all of the pain and agony that they put upon those dogs and other animals. MV will always be the s*** of the earth!

953 days ago


@Cm, cracker??? Obviously, your a white boy wannabe black. I would most definately walk over your dying body to help a dog and from the way you speak, I am betting everyone that knows you feels the same way. Not surprised your a Vick fan...he only attracts losers.

953 days ago

Marc Gasol    

Not a bog Vick fan nor do I have anything against him, but I bet half the people on here are in debt. LOL #stopjudging. He paid his debt to society let him live.

953 days ago


He's still a psychopathic killer. His performance sucked last year, and it will continue to do so.

953 days ago
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