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'American Idol' Contestant

History of Violence,

Deception, Bullying

3/14/2012 9:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soon-to-be-axed "American Idol" singer Jermaine Jones is a big, fat phony ... who repeatedly LIED to police ... has issues with violence ... and terrorized "Idol" staff ... according to police documents and information obtained by "A.I."

We broke the story ... Jones will be fired from the show tonight for lying to producers about his criminal history ... and now we've learned the troubling details from the multiple run-ins with the law Jones was trying to conceal.

One incident went down on March 5, 2011 ... when Jones was involved in a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jersey. We're told cops responded ... but Jermaine gave them a fake name -- Joel Jones.

Jermaine was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants.

The next incident went down November 27, 2011 ... when Jermaine was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in Gloucester Township, NJ. Jermaine was questioned by cops and ONCE AGAIN gave them a fake name -- Kareem Watkins.

Jermaine was charged for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants ... again.

We've learned ... Jermaine had a total of 4 outstanding warrants ... 3 for driving on a suspended license and 1 for disorderly conduct with an open container.

There's more ... "Idol" sources tell us Jermaine was "very aggressive" behind the scenes ... once terrorizing a member of the staff by screaming at her because he didn't like his wardrobe.

"Idol" sources also tell us ... Jermaine had been questioned about his past by the "A.I." risk management team before he was selected into the top 24 ... and he SWORE, among other things, that he hadn't been in a fight since high school.

Pants on fire ... and now his lies have cost him the best opportunity of his life.


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Big fat phony, really? There was no need to publicly humiliate him, he made a few mistakes. TMZ you are bunch of low-class losers!!

955 days ago

Robbins Mitchell    

Put the boy in the joint

955 days ago


Every season American Idol kicks off a finalist because of their background. What is the news here? Have not watched a full season of this show since Jordan Sparks. He will be on The Voice next season! By the way, people make mistakes, some deserve to be able to have a second chance.

955 days ago


There was always something strange about Jermaine ,but if he has hidden any criminal past then you can count on his partner & mother to support him,
He has always being a mummies Boy.& comparing him to Barry White He doesn't sound anything like him,glad hes gone

955 days ago


Wow!!!! I'm reading so many negative comments by the Perfect Patties and Patricks. Sound like ya'll never did a wrong thing in your damn life, such as TELL A LIE! Jermaine is not perfect, and neither are any of us. So stop judging him and have some compassion. If he wants, he can audition for the X-Factor. The X-Factor is looking for real talent and not mickey mouse musketeers.

955 days ago


Too bad. He has a really great voice. I hope he gets his act together and is able to show better judgment and self-control in the future. If he can, the exposure from Idol might make it possible for him to pursue his music.

955 days ago


In response to comment 93 by Im1rarebird: Chester Turner, Larry Green, Coral Watts, Derrick Lee... all serial killers. And this story... "Another tragedy struck earlier this week when a woman suffocated her own children in a car before submerging the vehicle into the water. The horrendous crime took place in South Carolina.
Shaquan Duley, 29, admitted her actions to police, explaining that she is unemployed and tired of hearing her mother’s criticism. She suffocated her two toddler boys with her bare hands and strapped them in their car seats, then pushed her car into the river. Her sons were 1 and 2."

But, I don't believe that it had anything to do with his race (and shouldn't). It was his choice to continue lying.

955 days ago


I think Jermain is an amazing vocalist, the Creator has a much bigger plan for you that's all. Sometimes growing pains are painful- In these instances seems like you had some growing up to do. Keep working at your craft~ May you be blessed and stay strong black man!!

955 days ago

Knight Writer    

And then I thpoketh to JJ:

"And I've been meaning to athk you, thuperthtar, do you got thomething thtuck in your front teeth 'cauthe you thure do talk funny and I don't mean in the Bill Cothby way of being funny but rather I mean like the little retarded kid that hath a lithp tho that when he talkth, it thound thilly!"


955 days ago


Disorderly with open contain....please, that could be frowning at a cop whose had a bad day while holding a beer. Suspended license...err, no money to pay the insurance??? Maybe. Very aggressive about wardrobe....shot, if I don't want to wear something that is not "Me" I'm sure I might yell at a staff member too if they kept insisting.

Reading some of these comments and seeing how some of you so quickly chastise and cast your stones at this man sure says a lot about the integrity and morals of the comment makers and our current society.

Are you so sure you are perfect to be such a judge?

955 days ago


Bring back JEREMEY!!

955 days ago


There was always something strange about Jermaine ,but if he has hidden any criminal past then you can count on his partner & mother to support him,
He has always being a mommies Boy.& comparing him to Barry White He doesn't sound anything like him,glad hes gone

955 days ago


I agree that Jermaine should have been upfront with his past arrest, however who are We to judge? We all make mistakes in life. He has a God given talent, therefore if it is Gods purpose for Jermaine to have a career singing, then He will provide~

955 days ago



955 days ago


WHY The heck did "AI" even give him a "send-off" -- Seacrest should have just turned to the camera and said, "internal investicagtion has made AI terminate J.Jones as a contestant and will no longer be in competition".......just plain and simple........the sendoff was almost's okay but you still have to go..ah bytheway -- he is what we will be missing........ I am sick of America thinking that everything has to be sugarcoated when someone does something wrong! He LIED -- end of story....

955 days ago
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