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Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina

'What They're Doing

Is Incestuous'

3/15/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston
Cissy Houston
-- Whitney Houston's mom -- has reacted fiercely to the video we posted Wednesday ... showing Bobbi Kristina and Whitney's "adopted" son Nick Gordon in a romantic grip, and then kissing (below).

Cissy told a close friend, "What they're doing is incestuous." Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her. 

Although Whitney never formally adopted Nick, she considered him her son and Bobbi called him her brother. For his part, Nick called Bobbi his sister.

Cissy is so concerned that Bobbi has become impressionable and therefore an easy target for Nick, she's asking the Whitney Houston Estate to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney's home -- where Bobbi Kristina is also living.


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Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Sometimes you don't want to leave the house for sex, ya know. If your sister is the only one around.. so be it.
It's a matter of convenience.

961 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

what's worse..... her banging a guy that isn't really her brother OR Whitney's family letting an underage girl drink and supplying her with sedatives damn near killing her the same day that Whitney died, in the same WAY that Whitney died. they're probably trying to get the guy out of the picture so they can get to whatever money Bobbi inherits easier.

961 days ago


The kid needs some serious therapy.

961 days ago


I'm sure Bobbi Kristina and Nicholas didn't hook up for the first time AFTER Whitney died. Bobbi has probably been with this young man many times before but hid it from Whitney. More than likely the young man is taking advantage of the situation but since Bobbi is legal age there is really nothing Cissy can do to stop her.

Even though they are not related their hook up is still creepy.

961 days ago


This joker (Nick) knows the only way to get to Whitney's money is to get with Bobbi. Whitney left err'thing to Bobbi and he has nowhere else to go. As a matter of fact... they need to start checking his 'whereabouts', and her's as well, during the time Whitney passed. Just saying.....

961 days ago


He could very well be her 'half' brother...No one seems to know anything about this dude. Whitney could have had him when she was 26, and hid him away until he turned 12....he does kinda look like Tupac about the eyebrows....just saying....ha

961 days ago


I wonder where he was the day Whitney took her olive oil bath.

961 days ago


Incestuous? How? He's NOT her biological brother, he's NOT even her adopted brother. He was a kid of a friend Whitney kindly took in to help, he and Bobbie are friends, know each other well since he was a houseguest. So what problem? Nice Bobbie has him, if he wasn't a decent kid I doubt Whitney would have had him in the house. This brother bit needs dropped, he's a friend, what's the problem with that? She likes him, that's nice, hope they are happy.

961 days ago


You know what trouble I's talkin' 'bout. I's talking 'bout Mr. Nick Gordon. He'll be comin' to Atlanta when he gets his leave, and you sittin' there waitin' for him, just like a spider. He belongs to Miss Whitney.

961 days ago


I AGREE WITH HER.....IF it's true that Whitney had informally adopted this boy and has been raising him as her son for the past 10 years.....THIS IS CREEPY. I also wonder if this guy is using her to get some money and/or fame. From what I've seen of Bobbi Kristina over the years I'm worried she'll be joining her mother in the next few years. ....ALSO I'm not trying to be mean...BUT..I saw the youtube video of Bobbi Kristina singing an Adele song...AND SHE'S NOT I feel she's going to be having a lot of disappointment when she tries to start her music career.

961 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with Bk and Nick feeling the way they do about each other now. He's been living with Whitney and Bk for 10 years and though Whitney referred to him as a son he was never adopted. I could see those two over their love and grieving over Whitney becoming closer in this way. Understand Cissy being concerned but until I hear something bad about Nick I see nothing wrong. BK's inheritance I think is going to be doled out in stages according to her age so that should protect her if in fact he's only after her money. Just wondering how old is Nick? He's been with Whitney for 10 years, it's not unusual for her to have called him her adopted son though he wasn't. She didn't even leave him anything in her will so I think she called him that to lessen the gossip of him staying with them maybe.

961 days ago


Why are people bashing Cissy? I agree with her this guy seems like a leech and is probably using this poor girl. Shes not in a right frame of mind at the moment and probably still in shock about her mothers sudden death and is vulnerable to people like this guy. She has a right to protect her granddaughter. Also about her family letting Bobbi do drugs they are probably trying their best to help her if shes addicted to drugs. I doubt Cissy is after her money I believe shes generally concerned and worried about her granddaughter so give the woman a break she has just lost a daughter too.

960 days ago


To call somebody brother or sister doesn't make you one.

960 days ago


this isn't first time - i bet this has been going on a while most likely b4 she was legal - thats what is so creepy and sick not cuz they were kinda adopted bro/sis but he wad drugging w/ chrissy - this guy had krissy w/ him when he got into fight and pulled gun, among other thinks to bad houstons are to "attached" to whitney's fortune to actually really do anything - and whitney had been was off the wagon most the time - god knows what all appened undr her nose - sad

960 days ago


Again, who cares. Granny can't do a thing.

960 days ago
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