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Whitney Houston's Adopted Son

Asked Point Blank ...

Are You Banging Bobbi Kristina?

3/16/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Gordon -- Whitney Houston's "adopted" son -- was asked squarely today about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

Nick and Bobbi ran some errands and grabbed a Starbucks in Atlanta. They are holding hands at times. At one point, while Bobbi Kristina waits in the car, Nick makes a coffee run and a photog asks a bunch of questions about the relationship.

Watch Nick's expressions as he answers.


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929 days ago


You are aware that these children are still mourning the death of their mother? Also putting quotation marks around the word adopted does not make him any less her son... No matter how famous she was or how infamous her death - her children adopted or not never CHOOSE fame never agreed to trade their right to privacy for celebrity... why don't you show that you have some class and remove this... it's disgusting and the opposite of entertainment and news...

929 days ago


ok i never heard them ask that...did i not hear it??

929 days ago


The apple doesn't fall far from the crack head tree!

929 days ago


TMZ: Stop using "adopted" in your headline and story. This is a blatant lie and you are smearing the reputation of a young girl and a girl who's mother just died.

929 days ago

Gsharon 710    

+Let Me Ask Point Blank...Harv, are you and your mentally challenged workers banging?

929 days ago

Kathe Thomas    

I wish they would leave the poor kid alone.

929 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

TMZ has become MTO.

More's the pity.

929 days ago

juggalo 6    

somebody smells money!!!!!

929 days ago


No wonder he always wears the ball caps, MOFO is goin BALD! BWA HA HA HA!!! Well, guess they're bumpin uglies. They may not be blood, but still creepy if u ask me. Can't say I blame BK, she prolly got brain damage from all the drugs her mama and papa did...they sure took a toll on her looks. She is BUSTED six ways to Sunday!!! A girl gotta have SERIOUS self-esteem issues to be w/a dude who got no job and lives off her. Just give her her mama's moolah so she and her "brother-lover" can smoke it all and she can move on to porn and he can be her pimp...THEN she might be interesting.

929 days ago


She has the worst taste in clothes... Are we SURE she is biologically Whitney Houston's kid???? Why does BK always look like she just rolled outta bed on threw on a week old dirty outfit from the clearance rack from Forever 21? Her mama may not have had Hilton-family money, but certainly she had enuf that you'd think her only kid would have better taste in clothes...Whitney always dressed well.

929 days ago


the ring on her finger is her mothers! if you notice whitne houston's interview(Oprah) she is wearing that ring! and then on the family interview with all of them bobbi kristina is wearing that ring on the same finger!!!!!!!!!!!! stop making up stuff!

929 days ago


LIke mother like daughter.

929 days ago


Whitney Houston's Adopted Son Asked Point Blank ... Are You Banging Bobbi Kristina?


Let's set some things straight here TMZ. Whtiney Houston never adopted Nick Gordon! She took him in a little over 10 years ago when Nick Gordan's birth mother could no longer care for him and referred to him as her God son!

At no point in your posted video was Nick Gordon asked "Are You Banging Bobbi Kristina?"

Posting a headlines such as this one is what prevents TMZ from launching a TMZ DC or to be taken seriously for that matter.

Stick to what you do best TMZ, and that's stationing your camera people in and outside of LAX, The Grove, Katsuya and the like asking your goofy questions!

Oh, no one call her Bobbi Kristina, everyone calls her Krissy!

929 days ago


I hope they show EVERYONE success! The Arm Chair Quarterbacks, BK's Grandmother [and that hungry Newark "family"], and, especially, TMZ. Go Kristina! And, Nick. This is your opportunity to make the sleazy recording industry, LA, [especially] Clive Davis, and Whitney's fans that you will be GREAT! ♥ from DC.

929 days ago
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