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Kim K and Kris Humphries

Annulment is the Sticking Point

3/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage.
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage with an annulment, but each is insisting that the other confess to fraud -- and that's what is holding up their settlement.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... Kim would be happy to annul the marriage, if Kris will admit he defrauded her by promising to live with her in Hollywood and then demanding that she move to Minnesota -- something we told you about last October.

As we first reported, Kris wants Kim to admit fraud -- that she never had any intention of making this a real marriage ... something Kim has adamantly denied.

We're told Kim will open the vault and spend anything it takes to win this case if Kris insists that she confesses fraud.

As for money ... we've already told you Kris is demanding $7 million from Kim -- something Kim thinks is absurd since he MADE money off the wedding and the reality show PLUS they have a prenup which gives Kris a big fat zero.

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N. V.    

Yeah, TMZ is the official spokesperson for Kim K!! your coverage is so onesided for her... Kris is the one defrauded...she played him until his honesty she could not bear!!

947 days ago


Thing is, it doesn't matter if Kris "agrees" to what she says--any rational person knows it's not true. It was obvious how fond he was of Minnesota and his family from the get-go. Kim complained about having to visit there--not realizing that in any "real" marriage, you're going to have to spend time with both families. The footage where she admitted that she didn't want his boxes moving into her house (which implies he was willing to try and live in L.A. at least part-time).

I don't think you can rehab your image on this, Kim. That's one of the problems of living your life on camera---too much evidence which shows your lying.

947 days ago

J D     

Kim is just a greedy bitch just like her Mother!

947 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

He should move on. The marriage didn't cost him anything (e.g. alimony). The longer he's associated with her the worst it gets for him (ridicule, criticism). He should focus on his career.

947 days ago

J D     

The whole show is a FRAUD who belives that they had to have the ring deliverd to the Bitch in a Brinks truck? Her Mom should be sued for Fraud & the whole show should be sued for FRAUD THEY NEED TO TAKE THE THING OFF THE AIR!!!

947 days ago


I haven't EVER hated someone as much as I hate this piece of crap, Kim K. for SO many reasons.

947 days ago


Kim is a liar I remember before she got married she said she was willing to move anywhere to be with him even it meant Minnesota,this was posted on people.com and usweekly. She's full of it.This is just one link I have seen that has her saying she would go anywhere for her husband.


947 days ago


Team Kris H!!!!!!! :) A humble and real heart like yours is perfect for bringing down this witch evil brainwashing cult like phenomenon. I don´t understand who are Kim K fans????

947 days ago


I suspect that since "FRAUD" is being alleged BY BOTH PARTIES, the prenup they both signed can be "INVALIDATED". It makes more sense for Kim Kardashian to "QUIETLY" settle this mess with Kris Humphries and MOVE THE HELL ON!!! There's no point in "dragging this mess on" for the SAKE OF GREED!!! Whatever benefits she derived from their short-lived "MOCK MARRIAGE", should be divided EQUALLY especially, if he put the majority of what funds he was given back into the trappings to help perpetuate their "MOCK MARRIAGE"!!!

947 days ago


They are both gross publicity seekers and deserve the headaches they are causing one another. I blamed Kim more than Kris in the beginning, but now I'm tired of them both.

947 days ago

Jail Time    

She deserves to pay up..what a skank..she was the fraud and took America..you could see in the show that she was not into any of it all along, except for the TV coverage...he time in the lime light is over...no one cares..pay Kris and move along...she's been with more guys in sports than there are games all year..

947 days ago


argh..as long as Mrs. Jenner is pimping her girls and I mean Rob too it will never end. Need to cut the head off the snake first. Remember she has two little ones in the wings.

946 days ago


No way kimmy is going down for this solo. Keep up that Q score popularity of NEGITIVE 53. Your credibility is horrible that you proove over and over. Of course she will do whatever to take Humphries down. Kimmy is pure greed.

You know she was going to bring up the pre-nup that Kris gets zero and she keeps all the money. What a surprise. Pure greed as always. Celebrities want nothing to do with her notice how they are never invited to any Hollywood social functions. They would be to embarrassed to have them their and they think they are so popular maybe but for all the wrong reasons.

946 days ago


She is some piece of work! She stated to Kris and to the public that she wanted kids. How did she think she was going to maintain pregnancy while jetting all over the world on a weekly basis? She should give him the money, after all she kept that hunk of a ring and many of the wedding presents. She didn't even want to take his last name but instead bulked at the ideal. She is some piece of work. Just give him his just due share and move on to another sex tape!


946 days ago


Kris H. wasn't and isn't smart enough to have thought up this farce of a wedding. He really thought that Kim was serious about going anywhere with him and having his babies. And the Jenner/s had to be in on this because I cannot imagine they were this blind to what was transpiring right in front of them. Maybe Bruce was blind but there was no way that Kris Jenner was not wide opened eye as to what was about to happen before and after this farce of a wedding!


946 days ago
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