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New Jason Russell


From Up Close

3/20/2012 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Jason Russell video... the naked meltdownFrom far away, it was a naked man pounding the sidewalk in public -- now TMZ has obtained up close video of Jason Russell's meltdown ... complete with four-letter words ... and the devil.

In this new video, Russell can be heard ranting to himself, dropping F-bombs, clapping to no one in particular, and shouting about the devil. 

Russell was not arrested and won't be charged ... but he has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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TMZ - You acted all high and mighty for refusing to print Whitney Houston in her casket. In my opinion, this is a much lower act, to display a person having a mental breakdown.

926 days ago


Look Gavin, who is this man?

926 days ago


Only in America would we vilify a person who spent 10 years trying to raise awareness, keep a promise he made to a victim of Joseph Kony and generally do the right thing by celebrating his mental breakdown as a result of criticism for his efforts of doing good.

926 days ago


Is that Colton from survivor?????

926 days ago


OK, I am not a doctor nor do I know this guy personally. That being said I do have a few observations. Upon viewing the video he made about Kony a few weeks ago, I did have some questions about this guy considering that everything about him seemed, well, gay. I do NOT mean this to be derogatory, simply an observation. When I realized that he was married to a woman, I was honestly shocked. I had assumed that he had used a surrogate or something. (again no judgement). THEN I read that he is an uber-christian who wants to "have 9 more kids with his wife". Those to me were red flags. Unfortunately, Mr. Russell seems to be exhibiting rather classic symptoms of a person born homosexual in an environment that would not accept that about him. That paired with the comments made by his wife after his breakdown, where she was asserting that the reason for his behavior stemmed from the negative comments he was receiving after the release of his video....well, it seems kind of obvious. The majority of the negative comments (that I saw anyway) were people saying things like "This guy is married to a woman???" or "Well, once he finds kony, maybe he can find his way out of a closet!". The public eye can bring focus to things that people don't want to face. After watching this video of his breakdown, the way he was talking, and the hand gestures, and the references to the "devil",it seems pretty obvious to me that it was those comments that he is reacting to. I feel very sorry for Mr. Russel that he is going through this. I also feel sorry for his family. I am a supporter of Invisible Children and intend to stay a supporter as his actions do not negate the message and the mission of the group. I truly hope that he is able to come to terms with his personal problems.

926 days ago


Geez I hope hes ok, wonder if someone dropped something in his smoothie

926 days ago


He's a gay evangelical Christian living a lie as a heterosexual family man. 'nuf said about his breakdown.

926 days ago


Jason Russell seems like a closet homosexual narcissist who because of the media scrutiny/whirlwind from the the Kony video (plus the abundance of xtra $$$ he made off it!) probably ended up buying some drugs to deal with it all in an apparantly high-pressure week. As someone else said, being a closeted christian *** in the spotlight will do a guy in. Now he's Pwned in front of the world!

926 days ago


I wonder if his some still wants to be just like him or just more confused. Fun apart, I was a believer of KNOY 2012 the first time seeing it and now the details come out and it make me sick to my stomach. These guys are a bunch of con men taking your money and smoking it all up. Gay, not gay does not matter. He is a crook.

Any one see what his wife looks like?? His best friend??

A golden chance pissed away.

926 days ago


What a F^G

926 days ago


He totally did the gay clap.

926 days ago


There sure a lot of opinions in these comments. A lot of jerks too. Who knows what happened. The guy apparently needs help, whether it's a nervous breakdown or a chemical imbalance or drugs. You can't tell by looking at him. That is just stupid.

926 days ago


Shame, shame, shame for posting a man clearly having some sort of breakdown. Whether it was drug induced or not, with all the stigma around mental illness... people are just plain cruel...

926 days ago


meth plus ghb = no sleep and breakdown been there done that and was on a 5150 at cedars after police found me with clothes in weho

926 days ago


Yo Jason, I'm happy for you and Imma let you finish, but RUPAUL had the best runway walk of all time.

926 days ago
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