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The Case of the Disappearing

Baby Weight

3/20/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weightIt's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little Blue Ivy, but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday.

It's almost like she never had a baby.



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There is no doubt in my mind that it's J's baby, because it looks like him in girl form. However, I've seen to many pics of Bey during her "pregnancy" and she seems to be the only celebrity that had a "moving" baby bump. I've had 3 kids and I know that your baby bump will not concave when you sit down, and it is nearly impossible to look like this 10 weeks after having a baby. This isn't from having a personal trainer, this is from not having a baby in the first place. Just sayin'

946 days ago


OH, for heaven's sake! This headline sounds more like hating than complimentary... have your writer's do some research on post-pregnancy. From personal experience, when I was pregnant - a healthy pregnancy, at that - I only gained 17 pounds and delivered a nearly 8lb baby boy. Then within 6 weeks, I lost all of that wait PLUS some due to breast-feeding! IN fact, I got down to a size 4 - I have always been a size 8 - 10 since high school! TMZ, please be more responsible in your reporting and suggestive comments. Beyonce, you LOOK great!

946 days ago


That Illuminati chick hasn't given birth to anything other than her daily turbs she drop off at the pool. Not that it matters but come on folks Bey was not pregnant. Part of the initiation of becoming a member is the sacrifice of something major. Ole girl sacrificed her wound. She won't be having in children by birth. It's all a cover up.

946 days ago


Thank God some women on here with differing opinions have posted! Just cause you didn't lose your weight fast doesn't mean another woman can't! Of all people, women should know that no 2 pregnancies are alike!

Do we remember how tiny Heidi Klum got soon after a birth? And she walked a runway in bra and panties revealing a flawless belly! Beyonce is fully covered and you know she has on Spanx or something!

946 days ago


Beyonce stans are obviously delusional... I think maybe Beyonce's cousin Angie had the baby for them. She disappeared throughout all of Beyonce's pregancy and returned around Baby Blue's arrival looking like she just gave birth.

946 days ago


These two are the same people who WHORE themselves out to Middle East Dictators for a Pay Day!! NO thought about where the money came from or who might have died so they could be Even More Wealthy. Really think they will start telling the truth Now? LOL Never Pregnant.

946 days ago


LOL...OFC..she was never pregnant.

946 days ago


Beyonce gave birth to that child and worked the weight off. Whitney Houston wasnt a drug addict and her daughter is beautiful. Kim Kardashian has talent. We now return you to reality.

946 days ago


I think she's an under the covers ****.

946 days ago


Ever heard of spanx? It's like a super duper successful company. Who blows a few mil on a birthing suite that they really aren't going to use? Always looking for a scandal.

946 days ago

Ms BAB    

Oh TMZ get a life! Beyonce isn't a piggy like Jessica Simpson. She probably watched her weight and excerised like a woman who cares about her health and figure. When Beyonce first made her post baby appearance she had some weight on her, so much so if you paid attention she was posing to not appear heavy. Yall actually posted the pic I'm talking about, she has one leg in front of the other to slim her down (she has on a tight orange dress in the pic in cause you want to pull it up). I think she looks great! #yallsomehaters4realsmh

946 days ago


As a Father of 2 and watching my wife during pregnancy as well as my 4 sisters and 3 nieces, the second I saw Beyonce lean FORWARD and the Fake Rubber Tummy fold in, I knew it was FAKE. All Pregnant Women place hand on back hip, start a squatting process and lean BACK to sit.

946 days ago

Ronnie Nel    

Dear Haters --- Beyonce is a mogul , Rich , beautiful , has a rich husband, drivers, trainers, people who adore her, movies, great music, and true happiness, while you losers stay with your momma, at 30 plus years of age, eat hot pockets, are fat, and probably smell , and you spend your day coming on hear talking about people who don't know ( or care ) that you exsist lol what a bunch of loser trolls

946 days ago


It scares me to think that some people actually BELIEVE she had a baby!! There's no it's been stated, the timeline is all messed up, there's the picture of her belly deflating on live TV. And, that hospital lockdown? That was to protect the surrogate and the lies. They want us to think they can produce a baby and it's more than likely that Jay-Z may be sterile and I'm sure he doesn't want that secret to spill.

946 days ago


Sorry guys, but I don't think she actually gave birth. Too much mystery surrounding the birth and two weeks later they were out and about as slim as ever, not swollen face or lips usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks.

946 days ago
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