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Michael Bay

Leonardo AND April O'Neal

Have My Back!

3/21/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaelangelo needs to back the hell off of Michael Bay and let the guy turn the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into aliens ... this according to the guy who voiced Leonardo.

TMZ broke the story ... Bay has been getting some serious flack ever since he announced he'll be changing the classic TMNT sewer-based origin story for his upcoming live-action flick.

But not every member of TMNT-nation is hating on Bay's idea to go intergalactic with the Turtles ... in fact, TWO former actors who starred in the original live-action movie are coming to Bay's defense.

TMZ spoke with Brian Tochi -- the original voice of Leo AND the Asian geek Takashi in "Revenge of the Nerds" -- who tells us, "If Michael Bay wants to do a different take on the turtles origin story ... Mazel Tov!"

We also spoke with Judith Hoag -- aka April O'Neal in the classic Turtles flick -- who says she's excited about Bay's new vision ... but her opinion might be slightly slanted.

"I was in "Armageddon" ... which Michael directed ... as well as "Nightmare On Elm Street" and "I Am Number Four" which he produced."

No word if Hoag will be in the new movie ... but she probably just upped her chances.


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Should have read, "Michaelangelo needs to back the SHELL off..."

944 days ago


This movie will need top voice talent like Danny Bonaduce and Seth Rogen.

944 days ago


screw michaelangalos voice! and april o'neal lady is laughable horrible actor and didn't even know what the turtles were before she landed the role

944 days ago


GREEN - AL you clearly are a dumb ass. Making money does not mean good films. Ironically your name is based after one of the biggest flops of all time

944 days ago


I find it odd that it seems like almost half of Hollow-woods yearly releases these days involves aliens? Transformers, Battleship (which had nothing to do with aliens but now does), John Carter and now Bay wants TMNT to be aliens, aswell... Also MIB 3 is coming out... Isn't that kind weird? I'm not one to be a conspiracy theorist but it's getting ridiculous in the alien department... Almost like a hint, hint, nudge, nudge of sorts... As if Hollywood is preparing us for something??? You can write it/me off if you want, but I swear it feels like we're being brain-washed into accepting their actual literal existance more-so these days??? Aliens, aliens, aliens. They seem like half of Hollywood's yearly release slate anymore...

944 days ago

i said lesbians...    

This guy is ruining our childhoods with all of his crappy remakes and terrible adaptations. F*** michael bay and f*** anybody that supports this garbage.

944 days ago

Sean Johnson    

Both of those opinions from the actors from the original movies barely hold any weight. The first one voiced one of the characters in the first movie and says that if he wants to do one, fine. He's not necessarily saying anything positive or negative specifically about what Michael is doing to the characters' origins.

As for the second opinion, she is extremely biased by having worked with him in one movie that he directed and in two movies that he produced. Of course she won't say anything bad about what he wants to do to the origin story...she probably remembers what happened to Megan Fox the (first and) last time she badmouthed Michael Bay [and Judith just doesn't want to make waves, which I can understand].

Personally, just because two of the original actors from the first movie "have your back", that doesn't make your decision the right one.

944 days ago


More importantly, what does Corey Feldman have to say about this?

944 days ago

Fat Mike    

Please stop writing about former Ninja Turtles actors. This will only lead to Corey Feldman eventually appearing here

944 days ago


Bay is a douche bag

944 days ago

doug fish    

Michael Bay is a jerk and he will mess up TMNT just watch...

944 days ago


Asking former actors from the first movie means nothing. The Turtles are a comic book created by Peter Eastman and Michael Laird. Who cares what the actors say they had nothing to do with their creation. If Eastman or Laird said they support Michael Bay that would be big news.

944 days ago


These two actor/actress are just looking for work so they are sucking on Bay's nuts.

944 days ago

King Beef    

Who gives a crap? It really doesn't matter if he changes the TMNT's origins because it will suck either way. Everything Michael Bay touches turns to sh*t anyways. Sure, he makes a ton of money, but it doesn't make his movies not suck. He already raped my childhood with Transformers. Why not rape it again with TMNT.

944 days ago


On the one hand Michael Bay is the most overrated director in Hollywood by far. On the other hand, TMNT was ruined long ago by the movies. Unless they went back to the original graphic novels which were relatively gritty, they couldn't make it anything other than a young kids movie.

944 days ago
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