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Kim Kardashian

Flour Bomber is a 'Bully'

3/23/2012 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian says the woman who attacked her with flour last night is nothing more than a "bully" ... and claims the only reason she's NOT pressing charges ... is because she's just too busy.

Kim just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and gave us the blow-by-blow about how she handled herself when a female animal activist broke on to the red carpet and attacked her at an event for her new fragrance.

Kim tells us ... she tried her best to "laugh it off" ... and refused to leave the event because she didn't want to disrespect all of the people who worked so hard to put the event together.

And while Kim says she understands the flour bomber's beliefs ... KK raised a great point -- "If you're trying to promote nonviolence towards animals ... why are you trying to be violent towards humans?"


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Was O.J Simpson Kim's first lover? Is that what started her "black obsession"?? Why does she hate men of her own race?

912 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I'm just upset that the lady used something as lame as flour. Should have thrown a bucket of feces and urine on Kim. Then again, the lady would just be giving her the same treatment every professional athlete and hip hop star has given Kim over the years. I guess having poop and pee on her would just be an average Saturday night for Kim.

912 days ago


Why do i feel so angry about this whinny b**** she nothing but worthless whore
All she does is getting naked and then cry about it .
She always blame others for her behavior . Really Kim this woman is a bully because she don't support animal abuse so that you can wear a fur for which little girls who actually love puppies and animals paid for

912 days ago


Gee Big K.....Nobody would have gone after you had you been doing the right thing all along.
Money means more to you than making stupid comments about nonviolence. You wore/wear it, you know better, your ego is bigger, you deserve all you get. Next time it might be worse...your choice You just don't get it....but then again your brains are only in your ass.

912 days ago


Nothing but a filthy tramp. Go away. I love that gall that threw flower all over this scammer. Now go away kk

912 days ago


KK did not "make a great point". Violence is what is done to defenseless animals raised for fur. Someone who has watched the proof of that would have responded differently, if she had a heart. Having flour thrown on you only hurts your comparison.

912 days ago

Yep I said that    

Of course the cheap tawdry media whoring trollop called TMZ you guys are her fans. This was more than likely just another publicity stunt dreamed up by the hos pimp mother.

912 days ago


I hope somebody use tomatos next time . I woudln't mind to go to jail for few days after throwing something at her and be the hero after afterward . she needs to be gone

912 days ago

That's Right    

1. HARVEY: Stop making it so obvious you're friends or business partners with the Kardashians. Every media site saw how sick and disturbing it was for Kris J to post prego picks for her sons 25th birthday, yet you approved. Although TMZ will continue to have ratings many are starting to see how bias you are. The Kardashians can't do any wrong per TMZ. Fact they became famous because Kim sold her sex tape to the highest bider and naive young girls follow her, either way she have been and still is a high paid whore with a brand, so is the mustange ranch.

2. It's funny how Khloe and Kourtney said "if I was there" lol if either one or both of you were there then you all would have been bomb lol. Umm Khloe no one is afraid of you lol and it's so cute how you believe folks are lol, you would get yo azz beat up fvcking saying that to the wrong people, YOU'RE ALL TALK

912 days ago


I sure do love these Peanut butter cups!!

912 days ago


Having flour thrown on you is not anywhere near the kind of violence she supports..Anally electrocuted and skinned alive so RICH a$$holes can prance around in ugly clothes.

912 days ago


Awesome! I only saw one dislike on 5 pages of comments!
people must love Kim K...

912 days ago


I'm a vegan for health, humanitarian, and environmental reasons. I don't condone anyone being physically attacked. Instead I would encourage Kim to see for herself how these animals are tortured and killed, and leave it up to her conscience. Even though PETA had nothing to do with this, I don't always agree with the tactics they use to get the message across.

912 days ago


This woman cries every time when people see through her stupid ego and how unfair they treat her because she has such a big heart .
she is self-centered and egomanic she cries cause of earing which are insuranced so the other payers would have to pay for her stupididy wearing 75 K earings around water and beach

912 days ago


No its not a great point TMZ. Dumping flour on someone is not "being violent against humans" in the way that slaughtering animals and skinning them is being violent against "nonhumans" as Kardashian puts it.

912 days ago
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