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Bobby Brown


3/26/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI


2:52 PM PST --
Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops believe Brown was DRUNK at the time of his arrest.

Brown was booked for driving under the influence and for driving with the blood alcohol content of .08 or higher.


Bobby Brown
has just been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Bobby was pulled over in Reseda, CA at 12:20 PM PST for allegedly driving while talking on a cell phone.

We're told 43-year-old Bobby is currently in custody in Van Nuys jail. It's unclear what substance cops believe Brown had been using before he got behind the wheel.

Whitney Houston's ex-husband already has a DUI conviction on his record stemming from an arrest in Georgia in 1996. He eventually pled guilty to DUI and served 8 days in jail.

Brown has been back in the news ever since Whitney died in a Beverly Hills hotel room on February 11. Bobby was turned away from the death scene and left the funeral service early after a disagreement with Houston's family.

2:38 PM PST --
Sources tell us ... Bobby has already bailed out of jail. 

1:54 PM PST --
Sources close to the singer tell us ... Bobby's "people" are en route to the jail to bail him out.



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Sasha London    

Bobby is going through it right now. Its no excuse, but people cope with death in their own way !

943 days ago


I don't get it. These people have money. Why don't they hire a driver? When I go out with my friends we have a DD and we all pitch in and fill their gas tank. The times no one wants to be a DD we taxi. Of course, none of us get falling down sloppy drunk, so I guess that helps too.

943 days ago

Tony the Giant    

The icon for little girls is, they wanna be like Oprah when they grow up. Not just because she is famous. But because of her strength and style, which allows for her to fight off demons. Whitney, there was no hope for her. If she could turn back the hands of time. She would re-marry Bobby, and go through the same problems, all over again. But you know what? That's how women are. (Or keep a connection w/ them that's just as bad.)
Sorry to say this Kristina, but the worst thing Whitney did was have a baby by Bobby Brown. Cause you are gonna have to deal with his visitation rights, whether you like it or not. I couldn't imagine a woman having a baby by Bobby Brown. And he's still coming all over the house.

943 days ago


This guy has to be the most hated man in America these days, don't ya think? He should go hide in a cabin somewhere.

Hey, Bobby Brown, right or wrong, you are getting the blame for ruining Whitney's life and you're sweet daughter isn't far behind. Why don't you straighten up and try to save her, instead of continuing to be a selfish, loser, druggie? You are disgusting!

943 days ago


But Bobby Brown has been clean and sober for over 7 years now! Lol, give me a break. Bobby, you never cease to amaze.

942 days ago


He will die from his addiction, just as his ex-wife did...

942 days ago


everyone in this world has fam in the mix, so dont judge, pray for there kid. all other can shut the **** up. did u forget your moma was once a whoe. and she made through the struggle and today she is still mama. family and the folks.

942 days ago


dear tmz... dont be such a buster ass mother ****er. everyone goes through heart and pain.Pull your self by your rock jock string and let this man breath. I know it your job to report.. **** off. I put that on rick james. holla bitches/

942 days ago


wake the **** up america. people fall and get back up. we tend to forgive so many other people go take a good look in the mirror. stupid ass. stop picking on the weak to feel better about yourself. gossip yea, ok. put that in print.

939 days ago


on come on. behave. how many have to this day gotten behind the wheel of a car after a few. Bobby just got caught again, and well can u handle the stress he's under? I put that on rick James. dont judge

939 days ago

Paul Bauer    

He's starting to look a lot like Cedric The Entertainer.

937 days ago


I wish Bobby would find peace with himself, and loads of confidence too. Bobby you 'can' make a fresh start and do quite well, find the strength. Get a new manager who will bring out the best in you, you can do it! Forget what happen, its not your fault, she wanted to escape and unfortunately she did, think good thoughts and don't get back into drinking and drugs, be strong and make good things happen. You can do it!

935 days ago


Nothing surprises me anymore about Bobby Brown Tresore

762 days ago
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