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Madonna SLAMMED by Deadmau5


Drug Use!

3/26/2012 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is under attack by one of the most famous DJs in the world ... who's PISSED at the Material Girl for glamorizing the use of ecstasy during a recent concert.

DJ Deadmau5 was clearly watching when Madge took the stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend and shouted to the crowd, "How many people in this crowd have seen molly?" (check out video below at :45 mark)

FYI -- "Molly" is a slang term for MDMA, one of the key ingredients in ecstasy ... a drug that's hugely popular with people in the electronic dance music community.

While the crowd CHEERED at Madge's comment ... Deadmau5 went to his Facebook page and ripped the singer a new one.

"Very classy there madonna. 'HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???' such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra."

He added, "Quite the f'n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! f*cking cant smack my head hard enough right now."

So far, no response from Madonna.


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Just what young people need to hear. She needs to get off the stage until she grows up. gag

905 days ago


madonna is gross!

905 days ago


Anyone whop goes to a DJ Concert watching a guy with an electronic fish bowl on his head has got to be on something.I have seen a few of the 'mouse/rat' head videos and it almost looks demonic. Seen it once, OK. Who would want to wear those stupid heads all night in a club?
Gotta be on something?

905 days ago


Pretty ironic comment coming from DeadMau5, how many of his fans aren't on drugs? I'm not a fan of either of them, but at least Madonna actually has talent.

905 days ago


There's only one Queen and that's Madonna. I love how people point out her age. Yes she's 53 yrs old. I don't hear people trashing old ass men dating 20 yr olds. Stop trashing her age and move on if your not a fan. This "DJ" is famous because of Molly users. He needs to get over himself. He's a little pissy because The Queen chose Avicii. Madonna is doing what she does best. Move on if you have a problem.

905 days ago


Madonna needs to be raped while under the influence of her favorite designer drugs, she's so classy.

905 days ago

Glory Bee    

Women our age, no matter how hot we are, just shouldn't try to be relevent by acting like kids. We aren't. We are coolest when we stay relevent because of our experience. Then youngsters seek us out, and let us know from their own account just how "in" we are. Believe me, I know. Over 50, still smoking hot (according to my younger lover), sought out by the 18 to 30 set, oh honey, be every year you are. Don't be a sad younger wanna be. You're being laughed at.

905 days ago

juan tovar    

what's next bob weir asking has anyone seen mary jane?

never trust a dj who plays other people's music and wears a mask...sorry but anyone born in 1981 has no relevance.

905 days ago


Music and musicians have been writing songs about drugs for decades. I have always thought Madonna is an idiot, and I think it was irresponsible but come on guys. Almost all artists do this or have done this. Some the best songs ever written in my opinion have been about drugs. It is art and unless you are ready to argue with the Beetles, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Beastie Boys, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath and a ton of other artists I think we should remember she is free to make her art.

905 days ago


Screw them both. Most overrated producer and singer ever.

905 days ago


So what if she did?? I've been to concerts where they ask if you're high, drink, on blow, everything?? If this is unacceptable behavior, then make it all unacceptable.

905 days ago


Madonna is such a sad women. At her age it is time to start acting like a teenager that will say anything and do anything to get attention. Would she really be asking her daughter such a questions? Or is she and her daughter doing these drugs together. Time to grow up Modonna...I know its hard for some 50 plus women to grow and and stop dressing inappropriate. Why do people give her the time of day??? I will never understand!

905 days ago


And nomad....Molly is mama. Pure mama. You pills are the bs. Trust me, you just have never had a date with the real Molly. Noone goes back to e afterwords.....

905 days ago


OH MY GOD!! She said mother****ers!!!! Who would have expected foul language coming from Madonna!!! I think she masturbated in front of cameras...but still, mother****ers!!! What`s next ? go suck some massive ****s ? Good thing there are censors out there, you have to protect the youth.

905 days ago

Miss D-L    

Let me just say this:

There is a difference between acknowledge and inquiring.

I'm with Deadmau5 here.

Enough said !

905 days ago
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