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Rob Kardashian


'He Tried to Kill Me'

3/26/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The incident that led to the Rob Kardashian vs. Paparazzo arrest didn't appear to be a "joke" when it was happening ... because the photog told police, "He tried to kill me" ... and it's all caught on tape.

TMZ broke the story ... Rob was handcuffed and arrested early Sunday morning after chasing after a paparazzo and cornering him in a bong shop.  Rob insisted he was just "joking" with the pap.

But new footage has surfaced ... which shows Rob was in a very heated argument with a super attractive female moments before the incident. It appears Rob gave chase to the pap AFTER he realized the argument was being recorded.

The pap ran to the nearby smoke shop to hide out ... but Rob spotted him and followed him inside. Cops saw the chase and darted inside the shop ... bursting into the store as Rob was closing in on the photog.

Once the pap sees the cops ... he yells out, "He's attacking me ... he chased me ... he tried to kill me." During the video, Rob never lays a hand on the pap.

The officers grabbed Rob and asked him why he was in the shop ... to which the reality star replied, "I'm shopping."

Kardashian was placed in handcuffs and warned, "Don't resist."

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Rob confirmed to cops that he gave chase because he "did not like the paparazzi filming him."

Eventually, cops determined there was no altercation, and let both men go.


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Rich boys don't have to work. Trust funds and all that~

919 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Another day, another KRAPTRASHian publicity stunt! When will this bull**** end?!Not a day goes by that these morons don't put themselves in the news.

919 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm sure his whore-mother already owns the rights to the video.

919 days ago


I've never been arrested or detained so I dont really know how one reacts, but to me, Rob seems VERY calm about the situation (STAGED)

919 days ago


just because kim got pissed on, the whole family are being monitor daily by tmz, ...sick of the fake pr stunts .. daily..... no matter what celeb sites i go theirs always some type of break news about the Kardashian trash.

919 days ago


So Rob Kardashian was being verbally abusive to a woman? Go figure, all the Kardashian's lash out with anger and verbal abuse toward others.

He got caught and did not like that it might be made public that he was treating a woman badly?

How is the Pimp Mommy Jenner going to try to spin this in headlines, threaten to sue someone next?

The Kardashian's think they are so above everyone else and can treat others abusively. Time they ALL are exposed for the greedy abusive narcissists they all are. They love to abuse those that they are in a relationship with, take a look at how Kim got caught on camera close fisting Kris Humphries punching him and the verbal abuse that Kim, and Khloe use toward each other and toward their men. Not to mention the way Kris Jenner and Kourtney and Khloe and Kim love to emasculate men on national TV and humiliate them.

Sick people.

919 days ago


He claims he is shopping in a BONG shop? Good one, imbecile.

Trying to pull another PR stunt to take the heat off of your sister Kim for her flour PR stunt?

919 days ago


Harvey, do your web site visitors a favor and pick a month out of the year to ignore the Kardashians. An ENTIRE month where Kardashian crap is banned!

Would be awesome!

919 days ago


TMZ, as journalists, you suck. With a headline as serious as "He tried to kill me," don't you think it should be an actual quote? The quotes were: "He almost killed me just now. He almost got me killed . . . running into traffic . . .."

919 days ago


It looks like he may have had a nice body at one point but now it appears as if he's getting doughy. I bet he has a little one too.

919 days ago

boston girl787    

A Kardashian who doesn't want to be filmed? LOL What a joke....They're all skanks.

919 days ago


i like rob he is a descent guy. the officers should have said your not under arrest we just want to detain you till we find out whats going on here. i hate it when offices say your under arrest when your not. they have no reply when you ask why your under arrest when its your right to know why your being arrested? its our right to resist an unlawful arrest? this is where the officer is wrong in saying dont resist because he/rob could resist arrest but then again rob did not leave/thestore when told to by the officer and this is an arrestable offense. he was lucky

919 days ago

Yep I said that    

How effing funny they call him a reality "star" LMAO and he doesn't like paps filming him LMAO this from a guy who has a family of never ending media whoring trollops and he takes full advantage of it

919 days ago

go home!    

Where is this? This isnt LAPD and look like rent a cops. How ridiculous, Rob is the one handcuffed when this ******* paparazzi is invading his privacy? Little ***** photog whining that Kardashian was gonna kill him?! BAHAHAHA! What a wimp. The "cops" are idiots too, pulling a power play on the wrong guy. Rob should sue this paparazzi.

919 days ago


The girl he is in a heated argument with at the beginning of the video is his girlfriend, Rita Ora. They were fighting and this all happened because Rob was pissed that the paparazzi was videoing and taking pictures of him and Rita, they've been trying as hard as anyone can even try to keep their relationship quiet, but that does not excuse it. The paparazzi in Miami are obviously gonna want pictures if they see a Kardashian, so he's just outta luck here. He's just mad because his 'secret' relationship is finally being outed.

919 days ago
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