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'NCIS' Star's Ex-Hubby

I'm No Restraining Order Violator

3/27/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette's ex-husband did NOT violate the actress' restraining order against him -- he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time ... this according to the man himself.

TMZ broke the story ... Francis "Coyote" Shivers is currently being investigated for allegedly violating the restraining order last Tuesday -- after showing up to the same Hollywood sushi joint where Pauley and her fiance were having dinner.

But Francis -- an actor in his own right -- tells us, it was a total accident ... he and his current wife have been eating at Shintaro for years ... and when they arrived, the host sat them right beside Pauley and her fiance. Francis says he even Tweeted his dinner plans that night.

According to Francis, Pauley's fiance saw him and "aggressively" got out of his seat to have it out -- at which point Francis whipped out his cell phone to record any potential confrontation.

Cops were called -- but Francis and his wife decided to leave the restaurant before they arrived.

Francis tells us he plans to file a police report against Pauley's fiance.


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Fat Mike    

Any lawyer will tell you to take one out against her as well. That way when she tries to pull this crap in the future, you will have the upper hand. Especially when you've just let the entire world know what your dinner plans are. Pauley sounds like a whackjob.
Seroiusly man, do it. It only takes an afternoon's work

938 days ago


Justice finally being made! Pauley Perrette seems to have a restraining order against her ex husband so that she can show up where he and his wife are and call the police. Some people just ruin restraining orders for all others! Coyote Shivers is an amazing musician and he deserves peace in his happy marriage.

938 days ago


Don't believe him but feel bad for him just the same.

-She's moved on.

-Become a super-star in her own right.

She deserves what-she's-achieved because this is hard work.

-Requires an-emotional-toughness most humans don't have.

-If he went/goes 2 the-same-place he KNOWS she's at/goes to.

-It already suggests desperation/vindictiveness/retaliation.

If he SEES the woman come in - dude - walk-the-hell-out.

-Leave - there's a-restraining-order-in-place - - go.

If it's true he's (coincidence) SEATED next to her - c'mon - dude - do you even WANT that table?!

-So it's hard to buy his-end-of-things/side-of-story.

Contrivances are not for Hollywood - don't work out here.

-The sad thing is that this-is-tough-for him.

...Hurts - I've been there.

Hurtz big.

-But chose therapy - change - evolvement -

Saying to myself, "I can use this to become better."

And I did - and the girl came back to me and you know what?

I said, no, that was then this is now.

-True story!

-Not that I got to diss her - I'm not small.

-But that it no-longer-made-sense to "go back."

She's changed, dude.

Now it's on you to match that change for yourself.

Don't get stuck - SHE wants you to move on/forward,
trust me.

She'll respect you a lot - if you do -

938 days ago


I'm confused, "Whatever," I mean Coyote... you kept tweeting for days that Pauley walked in and you were already sitting there. So which is it?

I'll wait patiently for Coyote to create another profile to answer the question. And could you also answer why you felt the need to take pictures of her boyfriend while you were at it?

938 days ago

buster hymen    

I'd like to eat Pauley's sushi ;-p

938 days ago


So her new guys gets ready to confront the guy (Francis) and Franny busts out his cell phone??? Guy La Douche.

938 days ago


Jeez she was married to him for 5 years and he's married now. Sounds to me like a bad relationship and a lot of jealousy on both sides.

938 days ago


Who gives a ****? Slow day in the "celebrity" world, T M Z....

938 days ago


Yeah the guys ugly but shes not exactly a looker either; imagine her without the makeup and shes not exactly attractive either. She has avery elongated manly face and only looks decent when made up and in certain shots. So lets not pretend shes gorgeous like someone claimed. Ugh...and the gothic makeup and look do not suit her as she only looks uglier and older.

and yes it sucks to be the ex-husband imagine your out and about and happen to be at a place and your ex shows up who has a restraining order against you? What are you supposed to do evacuate every location because she's around. What your supposed to call in advance and ask if shes going to be wherever you are?? Also having to deal with a wacko fiance who attacks you and gets aggressive when your eating dinner with your present girl? WTF is that about,looks like he and the ex-wife both have issues

Of course if the ex-wife was mature she could have just said hello and good evening and be done with it and resume being with her fiance. Nope she and the fiance had to go psycho.

The point of a restraining order is to protect the person from harassment not to keep the other person from being allowed to lawfully be in the same vicinity. Some people abuse the purpose of the order

938 days ago


Relationship gone bad. If people want to claim stalking they should stop tweeting about it.

938 days ago


Funny enough, today is Pauley Perrette's birthday. I'm sure she was all smiles before this was published. She doesn't seem to be able to take any bad reports about herself. Anytime someone criticizes her, it's hell on earth. Publicizes come in for crises control! LOL

938 days ago


If it was all innocent like he says then why leave before the police came? It's a restaurant and if he explained that to the cops they just would have asked one of them to leave. At first he said that he came in after her and was seated then he said he was already there. Sound fishy (hehe) to me.

938 days ago


the situation is really ridiculous. as someone pointed out, she is just abusing the power of a restraining order. no need to see your ex and have your fiance attack him!! just be a bigger person!! they left when they noticed them at the restaurante, why call the police? so u can land a tmz story? just sick! people look at this woman like she's her character on tv and want to believe her character on tv. but in real life she is as ugly as can be....

938 days ago


He never said he was already there. Ever. Show me a place he said that in. All he said was that he has been going to this same restaurant for years. You seem to come into the comments to create confusion on the public and that's a tactic I am well aware of. He and his wife Mayra have ALWAYS said that they came into the restaurant, the hostess led them to a table, and when they were about to sit, they noticed the couple next to them. That's when they started to leave and her fiance got up and allegedly tried to attack him. So they left. Nothing fishy there, same story. Now lets wait for the police report.

938 days ago


So Coyote, Mayra Dias Gomes is a famous writer? Was this pic on her most recent dust jacket?:

That's not a typewriter, that's a _____!!! She seems more the type of writer that Kate Majors was...

Whatever fame Dias-Gomes managed to attain will be decimated the more she defends her husband's bizarre actions. She went nuts on twitter yesterday on this whole mess, unsurprisingly. Mayra seems both crazy and brainwashed, behaving as if she's completely oblivious to Coyote's apparent psychosis. Bad sign. Seems Coyote might not only use women for their money and connections, but also to do his dirty work for him.

938 days ago
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