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Kris Humphries

Hey Kim ...

How Much $$$ Did We Make?

3/29/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has filed legal docs ... asking a judge to reinforce the obvious -- that Kim Kardashian has a duty to disclose how much money the couple raked in during their 72-day marriage. But Kris is also challenging Kim's right to give away money that represents what they made in wedding gifts.

Kris' lawyer wants the court to reinforce that Kim has a duty to deal with him fairly and in good faith ... and that includes giving him a full accounting of the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage.

In the docs, Kris' lawyer writes, "A spouse may not make a gift of community personal property, or dispose of community personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse." 

It appears the lawyer is referring to Kim keeping the wedding gifts but giving double the value to charity.


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Kim...I think Kris was willing to be the bigger person but because of the backlash you got you wanted to save yourself and throw him under the bus...u should've never edited or shot new scenes for KKTNY so now it's pay back time. Kris hit her where it hurts boo!!

936 days ago


Mr.Humphries is going by the law's.From the Kardashian side: Still sounds like fraud.People ask yourself thuis question...would you not be pissed if the spoused disposed of gifts or anything before the divorce is settle..Like hiding money or gifts so the spouse doesn't get a fair cut.

936 days ago


Kris was a nobody before Kim, during Kim, and after Kim. He didn't care for her any more than she cared for him.

It's time for him to let go, and move on. These weekly "demands" keep him in the spotlight-and they are petty, spiteful, and bitchy.

It's not hard to figure out why she got rid of him, fast. If he acts this way NOW-what was he like in private? (besides petty, spiteful, and bitchy?)

936 days ago


Why doesn't Kris return the gifts if he wants them returned so bad

936 days ago


Well Kim ? Cat got your tongue you skanky bitch.

936 days ago


Humphrey needs to grow a couple and stop all this crap! I thought he was a grown-up, now I just see a spoiled little boy. He is just a child.

936 days ago


Kim and her rabid pimp Mommy will probably have their lawyer or PR team leak some malicious headline for the weekend.

Team Humphries!

Hope he exposes this family for all of the game playing they do and master manipulation of viewers.

The Kardashian women will humiliate and emasculate any man in their life for fame and money, they will use and exploit ANYONE for their own gain.

They have a narcissistic sickness and never think they are in the wrong.

Glad Kris Humphries does not take their manipulative BS.

936 days ago


I thought her income was based on the number of times she was peed on?

936 days ago


I am so glad somebody had the nerve to show this skank what she really is and how she operates.. thats what she gets running around flaunting a fake butt and acting all nonchalant like its real. What a liar and a money grubbing fake rand a sex tape selling skeezer. Glad Reggie woke uo, maybe she should stick with her own race of men instead of going for only black men.. when thats all you date then you should be considered a racist of your own race!

936 days ago


She's getting what she deserves, a dose of legal reality & a jolt from the funky fairy-tale world she lives in...
I feel sorry for Kris Humpheries, She straight up , without a doubt, suckered this poor guy into believing there was a relationship between them , and in the end he as well as the public realized it was all a ratings ploy for those kartrashians to line their bank account.
She is beyond despicable & gives women a bad name!

936 days ago


Put your big girl pants on Kim and pay Humphries what he is asking. He is going to donate it to charity, less his legal fees anyway. This is only going to get worse for you...

936 days ago

Priscilla Jimenez    

He ALWAY said he was not going to be like Bruce and Scott! He won't go down without a fight.

936 days ago


I dont understand any of it.... idk nor do i care if it was fake or real. they just need to let it go. If they EVER loved eachother they would move on with their lives and how selfish of him to care if her money or his money goes to CAHRITY! gosh!

936 days ago


So how is Harvey going to spin this today, this skank needs to be out there all the time to keep her business running. She has no respect for any one so she could care less if or what is said about her. Look how this family operates. Now her little 1/2 sister is out there. The parents should be embarresed by all this but--- it's about the $$$$$$$$$

936 days ago


Expose the whore, Kris!!

936 days ago
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