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Keith Olbermann

Planning His Exit

Long Before He Was Fired

3/31/2012 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann wanted out of Current TV well before he was fired yesterday because he felt the network was mismanaged and wouldn't be around much longer ... sources close to the situation tell TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, Keith is planning on filing a lawsuit against the network for his unceremonious dumping yesterday. He released a statement that said in part, "It goes almost without saying that the claims against me implied in Current's statement are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be filing against them presently." 

According to our sources, Keith felt the network was a "ragtag operation" that was disorganized and felt thrown together. We're told Keith felt the entire place was mismanaged ... right down to the office supplies.

On one such occasion, we're told the staff couldn't use one of the printers because it was out of toner and they had none in supply. In a staff-wide email obtained by TMZ (see below), a production administrator told the staff, "We expect to have replacement toner in tomorrow and will have a better stock on hand for the future. Sorry for the inconvenience."

To Keith's point ... they couldn't even fire him without a giant mistake. In Current TV's press release to announce that Eliot Spitzer would be taking over for Olbermann, they provided a Twitter account for Spitzer that is not his. The real Eliot Spitzer doesn't have a Twitter account.


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V Kint    

This Douche v. Douche war is going to be highly entertaining!

915 days ago


NO TONER??? OH THE INHUMANITY! What incompetence!! *That* never happens anywhere else. They should all be fired.

915 days ago


Another "reporter" bites the dust. Don't watch the news or almost no media anymore because of these brainwashing loosers. These liberal minded pukes have ruined TV, movies and radio. All media is infected with these blowhards. Boycott TV for your children and family's well-being.

915 days ago


Keith Olbermann fired? Aww, bummer. I know he's a little boombastic, but I still admire him; I think he's entertaining. Gonna miss you, Mr. O.

915 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Dear Keith,
I spent some time on news sites reading about your firing. It seems that the reason you were fired was the same reason you were fired at FOX, ESPN, and MSNBC. It's because you are a Royal Jacka$$.
It seems you did everything in your power to get fired, and you succeeded admirably. My question is: so what's your beef? You got what you wanted, now you want to sue?
Be a man Keith, stop blaming other people - you have no one to blame but yourself.

915 days ago


This stupid fiasco between "Keith Oafermann" and "Al Bore" is getting about as caddy and ridiculous as gossip at a teenage girls' slumber party. Meeeooow!

915 days ago


Attention Seeker, man up, playing victim makes you look even worse then the way you talk down to others already.

Maybe look inward as to why in the last short amount of time you have lost two places of employment, what is the common denominator. You.

915 days ago


He could not possibly fathom that HE is the problem in all of the networks he has been fired from?

Maybe it is not others Keith, but maybe it is you.

Time to deflate the ego and get real with yourself.

915 days ago

Who Knew    

Keith's going to have to find something to do on his owne, apparently he doesn't play well with others. Just go away, he suing because he was fired than says he wanted out. Looks like the end result is what he wanted all along, so what's the big deal libertwit.

915 days ago


Keith Olbermann is a self-important, egotistical douchebag. He supposedly stopped showing up for work because was unhappy with management, but apparently not that unhappy to quit and lose his over-inflated paycheck. Here's hoping no-one else is stupid enough to hire him for anything, let alone at millions of undeserved dollars.

915 days ago

Mark Montgomery    

If Current TV can't afford printer toner then how the heck did they pay Keith Olbermann $10 million dollars a year salary? Mark Montgomery NYC, NY

915 days ago


Keith was sandbagged from the beginning with crappy sets that made it appear he was in some cleaned up closet. And THAT was only the small part.
Keith needs to go the Bill Mahr route and head for HBO.

915 days ago


very happy to see obermann fired, he is always
angry, bashes everyone , calls them horrible
spitzer is a better choice, he is so much
smarter than obermann, can't say much about
his morals, though but who cares

915 days ago


Nice to see an ass-clown liberal suing an ass-clown liberal. This network love affair died even quicker than his last. At what point will folks figure out this guy is an unmedicated psycho and let him drift off to his rightful place - a cardboard box home under a bridge?

915 days ago


Guess he can say he was planning on being "forced out" (aka, fired!) because he always is! Same thing will happen with his replacement, Mr. "Gotta have prostitutes on the taxpayer's dime" Spitzer. Both big time losers.

915 days ago
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