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Lauren Scruggs

Nothing Makes Me Smile

Like a Settlement Check

3/31/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs scored BIG
Lauren Scruggs scored BIG in her mystery settlement over her airplane propeller accident ... at least judging by the look on her face hours after the deal was announced.

Scruggs was photographed out near her home in Texas yesterday ... sporting a big ol' smile on her face ... the kind of smile that says I just got a MASSIVE check.

As we previously reported, Scruggs finally reached a settlement with the airplane insurance company for the gruesome injuries she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3.

The terms of the settlement have not been revealed ... but there are reports that the numbers got into the millions.


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Enough with this story already. This ditz did not obey the rules of the pilot and paid the price dearly for it. It is tragic, but most of the blame rests squarely on her. The fact that she is someone's wet dream (meaning a journalist or media mogul with power) with her blue eyes, blond hair and a dazzling small only makes it national news. I wish her a speedy recovery, but I dont want to hear about every new ski trip she gets to take, when there are hundreds that have befallen even worst cir***stances that will never receive the press that this princess has.

915 days ago


You people at TMZ are the biggest a&&holes in the World! "a big ol' check' WTF!!! A@#%holes like you should be locked up on a deserted island away from decent people! F you TMZ to try to belittle this girl who lost a arm and a eye from her accident. Millions, I'm sure she would rather have her arm back then the money! You a**holes at tmz are the lowest form of human being. Go out and get a heart if you know what that is.

915 days ago

jimmy d    

@Team Lauren

"Let me start by saying anyone who has a problem with lauren getting a settlement for her injuries is a jealous loser."

I promise you that NO ONE who is using their hands right now to type a comment is JEALOUS of her! I think you are the only person who is jealous because you are also handicapped, and probably by your own fault too!

I think the company settled quickly because this would be bad-publicity nationally...they might have lost millions in other clients and future business if they did not settle. Once a company gets a bad name it is very, very hard to build up goodwill again (and even then people are always ready to leave).

It was that girls fault regardless of what the pilot said. She is an adult. An adult would know not to leave the plane (IN THE DARK!) until the engines were off.

Y'know when you are flying commercial and BEFORE the plane even lands there are people getting out of their seat and trying to get their luggage? The stewardesses loudly say stay in your seat keep you belt buckled. But there are always people who won't listen. They are smarter than a stupid stewardess. What would happen if the plane had a hard landing and they were thrown across the aisle?

Anyway this woman is one of those people, she got up too early.

915 days ago


IT'S AWFUL WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BUT IT REALLY WAS HER OWN FAULT - Also should have been so thankful she survived that suing would have been the last thing on her mind. I guess personal accountability no longer exists in today's society. What did the aircraft company do wrong

915 days ago


BIG CHECK...then why was her fam trying 2 do a "fund-raiser" and asking people 4 $$$ when this 1st happened? and i commented @ that time, ask the fashion designers and stars like Chase Crawford whom she was "friends" with?
pay back the $$$ you took from people that donated...Gee i wish i could get a cool Mil for being a COMPLETE DUMBASS!
the fam wants us 2 feel sorry for her....NOT!!! and she is still ugly in the face, go take ur Cool Mil and get facelift

915 days ago

jimmy d    

I bet as long as she has blonde hair and a decent A$$ some guy will marry her.

915 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

Shouldn't have gotten a dime. She disobeyed the pilot who told her how to exit the plane. She brought it upon herself. Sorry about the injuries but not about her stupidity.

915 days ago



915 days ago


I think she's great for her recovery but lets face it.... Do you really bonk into a propeler ? I'm sure she made a mistake she will regret forever but C'Mon.... she walked into a spinning propeler. Not a lot of sympathy......

915 days ago


she can just **** right off.

915 days ago


"Lauren Scruggs Nothing Makes Me Smile Like a Settlement Check" <- TMZ yall are a**holes, smh, I mean really?? smh.

915 days ago

the truth    

why did the insurance company settle for her negligence? i mean, every other passenger knew not to get close to the loud, fast spinning propellors.

915 days ago


This woman walks herself into a propellor and she gets money? ONLY IN AMERICA

915 days ago


Okay now im no einstien or anything, but HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO WALK INTO A SPINNING PLANE PROPELLER!?!? I would have hoped the attorneys for this insurance company could have proved her to be a NEGLIGENT IDIOT, since they found the pilot to not be at fault.

915 days ago


Wonder how this accident actually happened? Did she really walk into the plane propella because if she did why did they grant her a settlement? Ah well I hope it brings her some peace for this horrific accident in the first place. She is blessed to be alive.

915 days ago
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