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Lauren Scruggs

Nothing Makes Me Smile

Like a Settlement Check

3/31/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs scored BIG
Lauren Scruggs scored BIG in her mystery settlement over her airplane propeller accident ... at least judging by the look on her face hours after the deal was announced.

Scruggs was photographed out near her home in Texas yesterday ... sporting a big ol' smile on her face ... the kind of smile that says I just got a MASSIVE check.

As we previously reported, Scruggs finally reached a settlement with the airplane insurance company for the gruesome injuries she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3.

The terms of the settlement have not been revealed ... but there are reports that the numbers got into the millions.


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the bitch should not have gotten a penny! She was told before exiting plane which way to exit to avoid the propellar. No one's fault but her own.....hardly seems worthy of a settlement and a book offer! What a shame!!

870 days ago


This is not some girl who is making out like a bandit here. The fact is, Lauren Scruggs is a girl who was on the up and up as far as her career was concerned. She was a beautiful, personable fashion enthusiast who was really starting to make a name for herself, until this accident. Who knows what will happen? Perhaps she will continue on, but as a guy who has worked close to that shallow industry, I can say that the odds are greater that she'll be "politely" elbowed out from any future work in front of the camera. It's shameful, but true. I certainly see where some compensation is in order.

869 days ago

Em. Frank    

Going by these not-so-great photos, Lauren appears to be very attractive young woman. I don't care how much she got; only that she enjoy it in good health!

869 days ago


I'm sorry, but as much sympathy as I have for the woman, I can't understand why it's the plane manufacturers fault, the pilots fault, or anyone else's fault but hers. The plane didn't walk into her, why would anyone else have to pay for her accident? "Settlements" like this are the reason rates are high and going higher, and our courts are only to eager to penalize insurance companies for everyone else's lack of responsibility. Our system is fubar'd.

869 days ago


there probably isn't enough money in the world to make her feel good about what she is and will be dealing with.
i had a bike accident in '87 and was compensated for it. if i could give the money back in exchange for body parts that don't hurt, i'd be the happiest person on the planet!

869 days ago


I'm sorry, but SHE walked into a propeller that was still spinning. How is that anyone's fault but her own? It is terrible that she is injured, but she was injured because of her own negligence. Why does someone else have to pay for that? She is able to Seriously.....

869 days ago


SHE walked into the propeller. Why is that something that requires money from someone else???? Greedy, greedy...and not very Christian. What about all the donations on CaringBridge? Will Lauren be paying those back with her huge settlement? It is just disgusting that people can't accept responsibiility for their own actions and move on. She can still work. And get a book deal..right? Pay people back and watch where you are going next time. Geez.

869 days ago


I see everyone is jealous of the settlement money this young woman received. She was in a horrible accident; you weren't there, you don't know what happened.

869 days ago


She is not paying attention wo where she is and walks into a propeller. Then she sues and gets money for it? Only in America!! She shouldn't get a dime because it was her own carelessness.

869 days ago

Mike Treppy    

I hope the dumb bitch rots in hell!! Sues the poor pilot for something SHE CAUSED!! I dont care what excuses people come up with. That was 100% her fault. Hope hope she loses the remaining limbs in her next act of stupidity

868 days ago


What compels you to write such worthless trash? No amount of money can make up for the injuries this girl suffered. Do you really think she's happy that she got injured so she could collect a settlement check? What kind of heartless person writes a headline like this?

867 days ago


I'm sorry... I've designed & prototyped a number of air-crafts, but still not sure how one accidentally walks into a rotating propeller. Can someone shine some light to how this occurred. Was she sober? Did someone hit the mute button on the propeller remote control?

864 days ago


She will now be famouse because of the accident, I feel *kinda* bad but it was her own dumb fault, the plane didnt roll, it didnt start on its own, her dumbass walked into it. Another NoName being made famous for stupidity. See Also; Kim Kardashian

763 days ago


Well, no one pushed her into that propeller, no one made her be careless, but a lot of money makes up for common sense I guess.

763 days ago


I don't get it! Millions for her stupidity!!

762 days ago
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