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Heather Mills

No Leg To Stand On ...

In Court

4/1/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills
got shut down by a judge, who turned down her request to delay a settlement meeting over a lawsuit ... so she could ski her heart out in Aspen.

Heather was required to show up for a mediation by the end of March, but she filed papers on March 20 asking for permission to delay the hearing because she was training for the 2014 Paralympics -- in Aspen, of course.

Heather is being sued by her former publicist ... who claims she was a nightmare who made false allegations that Paul McCartney was a drug-abusing wife-beater. The publicity company also claims it got Heather a shot at being on "Celebrity Apprentice" but she would only agree if Trump would rig the competition so she would win -- Trump scoffed at her. And the publicists say Heather stiffed them on the bill.

The judge denied Heather's request. 


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TMZ offended by the word f a g g o t..but will make fun of a woman with one leg.

936 days ago


Does anyone else find this photo offensive? Between this and the headline of Laura Scruggs, I think Harvey & Co. need Sensitivity Training 101.

936 days ago


As an Englishman, I'd like to apologise to America for having to suffer the unbearable Heather Mills. She's a vile excuse for a human being. Having said that, you did send us Paris Hilton a while back, so maybe we're even.

936 days ago


Wow i'm not a Mills fan myself, but thats a tasteless headline and ridiculous picture. You run stories like the Carson radio show and his comments about the flower convention and then your staff uses that headline.

936 days ago


I laugh at most items posted on TMZ, but this crosses a line. Making fun of a disabled person is completely tasteless. If another news outlet did this, you'd be all over them. Aim a little higher.

936 days ago


Why is the bottom half of her let hanging from her arm???

936 days ago


Heather Mills is a mess but to make fun of someone who lost a limb is not right.

936 days ago


Fk you TMZ! I've been a huge fan for years until today. My 12 year old daughter is an amputee and to log on and see this headline and story is one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a while. If this isn't changed ASAP, you will be losing a fan. Shame on you guys.

936 days ago

not surprised    

Regardless of this non-newsworthy story I am appalled by the lack of compassion in this headline. To anyone who has lost a limb this is very offensive. TMZ this is discusting and I hope you get feedback from people who have lost a limb because of cir***stances beyond their control. One of our heros of war who is struggling to recover might not appreciate being made of mockery of, it could well make his or her recovery more difficult knowing there are uncaring people like you using your cold heart to print a story that has no news value. I know this is April Fools Day, but this is not funny, this is cruel.

936 days ago

Judth Cotton    

I can find humor in just about anything. Not this.... TMZ you didn't think this one through. Think I'll be checking out of your web-site.

936 days ago


Obviously Sir Paul was only thinking with his penis when he married her

936 days ago


I don't like Heather, and I think that the Judge did the right thing, BUT, I am highly offeded by the title of this article and the ensuing picture.

936 days ago


this is absolutely should be ashamed to put it on your website....what a sick world is this...H Mills just won 4 gold medals in Aspen...what is wrong with you people....shame on you....HEATHER BE BRAVE, HEAD UP THERE A THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT YOU !

936 days ago


This is not human....tmz shoudl be ashamed to publish such a there a law to protect people from this abuse? Heather just won 4 gold medals in Aspen but is seems she s abused over and over by media no matter how many good things she does....HEADS UP HEATHER YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF SUPPORTERS..

936 days ago


SHAME ON TMZ FOR THE DEPICTION AND HEADLINE ABOUT HEATHER MILL'S NON-LEG! I cannot stand Heather Mills but TMZ's cheap shots are lower than low!

936 days ago
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