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I Didn't Want to Go on Welfare ...


4/1/2012 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0401_octomom_videoOctomom tried her best to avoid going on welfare, but she says "becoming totally destitute" forced her hand ... temporarily. 

As TMZ first reported, Nadya is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California, which can only be used on food. 

We spoke to her at her home today, where the mother of 14 said she's hoping she only needs the assistance for a month or two at the most.

Octo has been receiving death threats since the news of her welfare broke, but she feels people should be directing their anger towards those who are abusing the system and not at her. 

Plus if she doesn't get some help, we might see more pics like these. Lesser of two evils ...


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Well at least shes not like kate gosselin who complains about what trip her and her brats are going on and paying tons of money to get her hair done and how she can barely afford her bodyguard and why does that onebe hasbeen need a bodyguard. so if i hav eot pick between the lesser of two evils, i'll go with octomom.

899 days ago


There is no possible way she can raise these kids. The CPS needs to get involved and stay involved otherwise these kids will be un leashed upon society and become an even bigger headache than they already are.

She is such a fruitcake she couldn't raise a cat. IMO

899 days ago


Sheesh...who does this woman's eyebrows...Stan Winston?

899 days ago

El Gato    

So, if you require public assistance, the government should take your kids away. Genius, try and pass a bill that says if you are on public assistance the government should take your blunt away and see what happens in the 90210. Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

899 days ago


Instead of the tax payers paying the doctor that put all eight of them last eggs in her should be paying her..because she didn't need to use them all before they went bad come on..and if she can't afford to keep them all maybe she should put some of them up for adoption..also with being said I haven't heard if she still has a uterus or not..because I feel like it should be taken out for her to get a total hystorectomy...

899 days ago


How does Fraudya collect welfare benefits while having a corporation, Harmony Enterprises?

899 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

All this because she wouldn't take a real **** in the mouth.

899 days ago


She should kill herself on pay per view and leave her kids all the money.

899 days ago


I think the doctor who done this stupid thing should have to pay the child support on all 14 kids. I also feel that the state of California should take all these children and place them in homes so they may have a decent life.

899 days ago


She should not feel guilty feeding her kids. Why do people threaten her for feeding her kids. Shame on people for throwing stones. We have call been there. Atleast they are fed and healthy.

899 days ago


PPL need to leave this women alone!!!! She is a single mother of 14 children !!! Anyone with children knows that 1 child is costly let alone 14. Even though she made the choice to have these children, its shouldnt be the children who have to sufffer. We should have some empathy.

899 days ago


I do not want to see Octomom in a porn video, it's a good thing she is collecting Welfare. Cause, once she makes the porn video we all gonna want to look whether we want to or not.

899 days ago


IF she's recieving welfare (cash benefits -- not of food stamps, which may be the thing she IS getting (thats only accessed with a ebt -debit- card) then in the state of california you are required to pay that money back. Its a loan. So if she is receiving cash, all you people screaming youre supporting her--YOURE NOT. She will have to pay it back and if she doesnt they take it out of your social security if you havent done so by then. If TMZ would get its facts straight then people might not be making death threats against her.

899 days ago


Really people,did we really expect to get a different out come from this poor excuse for a 'PARENT',more money out of my pocket for another lazy ass.

899 days ago


I can't believe this poor woman is getting death threats for going on welfare! Nadia has been given bad press ever since her babies were born. If she had been a white blonde hair blue-eyed mother...she would have been given anything and everything for her kids. It sickens me that people can be so cruel and having not one ounce of compassion for her babies!

899 days ago
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