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Lindsay Lohan

Only Thing She Wants to Nail

Is Her New Movie Role

4/2/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is focused on her career now that she's off probation and to make sure nothing gets in the way of her upcoming roles, she has sworn off dating for the time being ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she wants to avoid any relationships or emotional attachments as she gets ready to shoot her Liz Taylor movie for Lifetime. Our sources say Lindsay wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script and getting Liz's persona down pat ... rather than focus on a new relationship. 

We're told Lindsay has had her fair share of intense relationships (ya think!?!?) and she doesn't want anything to derail her comeback.

Sorry, boys.



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I'm glad she's taking her life more seriously now. However, years of drug and alcohol abuse, coupled with a lack of education shows through. GET AN EDUCATION LINDSAY. Hollywood will still be there when you get back.

943 days ago


It's pretty clear that TMZ is losing it's objectivity when it comes to reporting on Lindsay Lohan. The butt kissing and twisting the facts to look positive for her has been getting worse with each story. It looks like most of the stories fed to us have been fed to you by her. These facts have been told to us before, so why do we need to hear it again? Please do not report every little hiccup this starlet makes.

943 days ago


..and this is a story you felt the need to report because ????

943 days ago


This is Lindsay's career.... selling fake stories to TMZ

943 days ago


Wasn't Liz Taylor married something like 7x's? Sounds to me like Lilo will be making out with a few guys on the set of the flick, unless of course they're not going to focus on her interpersonal relationships (unlikely). In other words, why shack up with someone when you know you're about to be making out with potentially a half dozen or more guys on the new flick? Sounds like she's using her noggin' to me. Hahaha!

943 days ago

Red Cloud    

SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's a surefire way of knowing what's really what regarding Lindsay Lohan. And that is if non-fans and haters say something will not happen, you know it WILL happen. If they say it will happen, you know it WILL NOT happen. You're constantly placing jinx after jinx on each other. You've been so consistently wrong, wrong, wrong, yet, you actually think you know what's what!!!! Any human who thinks Lindsay will not make a huge comeback is stark, raving insane.
GONE with the wind>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

943 days ago


Of course she's focusing on her career.
Hookers aren’t suppose to have relationships or emotional attachments.

943 days ago


This has to be the biggest joke ever: the junkie :Lindsay playing Liz Taylor: #1 she looks absolutely nothing like her......#2 Liz Taylor was one of the greatest actresses ever, and this bitch Lohan CANNOT ACT....#3 who casted her as Liz Taylor anyway? and last but not least, NO ONE will go and see this garbage, unless your in her category, and are a junkie....those are the only people who will see this film....I give her a few days, and she'll be back in Court again and in the news with her disgusting behavior....i can't believe she's not dead yet......can't stomach her..ugh..............

943 days ago


Oh Black Cloud oh Black Cloud
You did it again
Your fiction fell flat on its face

Gotti’s gone, Liz is too
Not a thing you can do
And with Pitbull, there isn’t a case

It means nothing at all
And we don't bother viewing your links

Team Lohan is dead
We can't hear what you said
That's a mighty effective Black Jinx

943 days ago


Wow Lindsey you look so happy and healthy, keep up the good work, hope to see you on the big screen soon, you a great actress

943 days ago


'Lindsay's Greatest Looks'? Someone at tmz is taking the piss! Pic 1 & 2 don't even resemble each other in the least. Whats even worse, those pics are only a few years difference, not decades. Wow!

943 days ago


Linds applied for a speaking role in the LA cast of the “Vagiina Monologues” this morning and was summarily rejected. The director noted “she can’t read cue cards, take direction or act. If this was a role that required talking out of you’re a$$, she would have been perfect. This was not that sort of role, eh?”

943 days ago


C'mon, we all know Lohan is going to speed dial tmz for every little thing she does, every pat on the back she gives herself. See look I'm still not arrested yet. See how good I'm doing, how I've changed bla, bla,bla.

She's sworn off dating like who would want to be associated with her? But nothing about drinking and drugs. What a surprise.

Big deal a bit part on Glee with what what a 2 second camera shot of her as a judge probally not even a speaking part. Look how Lohan is exaggerating and blowing that up.

A cheesy Lifetime low budget made for TV cable movie. That's a far far cry from Hollywood movies. Lohans career is so trashed she is probally just getting paid scale.

Bottom line is still Lohan trashed and destroyed her career all by herself and burned everyone who took a chance on her. Hollywood producers (the money people don't forget that) Lindsay Lohan is nothing but a liability and not an asset of any kind. She can't be trusted as far as anyone can spit. Lohan is still Hollywood poison.

Besides, with all the public dislike for Lohan, the public will not take money out of their pockets and physically go to a movie with Lohan in it. With TV you can always change the channel.

Lohan burned and destroyed 5 prime time years of her career. She's nothing more than a tabloid joke. For pushing close to 26 she looks like crap. No one want's to babysit a no professional, not reliable or trustworthy grown woman. They won't waste money on her anymore.

943 days ago


@ awards:

Linds applied for a speaking role in the LA cast of the “Vagiina Monologues” this morning and was summarily rejected."

Wow...and after all that effort she made getting her labia transplanted onto her mouth.

943 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

No talent, no appeal, no matter.
She jumped the Shark before there even was a shark.

943 days ago
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