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Shifty Shellshock

In a Coma

4/2/2012 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Celebrity Rehab" star Shifty Shellshock is currently in a coma in an L.A. hospital -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the former Crazy Town singer has been in the ICU since last Thursday and is completely unresponsive. It's unclear what put him there -- but people close to him believe it was drug-related.

Shifty is scheduled to appear in court this week for a pre-trial hearing -- after his February coke arrest. We're told he was extremely anxious about the possibility of going to jail.


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It doesn't sound as though he's going to make his court appearance.

933 days ago


I hope the producers of "Celebrity Rehab" and Dr Drew enjoy the money they made off all those poor souls they had on that show, It doesn't look like they helped anyone.
I hope Shifty makes it.

933 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

WTF is going on?? Shifty is in a Coma and Ryan Leaf doubled down in the same week...... It won't be long and modern America will realize the 12 steps don't work!!! When I drank or did drugs, I was well aware of what the fvk I was about to do, and was doing to myself. It's only a disease if you can't man up and say I let my thoughts get the best of me!!! Thoughts, feelings, actions....... Change your thoughts, change your life!

933 days ago


Stop blaming Dr. Drew for Shifty's problems. Did Dr. Drew introduce him or any of his patients to the addiction they have created. Blame the addict don't treat intervention teams, Dr. Drew or anyone except the addict. The addicts are given tools to help cope and beat the addictions. It's the addicts who decide they don't want to use the tools of sobriety. It's heartbreaking because in death or illness everybody is going after Dr Drew when really it's Shifty who did this.

933 days ago


This comment is for all you Dr. Drew haters! Addiction is a bitch and the person who is addicted is the one is to blame if they can't stay clean and sober! Lots of addicts fall off the wagon, that's just the way it is, so you can't really blame it on Dr. Drew or anybody else for that matter. Being addicted takes along time to recover from. I really hope he does pull through and does come out of his coma. Then maybe this will be his calling to stay clean and sober.

933 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey idiots, Dr. Drew isn't responsible for people making poor choices, they are. All he can do is hope to share enough information that it helps someone. People quit when they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, not because of a 12 step cult!

933 days ago


dont blame dr drew. people who decide to do drugs are the only one who can decide to stop. no one can make them stop. its their choice, some go to rehab 10 to 15 times and still keep using. drew begged him and the others and told them they would die if they continued to use. they continued to use and are dead or dieing. that mike guy (from alice in chains) was offered free treatment after the show ended, he turned it down. dennis rodman, was told his brain had holes in it and he could at any minute die or be brain dead, they continued to use and dont care about the outcome. what is a dr to do they cant lock them up and force them to give up drugs or drink. put the blame where it belongs, on the addict who uses by choice and to hell with the people who love them, like the little boy of shiftys. addict are very selfish and love drugs more than anyone and anything!

933 days ago


I will say a prayer for him. Addiction sucks and it keeps destroying talented people. Let's all pray for him to recover from this and his addiction. ♥ to his family.

933 days ago


I hope he pulls out of this. Good job Dr. Drew, you helped Mike Starr and Jeff Conway too huh?

933 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Rehabs are a joke. If they worked so well, you wouldn't have to go 6, 10, 12, 5 times. After the first time, it becomes adult daycare with overnight privileges...... FACTOID!

933 days ago


I am a mother of an addict and sadly there is no one to blame but the addict them self. The are given the tools and counselling to deal with their addiction in rehab, it is ultimately there choice. Most addicts re-visit a rehab more than once before they succeed...hopefully before they are lowered into the ground. :(

933 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think it is time for Dr Drew to take a look at himself and figure out does he really want to be a Doctor or a TV host? Latley he acts like he also has a law degree when talking about legal matters on his new show. He is just like Dr Phil, a TV Doctor! Drew wants to be famous, he wants the money, fame and the Hollywood lifestyle, he sold out years ago. Rachel Uchitel actually called him out of his fame seeking and he got very mad at her. She said he knew Janice ****enson was disrupting the group with all her screaming and drama but Dr Drew wouldn't do anything about it because the cameras were on and it made great TV! she basically called Drew on his BS and he said, well if that's what you think then we have a problem. Rachel said, then yes, we do have a problem. Dr drew is a phony and a fake and should get off TV

933 days ago


Really hope he pulls through. So heartbreaking. Was really hoping that he would have gotten better. Though I felt the same about Mike Starr.

933 days ago


I used to like Dr Drew when he was with Adam Carolla on a show...I think it was called Love Line. Anyway he seemed to give out great advice. Celebrity Rehab, to me, was just an attention whoring way to make a name for himself.

933 days ago


I wish Dina Lohan would get hooked on something and go to Dr Drew.

933 days ago
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