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My Roommate

Attacked HIMSELF!

4/3/2012 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"That '70s Show" actress Lisa Robin Kelly says she's been SET UP by her male roommate ... who injured HIMSELF in an effort to frame the actress as a domestic abuser. 

TMZ spoke with Lisa ... who insists she was wrongfully arrested for allegedly attacking the guy at their L.A. home this weekend ... because she never laid a hand on the guy.

Lisa says she's been having issues with the guy for a while ... and tried to leave the pad for good on Friday, but he became angry and "roughed me up."

Lisa says she called police ... but the guy took off before they arrived ... and she decided it wasn't worth her time to press charges.

A short time later, the roommate showed up at the police station claiming Lisa had attacked him ... something Lisa insists NEVER happened.

"He must have scratched himself or done something to himself," Lisa says.

She adds, “I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again."

Attempts to reach Lisa's roommate were unsuccessful.


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John Public    

The guy must be a real pansy. Lisa, baby, you can rough me up anytime you want.

899 days ago


Broad cracks me up. Lay off the crack honey and you might some day work again. You lost your gig on that 70's show because you got involved with the rock. Have you NOT hit rock bottom yet, or you have and just don't realize it? You are over, done, fineto... have some dignity and walk away.

899 days ago


That chick is inbred

899 days ago


OH Karma! Seems like you may need anger management & english/grammer classes! If your son isn't already horrified by his "dad's" behavior i'm sure your wild, random, angry rants will do the trick! You married and procreated with the "looser" so this seems like a YOU problem. I'm not sure what motivates a reasonable parent to insert themself in such a ridiculous online drama - maybe you just can't stand not to be the center of attention or are you looking to cash in on "your" insignifigant life problems? Go take care of your son & get yourself some help lady!!!

899 days ago


Yeah right! That's why the cops arrested you instead of your roommate. You were clearly WASTED when you got arrested. Ever hear of beer muscles?

899 days ago


I'd LIKE to believe her, but it takes a lot to convince the police that the female in a relationship is the aggressor, so I'm not convinced. IF she isn't sober, and IF there were an incident, this is exactly what you'd expect her to say, "I'm sober, I didn't do it, HE did." Exactly. If she IS sober, God bless her and I hope she works things out.

899 days ago


Clean and sober?? hahaah i saw the mug shot... your a wreck

899 days ago


Yup you and brooke mueller are innocent.


I guess meth has a way of distorting reality.

899 days ago


the way you look who is going to Hire you!...

898 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

From That 70s Show to Looking 70.
Everybody associated with that show should go to hell, it foisted upon us Ashton Kutcher and Vilmer What's His Name.
Honey, it's over. Get out of LA, move to Utah where some guy will marry you and take care of your sick ass.

897 days ago


They are back together so who really gives a ****!!!

893 days ago


I feel bad for her - I lived downstairs from her when she started on That 70's Show and remember like so many in Hollywood how hard she worked getting small parts here and there trying to make it - then that show hit. She was always very genuine and very sweet - a real 'girl next door' and down to earth. I believe her that she had problems that led to her fall from that show - couldn't help but hear some big fights with her then boyfriend that ended in tears as he left - but never had reason to think she was aggressive or abusing anyone - just pleading for him to care as he'd leave. I think she was just a lovely girl that as soon as her life started to pan out and come together she lost something that meant everything to her and didn't have the support she needed - I hope she gets to prove herself with a second chance - The Lisa I knew was lovely and her biggest mistake was getting involved with someone who wasn't there for her when she needed them - wish her luck

883 days ago
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