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Tyler Perry Traffic Stop

The Eyewitness Blow-By-Blow

4/5/2012 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler Perry was confused, upset and a bit uncooperative when he was pulled over by two white cops in Atlanta this week ... this according to a person who saw the whole thing go down.

As we previously reported, Perry admits he made an illegal left turn as he left his studio ... but claims he was racially profiled by two "hostile" police officers ... who allegedly harassed the movie mogul during the traffic stop.

Malik Kadeem watched the entire incident unfold ... and called in to "TMZ Live" with the blow-by-blow ... saying Tyler upset one of the officers when he didn't immediately roll down his passenger window when asked to do so.

Kadeem also says the officers were "giving [Tyler] a hard time" during the stop ... until an African-American officer arrived to the scene, recognized Perry and defused the situation.

The ATL PD says it's still investigating the incident to see if the officers acted inappropriately. 


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I am SICK of all this "Racist" non-sense. You made a F*ckin Left turn from the right lane in front of a cop. Ofcourse you are going to get pulled over!!!!

933 days ago

Jay W.     

Can't you just say "two cops?" "Two white cops." What a crock.

Guy makes an illegal turn... doesn't cooperate and it is all because of "two white cops"... b.s.

933 days ago


So a person makes an illegal left turn from the right lane and the cops are just supposed to overlook it because the person driving is black? What, the laws don't apply to everyone? Come on!! He is trying to make something out of this that it's not. Why does everything come down to race? Why is it you don't hear white people crying about this stuff when they get pulled over or arrested? Yes, it happens all the time and you see it all the time on TMZ and you don't hear them screaming about it being racially charged. Give me a break....

933 days ago


if its racial profiling as the racist black tyler states how did the white officers know a black racist was driving if the windows were heavily tinted as the racist tyler stated

933 days ago


oh and tmz did you jump the racist gun with trayvon racist posting

933 days ago


Is it really a surprise to see a black with a chip on his shoulder? He doesn't have to do what the police tell him to do because he is black. Of course it is racism when cops stop a black for breaking the law.

933 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Should have just shot him for all the crap he makes, it would have been justified. lol

933 days ago


He is a racist and should be boycotted.

933 days ago


humdedum. Live like a bitch, die like a bitch. Where's the blood bank ? **** off u lying ****s already!

933 days ago


Tyler Perry - this will hurt you. You are a racist and I will boycott your films for the rest of my life. The two white officers pulled you over because you made a dangerous illegal moving violation. Good luck with everything, Mr. Perry.

933 days ago


"Oh it's Tyler Perry?? He's famous ohhh ok he's allowed to make illegal turns then!!" Have a nice day!! wtf... This story is so stupid it makes me mad. Some people will always pull the race card and it's sad.

933 days ago


Another Racial Card played. Its getting real old!

933 days ago

karen Benedict    

Tyler Perry, get over yourself you are just like anyone else getting pulled over doing an unlawful driveing act......Idiot

933 days ago


Who's the racist? How many white people do you ever see in his movies?

933 days ago

Will E    

It's time to pull the black card from these people. I grew up as a white in a black neighborhood and I can tell you some secretes.. The system works for them cause they play the black card alll the time!!!!!

933 days ago
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