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Mark Ballas and Girlfriend


Over a Scooter and a Cigarette

4/6/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas and his girlfriend got in a 6 minute, alcohol-fueled fight.
Mark Ballas
and his girlfriend got in a 6 minute, alcohol-fueled fight over Mark's unforgivable sin -- smoking a cigarette after promising to quit.

The altercation flared up outside Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood just after midnight Tuesday.  We're told Tiffany Dunn was outraged that Mark had broken a deal they had -- she agreed to sell her scooter after injuring herself in an accident, and in return he agreed to quit smoking.  But one of Tiffany's friends caught Mark inhaling, blabbed to her and fireworks erupted.

Tiffany screams mid-argument, "You're such a d**k when you drink." For his part, Mark tells Tiff, "You can cry me a river for all I care, and you can swim in it."

Mark tells Tiffany, "You punched me in face 3 times today." She responds, "I was dancing."

Tiffany thinks Mark's fibbing about smoking is a gateway lie: "It makes me wonder what else you lie about. Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly, what else have you lied to me about?"

At one point ... Mark yanks Tiffany's key chain from her, removes his house key and then hands the chain back. She pushes him and he leaves.

We're told Mark and Tiffany were "hammered," but all ended well. They got a cab together and went home.

Young love.


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Lucy Mouse Head    

Only watched DWTS a couple of times but pretty impressed that the guy can smoke and still do those dances without getting too winded. Stuff doesn't look too easy for people who don't smoke.

897 days ago


A deal is a deal. Sounds like a fun fight!

897 days ago

There's a problem here    

This sounds like a fight between a high school girl and her high school boyfriend. Very mature. Isn't he one of those Dancing With The Stars dancers? I'm kind of surprised he smokes. Seems like they both blow, though.

897 days ago


I bet the angry sex was explosively good!

897 days ago

Joan K    

Again, who are these people and why would TMZ think a 6 minute dumb ass shouting match is such great news?

897 days ago


Admittedly, I've only watched Dancing With The Has-Beens - about 4-5 times, but I've seen this cat on TMZ... and honestly, I always thought he was GAY...

I don't care about the fight.. just interesting to find out that this Z-lister is straight, not gay...

Anyway, moving on..

897 days ago


He's comes off as a prick and she comes off as a nag.

897 days ago

Pat Boone is a Flaming Fruitcake    

What in the world is he DOING with this NAG???? Why is he dating his MOTHER??? None of her business if a man wants to have a cigarette. I don't smoke but don't "forbid" my husband from having one. He's a big boy and an adult.He's not smoking in her house or in front of their children. He needs to get rid of that controlling girlfriend. She will make him or any man miserable.

897 days ago


It seems like a no brainer to me. If she doesn't want to be with a smoker why doesn't she move on? For him, I think he should move on anyhow because she'd be enough to make you want to kill yourself if you were stick with her.

897 days ago


If you watched all six minutes, please leave the planet.

897 days ago


Is this the new insult, where she tells him at the end of the fight to "go suck a d1ck" repeatedly? Relationship over and out.

897 days ago


this is all PR. The fight....the break-up......then Mark dating his partner on DWTS

897 days ago

get a life ho    

YAWNNN.,,.,,slow news morning TMZ ?

Nuclear fight ? LMAO

With all the cops there and the arrestees Nuclear about sums it up .,.,..,.

897 days ago

Sue Rogers    

Seriously, Mark??? You're a professional dancer, for cryin' out loud. Why are you smoking??? Are you an idiot too???

897 days ago


GET RID OF HER MARK!!! You get stuck with her and this is what you will be putting up with for the rest of your life! DUMP HER!

897 days ago
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