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'Texas Women'

INSANE Woman-on-Man Brawl

Outside Bar [VIDEO]

4/6/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_8b2v4tar_0_vjr52tbxDon't mess with "Texas Women" -- because one of the female star's of the CMT reality show single-handedly took down a MAN with a nasty flurry of punches ... and the brutal street fight was all caught on tape!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... the fight went down February 18th outside some bar in Fort Worth, after a guy called Brooke Jeter the C-word ... rhymes with runt.

Brooke's husband jumped to defend her ... but she didn't need the help ... and beat the guy down with haymaker after haymaker ... it's pretty gnarly.

Cops swooped in ... ripped Brooke off her helpless victim and put Brooke in handcuffs. But she didn't go quietly ... so one of the officers shoved her on to his squad car to calm her down.

We're told the fight will most likely be a plot line on the show, which premieres Saturday.

Yee. Haw.


No Avatar


And I bet she likes anal, she's the total package!

842 days ago


Haymakers? She punches like a girl.

842 days ago


so, when it's a girl beating on a guy it's girl power but when a guy hit back then it's brutality?!?!

he should have stick his foot up her ass.

842 days ago


So F'ing stupid. Do these people ever get embarrassed about making such asses of themselves?

842 days ago


It just goes to show you people will do anything for rating to stay on TV

842 days ago


she deserved everything she got. if i was that cop, i would've tased her.

842 days ago

Jay W.     

That cop touched her tee-tay !

842 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

If I were a woman I too would fight if any body called me a KIM K aka CU--.

842 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Girl power! If a man hits you kick him in the b@lls that will make him see stars. Don't ever let a man hit you and if he does hit him back thn call 911. "Self Defense"

842 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Back in the days, there used to be way more videos like this one on TMZ, featuring randoms brawls between L.A. wannabes who couldn't hold their alcohol after closing time... those were good days.

Anyway... once again, the TMZ staff showed their complete ignorance on anything related to fighting by claiming that this Brooke woman 'single-handedly took down' that dude. I really don't know how people with so little understanding of the English language manage to land AND keep jobs in what is essentially an American news organization, but, just to clarify all this:

- She didn't take down that guy. Hell, not only did he walked away on his own will from the melee, he actually never hit the asphalt with anything other than his shoes, and, as anyone with some brain matter could attest to, to have a take-down, someone needs to hit the ground... period. Frankly, the only genuine take-down in the whole clip... is Brooke's, courtesy of the cops.

- For anyone to 'single-handedly' be fighting someone else, they actually have to be alone in said fight... which, obviously, wasn't the case here. What TMZ - you couldn't see the man with the cowboy hat (probably Brooke's husband) continuously bull-rushing that other guy and later holding on him while his wife was hitting him in the face? Re-watch your own clip, then, 'cause he's there the whole time...

TMZ: we barely know what we're talking about.

842 days ago


What a skanky bitch!

842 days ago


What happened to sticks and stones. All this over some c**t

842 days ago

the real diva    

is that the new Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Tmz hang out? thought that would be a place where TMZ would have a drink with the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan where they can catch up on the latest gossip. for their daily stories on them.

842 days ago


More desperate reality wannabes willing to act like classless douchebags to gain their 15 minutes.
Get a job dumb b*tch.

842 days ago


People this is the "Texas Women" prompters way of getting people to watch the show. They are reverting to VIOLENCE and in my opinion it is quite sickening therefore I will not be watching.

842 days ago
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