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Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston's

a Deadbeat Dad

4/7/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin -- according to team Bristol.

Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, Levi hasn't made a child support payment for the ex-couple's son Tripp since June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

According to court records, Levi is required to pay $1,750 a month -- which means his outstanding balance is $38,500.

As for why Bristol hasn't attempted to enforce the order -- via wage garnishment or otherwise -- Bristol's attorney tells us, "We forbore pursuing child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship" ... no kidding.

We're told Bristol is still holding out hope that Levi will pay. So far, no word back from Levi's camp.


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Can anyone explain to me why, after proclaiming that she was going to be celebate until she married, why oh why is Bristol now living in sin with a guy named Gino?? And she will also allow camera's in her home for a new reality show where she is living with Gino and her son without the benfit of marriage. She told Oprah last year that is will DEFINITELY be staying celebate, even after Oprah gave her a few chances to reconsider - what a hypocrite.
Boy, those Palin's will do ANYTHING for a paycheck!!

864 days ago


The guy is a deadbeat dad. Period. Who cares what you think about the Palins.

864 days ago


The guy is a deadbeat dad. Period. Why do so many people on here have to politicize it???

864 days ago


The guy is a deadbeat dad. Period. This is NOT a political thing. I'm sure if something similar happened to Chelsea Clinton, you liberal hypocrites would be throwing her a pity party!

864 days ago


All the hatin', it really isn't our business in the long run - it's the effect that becomes regrettable. I don't think kids should be punished by anyone by the non-paying parent that's not paying being refused visitation by courts or others for not paying. Not sayin' that's what's going on here, but it does go on. In the long run, Levi's alienated himself & the kid pays for that. Maybe not though, alot of the mothers in our family gave us such a strong sense of family through them, it was alright.

864 days ago


Didn't Bristol Palin make $270,000 a year for some stupid speeches and appearances? Yeah, baby daddy should be helping support his son maybe by spending TIME with the kid but the dumb@ss probably can't afford $1700/month.

864 days ago


I love love love Sarah Palin, she is an awesome American. But Levi is sexy lol.

864 days ago


For the record...all you have to make in Alaska is over $105K or something close and that is the max is not negotiable. Many military wives leave their hubbies for one of the men up their and get crazy child support. Also, children get gas subsidies while gas, while from that state, is charged to the state at premium. I am quite sure this tool is bringing in at least that with his stories sold to the media.

864 days ago


I really don't care. I hate theses two bitches. I am talking about hypocritical wh*re's $arah Wailian and Pistol Wailian. They just need to shut up and go away now. No one cares you attention wh*re's go whine to some else and go take care of your babies that are the same age you trailer trash wh*re's. No one cares about you two stop trying to get attention and using your babies to do it. Just go back to wasila alaska and put a **** in it because we don't want to hear it.

864 days ago


I believe Levi and his sister love the money they make from selling stories about the Palin's more than they love his son. He has been a cash calf for them since birth.

863 days ago


There is an agreement that Bristol, her parents and Levi all have to pay a certain amount if they criticize each other in public. Palins owe way over $38,000 and have not paid what the court ordered them to.

862 days ago


Cry me a river Bristol is now whining that poor little Tripper will skip off to kindergarten and will have a dozen half brothers or sisters there. Bristol is JEALOUS! Sounds like fun--he will be teased about how his Mama put him on a reality show where she and Gino have a trial marriage and how Grannie kept choosing him to be on the magazine covers rather than his special needs Uncle or will be teased about his Mama being so arrogant and thinking that Obama needs to give her a call and apologize for all the people who called her slut and tramp and trailer trash--and she waited and waited and waited, but the call didn't come. All of these things will be more embarrassing than going to school and playing with half siblings. Ring around the rosy, kick the can, hide and go seek--they all sound more fun than Brisol's Whining Game and Sarah's Show your Ignorance games or Willow's Show everyone your Middle Finger or Piper's Treat me like a Royal Princess or I will shove you out of my way Games.

860 days ago


How will this story affect the child?

792 days ago


You cannot get blood from a turnip--Levi isn't working, lives with his mom--and Bristol is bad mouthing him every chance she can so he can't get a job. He should have gone to court and shown the court that he has no money to pay. Hope he has an attorney to back up his attempts to get total custody of Tripp because the lawyers have lots of money for legal help. They can't even wipe their butts without calling their attorney. Anyone watching this train wreck of a reality show knows that Bristol is poisoing her son against his Dad and that she lacks all parenting skills. Either put Tripp in the home with Levi's family or place him up for adoption but Bristol is not a fit parent. Palins are more interested in carrying a grudge and winning the battle (Palins versus Levi) rather than determining what is best for the out-of-control little kid.

745 days ago


And this is comabout a man who is now announcing he wants full custody? What a laugh. I have a deadbeat ex so I know what Palin is experiencing. She and Tripp will do just fine....mine did and were better off without the drama.

745 days ago
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