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Dog Crap Lawsuit's Ruining

My Oscar-Winning Reputation

4/7/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" star Mo'Nique is completely humiliated by the sordid accusations that have surfaced in her landlord lawsuit -- dog feces, weed, illegal immigrants -- and now, she wants the entire lawsuit sealed from the prying eyes of the public.

Mo filed legal docs in the case last week -- claiming she's an "Oscar-winning actress, television host, and otherwise public figure" ... and the bitter lawsuit's crushing her good rep.

TMZ broke the story -- a nasty legal battle has been raging between Mo and her landlords since last year, after she and her husband Sidney Hicks walked out on their rental contract ... because the house allegedly smells like dog poop and urine. But then it got personal.

The landlords fired back with their own legal docs last month, including several emails in which Mo's hubby Sidney accuses them of being alcoholics and using illegal workers. The landlords accuse Sidney of smoking weed in the house.

Now, Mo says the lawsuit has become a massive embarrassment -- and her landlords are capitalizing on the national media attention by throwing fuel on the humiliating fire.

Mo insists the personal email exchanges filed by her landlords had NOTHING to do with the case -- and will only serve to “unnecessarily harass, embarrass, and cause public ridicule if the record is not sealed."

Mo'Nique says leaving the case open constitutes a violation of her privacy -- and the judge must have agreeed ... because until further notice, the case has been sealed.


No Avatar


If she has such a solid reputation and so far above us average joes, she should have taken some of that Oscar winnings and BOUGHT her own house, that way she could have as much dog poop and weed as she pleased.

893 days ago


I think I will side with the landlords on this one,and I believe that your hairy legs spoiled your oscar winning reputation I will never forget that horrible sight as long as I live ,I mean come on, what woman doesnt shave her legs My 85 year old aunt shaves,you had a dress on for pete sakes.I guess if you leave dog **** and urine hanging around that explains the hairy legs case closed.

893 days ago

There's a problem here    

I don't get the problem hon, you could have disposed of the dog crap in the same place your career has gone ... down the crapper

893 days ago


If the house didn't smell that way when she signed the lease then one can only assume that she brought the stank with her when she moved in...besides shouldn't the house smell like bacon after that pig lived in it?

893 days ago


This isn't fair. Us Po White People want to see how the other half lives.

893 days ago


Solution: BUY a house with mortgage payments no more than your rent. landlords.

893 days ago


i would rather have my house smell like weed than piss and crap

893 days ago


she's embarrassed by a dog crap lawsuit by not by the fact the she looks like a wookie.......just don't get it lol

893 days ago

comic con fan    

as others have commented...her hairy legs have preceeded her lack of good taste and hygene since tmz showed the pics (was that over a year ago?)the academy win was just a fluke...

893 days ago


What an unpleasant and annoying woman.

893 days ago

weird al yankovich    

good rep ? mmmm maybe in her mind

893 days ago


Smells like dog poop and urine, sounds like BIG MO need to take a bath. Can you only imagine what that big old slob smells like after a long day. Just nasty, period.

893 days ago


We purchased a home that Mo'nique had rented and we found a sandwich bag full of weed not to mention some other "interesting" things. Whatever, people smoke weed, but don't LIE about it. Also, shouldn't an Oscar winner be able to afford to buy their OWN HOUSE?!? Red Flags Abound with this woman!!!

893 days ago


Mo'nique can dish it out, but not take it - she can make accusations about the landlord, but when the landlord defends himself she wants the case sealed. I hope the landlord wins.

893 days ago


She sounds extremely full of herself. Oscar winning actress...who really cares?

893 days ago
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