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I'm Not So Sure My Son

Is Biologically Mine!

4/8/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juvenile is locked in a child support battle with his baby mama over his 13-year-old son ... but now Juvenile has learned the boy might not be his and he wants him to take a paternity test, this according to new court documents. 

As TMZ first reported, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in February when he fell behind on child support to the tune of $160,000. Juvenile told TMZ himself that he's a good father and that his son stays with him most of the time.

But now Juvenile has fired back in a big way ... filing court docs in Louisiana saying he never established paternity when his son was born and didn't even sign the birth certificate at the time.

Juvenile claims he only recently learned the boy's mother was having sexual relations with "at least one other man" at the time and that he was "fraudulently induced" into various child support agreements. 

He is requesting a paternity test and if it turns out he's not the father ... he wants all judgments against him released AND he wants back every dime he laid out for the boy for the last 13 years. Ouch.

The two sides are set to be in court next month.



No Avatar


Who in the heck would want to kiss that? ugh

893 days ago


another broke has been ******....another day....seriously start giving these **** holes the they'll care then.

893 days ago


Strap him to the Dentist chair- Gross!

893 days ago


What a total low life piece of ****... no I take that back he's not even that good.

893 days ago


This guy is the poster child for what is wrong with the USA. Uneducated, non-respectful, misgynostic, lazy, offensive people are put on a pedestal and worshiped by our youth. Giving financial and social reinforcement to guys like this and all other rappers.

The fact the Rock and Roll Hall of fame started letting in Rappers was when that establishment jumped the shark. Sad to say.

If only we could keep these guys in one city, such as Atlanta or LA

893 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Don't forget the dirtbag mother too peeps. If she knew this kid was not his, and he was raising him mostly, and now she wants back child support - she is a complete money hungry *******.

Poor kid has two douchebags for parents it seems.

893 days ago


If you are not married to woman and do not establish paternity before you start claiming a child, you are an idiot. Heck, I think a man should test for paternity even if he is married to the woman because I know a few men who think they are the father of a child, but I know what the mother was doing and know better.

893 days ago


Boy, he isn't pretty is he. Ain't no woman going near his ugly azz. So he's good in the not biologically his department.

893 days ago


What an ugly low class POS. You have to be a paid crack whore to even kiss him.

893 days ago


what a POS but look at him though a thug ****** being a thug ******

893 days ago


his teeth look good, but a girl i know doesn't want her fronts any more but she would have to have her teeth cut up or removed and something crazy. mine come off. diamonds and white gold. i wouldn't want permanents because there are situations you wouldn't want them. some jobs wouldn't hire you because of it. Lil' Wayne looks like he had his teeth moved to have extra space between each one and got single caps for every tooth, so he can still take his off. it's better to have them like that so somebody doesn't take pliers to your mouth!

892 days ago

Bob L    

The last time I saw a mouth that big it had a hook in it!

892 days ago

Jill Conway    

TMZ, please stop putting pictures like this on your site. I just threw up in my mouth.

892 days ago


I'm sorry, but after raising a child for 13 years the child is yours, biology be damned.

892 days ago


why support my children when i can put gold in my grille?

892 days ago
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