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I'm Not So Sure My Son

Is Biologically Mine!

4/8/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juvenile is locked in a child support battle with his baby mama over his 13-year-old son ... but now Juvenile has learned the boy might not be his and he wants him to take a paternity test, this according to new court documents. 

As TMZ first reported, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in February when he fell behind on child support to the tune of $160,000. Juvenile told TMZ himself that he's a good father and that his son stays with him most of the time.

But now Juvenile has fired back in a big way ... filing court docs in Louisiana saying he never established paternity when his son was born and didn't even sign the birth certificate at the time.

Juvenile claims he only recently learned the boy's mother was having sexual relations with "at least one other man" at the time and that he was "fraudulently induced" into various child support agreements. 

He is requesting a paternity test and if it turns out he's not the father ... he wants all judgments against him released AND he wants back every dime he laid out for the boy for the last 13 years. Ouch.

The two sides are set to be in court next month.



No Avatar


I hope for the kids sake that this FUGLY idiot is not his real father.

866 days ago


Dude needs to go get that plaque scraped off his teef. Otherwise, such a beautiful smile. I'm guessing his breff be smelling like hot, wet garbage.

866 days ago

Jay W.     

Wuz with da gol grill .... ?

866 days ago


This is just gross all the way around, and this guy is a disgusting pig. That poor kid.

866 days ago


I feel bad for the young boy to have his dad throw him a way like that. Bio father doesn't mean everything!

865 days ago


What the hell is this a photo of? Is it halloween already?

865 days ago

Mary P    

If he had done the test, people would be in an uproar that he's trying to get out of paying child support in the first place. And it doesn't say here that he would stop treating the kid like his own, but if she lied, he shouldn't be FORCED to pay her (remember the MOM in all this was the one sleeping around and put in on that fugly toothed dude up there). Getting the cash back is for the lying - but it doesn't say here whether he plans on taking care of the boy himself, rather than through the courts demanding outrageous payments.

865 days ago

Cool Breeze    

His fans must be meth addicts,he looks like he's promoting meth teef...

865 days ago



865 days ago


That is one butt-fugly MoFo!

865 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Both of these people are worse than animals. Wild animals - think about that - WILD ANIMALS - treat their kids better than these two.

Really - put it in perspective and think of a wild animal out in the savannah. That wild animal would do a better job taking care of his or her child than these two vicious monsters.

Can you imagine the poor 13 year old child. A victim in all of this.

How sad - that money and greed would prevail over your own child. And if this mentally challenged gold teeth tool claims it isn't his child - maybe he should have thought of this before he allowed 13 years to pass.

Truly disgusting things. Whatever they are. They are parasites on society.

865 days ago


I almost threw up looking at him--GET YOUR TEETH FIXED-ugh-

865 days ago


Get your teeth fixed. Your son must be proud- ugh!!!

865 days ago


I think he is a piece of filth who does not want to pay child support. That being said, if I were the mother I would go on and get the test done--and yes I would tell the kid what is going on. My daughter is now 21 and my sorry ex excused me of the same thing. Back in that time they had to take blood from me and my daughter who was only two months old. Of course, she was his child--no problem I knew he was the only person I had been with. To this day, I loathe his ass--yet I have never told my daughter about his request. Oh and gutless ex claimed that insurance wanted a paternity test. The good news is that I paid him pay for the test--at the time it was a cost of 500 that could have been used for child support.

865 days ago


Paternity testing needs to be mandatory at birth for a multitude of reasons. Everything from medical reasons and family history, but to ensure a donor in need of blood/marrow or organ transplants.

Bottom line, if 1 in 7 cars failed, consumers would be screaming, demanding refunds, free repairs or other compensation. But 1 in 7 men unknowingly supporting kids that aren't really theirs goes unnoticed. It's time to close the loopholes that allow paternity fraud. Make paternity testing mandatory for all child support requests and putting the father's name on a birth certificate. This will help identify blood and organ donors in case the child is injured, help rule out potential for genetic disorders such as Rhys, Tasacs, Ataxia and more, and ensure the child knows it's true family history down the road! Imagine if your child ends up married to another child, and both of those kids were born to two different mothers but actually have the same father, but neither know since the 'presumed' father is different. Yes, this type of incest has occured recently, and it needs to stop as well.

864 days ago
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