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Ruben Studdard

Divorces Like a CHAMP

With Ironclad Prenup

4/8/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ruben Studdard just went through the CLEANEST divorce ever
If you ever plan to get married, start taking notes -- because former "American Idol" champ Ruben Studdard just went through the CLEANEST divorce ever ... all thanks to his ironclad prenup.

TMZ broke the story ... Ruben filed for divorce in November from his wife Surata Zuri McCants, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized in January.

It got hairy at first -- Zuri tried to get the judge in their divorce case to nullify the prenup, claiming Ruben blindsided her with the documents just days before the wedding, unfairly pressuring her into signing them.

But the judge wasn't buying it -- upholding the prenup, and awarding Zuri close to ZILCH in the divorce.

According to the final judgment, Ruben was not ordered to pay ANY spousal support or alimony ... and he gets to keep their home plus all his belongings -- jewelry, pensions, royalties, clothing, and all his cash. It was even ordered Zuri return the engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Zuri gets next to nothing -- her wedding dress, her photo albums, a 2006 BMW (which Ruben will pay off), a 10k property settlement, 2k for attorneys fees ... oh yeah, and her maiden name.

The lesson -- don't sign a prenup ... unless you're loaded.


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Cheryle Seitz    

It got hairy at first -- Zuri tried to get the judge in their divorce case to nullify the prenup, claiming Ruben blindsided her with the do***ents just days before the wedding,

842 days ago


whoever wrote this article is a retard. dont sign a prenup? how about these women find jobs and get $ of their own instead of planning to marry someone to divorce them for their money? gold digging bitches.

841 days ago


I'm glad, I think she married him in hopes of hitting the jack pot from jump. I remember her saying she went to the signing for a FRIEND that so loved Ruben, but the friend couldn't make it so she went for her friend, and I think she claimed not to like Ruben but ummm she ended up his wife. KNOWING her friend DREAMDT of him. I wonder if her and that chick are still friends? Hmmmm

841 days ago


holla we want prenup! we want prenup! its nothing that u need to have but when she leave ur ass she gone leave with half

841 days ago


For all of you bashing Ruben saying he is broke and hasn't been heard/seen in years..... get your facts together....he is actually worth about 3 million. He was smart, plain and simple. Why should she get any of HIS hard earned money?

841 days ago


Why get married to some one if they are going to make you sign a pre-nup? No reason to get married if you don't think you will stay together forever-HENCE MARRIAGE? People treat marriage like dog ****.

841 days ago


Um he's broke and owes the IRS. Again. What was she going to get?

841 days ago


It's amazing how people feel they can comment on a situation negatively when they do not know the "REAL FACTS". This effects peoples lives dramatically when they have done nothing to deserve it. When you know each one personally and well, you will see how twisted this all is It's just wrong to assume the "Gossip Media" tells you the truth...

840 days ago


Listen up folks! Reuben has alot going for him. Yes, a smart and sweet man whose mother is an educator taught him well. Keep in mind people whether you are a celebrity or not just take inventory of your assets (not just money) and you will see how many of your personal items are valuable. Let's start with your name, clothes, life insurance etc.

839 days ago


She probably married him for money and status. He may not have Simon Cowell's fortune but he is probably living a comfortable lifestyle compared to working class americans who have jobs but not doing the things they love to make money.

838 days ago


It is sad that people get married and then do this. I cared for my husband before I married him. The idea of leaving him with nothing or him leaving me with nothing is unthinkable. I am not against prenups but, come on, this is someone you promised forever. It seems to me that should boil down to atleast making sure each partner was safe...

837 days ago


i'm not going by what i heard i know her so i know she is a gold digger. and snooty.

834 days ago


Just rolling through the internet and saw this story, WOW. I signed a pre-nup and my husband has broken EACH and EVERY element of that agreement [his son persuaded him to get one; it was signed 2 hours before the wedding day - late at night]. I did not say a word, I have collected collected enough evidence to proof the entire agreement was breached on his part]. At the end of the day, my husband has benefited more than I in this marriage because what I provided through my business networks have made him richer. SMART women try to work things out [but you also collect evidence JUST IN CASE that dreadful day of a divorce will darken your doorstep]. My husband treated me to more trips and nice things to get me BEFORE I said "I DO." Most marriages today benefit men moreso than women [you nurture these adult big babies and it is hard work].
REUBEN STUDDARD did not have an "iron clad" agreement [the law ALLOWS the woman to keep the engagement ring...which is a gift given in contemplation of marriage, ONCE married the ring is hers to keep...that is the law and ONLY the woman can offer to give it back to send her EX a message that I don't even want this]; however, the Judge ordered she return that which is in conflict with existing law; which in this case is not up to Judicial discretion. Reuban Studdard is not handsome, obvious not a fair man and NOT "husband material who would be supportive to a wife." I guess he needed to CASH in on his ex wife's wedding ring to promote his failed career.

Pre-nupts can be good but I do believe they doom a relationship and are the BEGINNING steps for preparing for a divorce. I SAY JUST STAY SINGLE AND KEEP THE RELATIONSHIP FRESH, he would then have to always be on his best behavior then want to give you the world!

305 days ago

sarah sheppard    

i in joys rubin stubbard singing it s a blessing just to hear him sing my name is sarah sheppard

264 days ago

sarah sheppard    

ruben studdard is a blessing

259 days ago
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