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Amanda Bynes

REJECTED from Hotel Bar

Hours After DUI Arrest

4/9/2012 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI ... the actress returned to the scene of the crime to continue partying at a Hollywood bar ... but TMZ has learned staffers REFUSED to let her inside.

Multiple sources tell us ... Bynes and some friends tried to enter the hotel bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. on Friday night ... but the doorman refused to let the actress inside.

We're told hotel staff members were aware Bynes had been drinking at the nightclub at The Standard on Thursday evening ... hours before her DUI arrest ... and didn't want to be associated with the actress in case she pulled a repeat performance.

Sources say Bynes and her friends left the hotel without incident.

As we previously reported, Bynes was popped in West Hollywood around 3 AM Friday morning after she allegedly clipped a cop car. She was released on $5,000 bail.

Calls to Amanda's rep have not been returned.



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Who goes out drinking after spending a night in jail for...well, going out drinking? I imagine the last place I'd want to see after my arrest is anyplace that reminds me of said arrest.

928 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

She looks like Heather Locklear's mother.

928 days ago


My brother has a theory about all the Disney chics who have gotten into trouble and I think he is right on the money. He said that when they are contracted to the Disney company so early they are stunted emotionally and sexually. They are supposed to be wholesome and they can't have normal teenage experiences so they go bat sh** crazy when Disney dumps then when they get too old and they don't know how to handle any of it.
Lindsay Lohan, The Duff girls, Vanessa Hudgins, Selena Gomez, Amanda Bynes, Brittany Spears, Christiana Agulera,and probably a whole lot more that we DON'T hear about.
Personally, I am disapointed in Ms Bynes. She was one of the good girls that I actually liked. I enjoyed most of her movies but since my brother explained it to me it makes a whole lot of sense now. I think they all need some help and a Disney reject support group.

928 days ago


introducing Mattels new HUNG OVER CABBAGE PATCH KID!!!!!! i recomend getting the stomach bile breath option. the kids just love um.

928 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Is it just me or does Amanda have the swollen cheeks of someone with the mumps?

928 days ago


And gay/lesbians wanted to legalize gay/lesbian marriages. SMH. Good job gays and lesbians. You should have just stayed away.

928 days ago


I see someone wants to dethrone Lindsay as the queen of the trainwrecks!

928 days ago


I think Charles was on to something, when he said that Amanda could have been the one that got into the fight at the club Thursday night. Lindsey and Amanda could favor each other if you really squint your eyes... I will continue to follow this story.

928 days ago


Looks like someone's looking to end up like our old pal Lindsay Lohan. You get sh_t faced, get a DUI, spend the night in jail, and then go back to the SAME club the very next night? This girl's got issues. Also, her "friends" don't sound like very good friends at all if they're taking her to a club after what JUST happened to her.

928 days ago


Is she a boxer?

928 days ago


So Amanda Bynes has a needy, yes-man, enabler father just like Lindsay Lohan has a needy, yes-woman, enabler mother, huh? That spells big trouble for the aging (22), alcoholic, former child star – watch the police blotters and rehab clinics for her return soon. Poor child.

928 days ago


I thought this girl announced her retirement from acting. I guess she took up being an alky.

928 days ago


Stone cold derp face.

928 days ago


No its not Amanda that probably attacked that woman if she wasn't allowed in the hotel bar how could it be her? And the woman said it was inside the bar. Nice try TMZ trying to take the heat of Lohan by suggesting the woman got mixed up and its Amanda. Anyway Amanda please get yourself sorted out you are a lovely girl who is actually talented unlike that slut Lohan. Stay out the public eye for a while and sort yourself out your too smart to be behaving like this.

928 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Definitely needs a rhinoplasty.

928 days ago
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