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Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina Wants to Play

Her in Biopic

4/9/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston
With reports Rihanna wants to play Whitney Houston should there ever be a biopic about the legendary singer -- Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is telling friends there is only one person that can play that role ... HER.

According to our sources, Bobbi feels she is the perfect person to play the part of Whitney ... telling friends that no one knew her better.

Our sources say BK feels that if Easy E's son can play him in a movie, she can do it too.

So if such a project ever develops, the producers can expect a call from Bobbi Kristina. 



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Knowing someone isn't enough to play them in a movie. You also need some acting skills, and neither of these ladies has that.

935 days ago

Just Reading Regardless of how Whitney ended, the original persona crafted by Clive and presented to the public was poised, elegant, intriguing. That's what made her down fall so dramatic, the veneer ripped away on the series "being Bobby Brown" (why did her managers allow that) along with all the other public drama and changing appearance. Bobbi doesn't invoke nor embody the memory of what was. She's short, thick and although Whitney's child, is a dead ringer for her father. At best they can cast her as herself, like a photo bomber is always in the edge of the shot.

935 days ago


Oh man, the little tyke b*tch is on crack!! She neither looks like her mom, sounds like her mom, and sure as f*ck can't sing like her mom. What the f*ck can she play??? Oh yea... maybe Whitney when she was a fetus. Other than that, then that the spawn of crack, pills, coke, and drink has it spot on. #Truth!!

935 days ago


Who then will play BK, Willow Smith? I hope they don't leave out the part about how they stalked Prince on his concert tour completely faced.

935 days ago


Hey TMZ don't clown Bobbi Kristina, her mother just died, man.

935 days ago


I know they are mother and daughter but that would be like me playing Chrisitie Brinkley. They may be able to make hr appear taller but what about her face? But let her try. I would watch it for sure.

935 days ago


I grew up with a a very beautiful mother. I'm not saying I am a dog, but just saying it is hard to compete sometimes. I was always very in awe of my mother growing up when she would be going out at night all dressed up. I think we think we will grow up to be like them and truthfully, she can't help that she share's her DNA with a less attractive parent too. She should get a shot at it.

935 days ago


Oh no, no, no, never in a million years! They could never make her into a believable Whitney, NEVER. Now, if she wanted to play the part of Bobby on the other hand...

935 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Mom's body isn't even cold yet and the little bitch is looking to cash in.

935 days ago


She's going to have to fix her teeth first.

935 days ago


These kids who want to play their father/mother are ill in the head.

935 days ago

Like Mother Like Daughter    

No one really knew Whitney. That's why people can't believe she died the way she did. Whitney execuded class and elegance. Bobby Chris is the only one who knows her mom and alot of people were in such denial of her drug habit. Rhianna smells and looks cheap, have you ever seen Trick or Treat: Hookers on the Street on HBO. Yes, Rhianna reaks of and looks like those prostitutes, her and her rumoured herpes and cheap dropping the top antics on SNL. Whitney was the opposite. WH had class. She had something special. So I thought. WH seems to be a very complicated person and alot of people were in such denial of her drug habit.

935 days ago


I wish that TMZ would stop following this girl. She's not a celebrity. Being the daughter of a former celebrity doesn't make you anything. Not only that, but as famous as Whitney USED to be, it's her own fault that her legacy will forever be tarnished by the fact that she died in a bathtub pumped full of coke.

935 days ago

John T.    

She has a space in her front teeth you could drive a mack truck through. Her mother was pretty. No way could she pull it off , the only talent she has is snorting and bed hopping.

935 days ago


I saw her sing Adele's song on YouTube and let's just say it was hard to watch. She can't sing. She is also very unattractive. There is no way she would even be believable as Whitney Houston. Looks nothing like her beautiful mother. The best thing she can do is not try to sing or act.

935 days ago
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