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Lil Wayne's Entourage

Accused of Photog Attack

And Bicycle Beatdown

4/9/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_lil_wayne_skateboarding_launch_wmLil Wayne's entourage spat in a photog's face, pushed him to the ground in the rain, then beat the crap out of his bicycle -- this according to a police report filed last week in Miami.

According to the report, obtained by TMZ, the photog spotted Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside some church -- right beside a "no skateboarding" sign -- so he decided to take a few pics.

The photog claims Wayne and his boys packed it in after it started to rain -- so he followed the group to their car, snapping pics along the way.

According to the report, Weezy didn't much like the attention (as you can see in the video) -- so he ordered his goons to take the man's camera ... at which point roughly eight men surrounded him, and intimidated him into deleting several of his photos.

The photog claims it didn't end there -- insisting one of Wayne's dudes spat on him, while another pushed him to the ground. The photog says the group also beat his bicycle with a skateboard.

The photog eventually broke free -- and made a beeline straight for the Miami Beach Police Station, where he filed the report.

Calls to Wayne's people were not returned.


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For someone with such humble beginnings, he sure has forgot his city and his own beat downs. Remember singing in the McDonald's on Canal Street? Not too pretty a picture is it "gangsta?" You need to check yourself brother!

925 days ago


Li' Wayne is an idiot!He was breaking the law. The sign clearly states "NO SKATING" and he did it anyway. He has money, and thinks he lives above the law. As you see he was talking **** and walking away. LOL! Who in their right mind will be intimidated by a a boy who's 4'11", and has another man carrying an umbrella over your head? NO ME!

925 days ago


I Like How U Can't See **** On There BULL**** VIDEO !!!

925 days ago

Grim Genius    

i guess if it was a white guy, it wouldn't be so much hate comments

925 days ago


damn wayne was bout to **** him up an anybody else tht want some yay yay ...#real***** WAssup

925 days ago


I have always been a wayne fan but he is losing major points for his turnaround I dont think he should be a shootem up gansta and you can like all kind of music and play all kinds but realy the clothes the white women the skateboard I mean really the only skating we ever did in the no was on airline hwy at the rink when we were teenagers I have never even seen white boys on skateboards in the no this is crazy

925 days ago

Miesha Martin    

Why do the paps CHASE celebrities down and then when the celebrities turn the chase around on them.... they all of a sudden fear for their lives??? You people have no boundaries!!! People have died trying to get away from you. You can see the kids of celebrities scared and crying and you still keep chasing....wth??!!

925 days ago



925 days ago


Hey Lil dumba$$ can you and your hommies read? they even had pictures for you. And you wonder why no one sheds a tear when you get beat-down. Above the law? It's coming.

925 days ago


As if Lil Wayne and his crew haven't done enough. I like weezy's music but the things that he does are questionable. First he has no love for himself so he disses dark skinned women, than impregnates tons of girls, goes to jail alot for stupid ass things, than he tops it off with this. Congrats Wayne you've outdone yourself again!

925 days ago


Haha Too many haters out here, if you don like anythin to do with wayne you shouldnt read about or listen to anythin he does.As for the photog's story jus don make sense why would 8 people push you to the ground to beat up your bike???

925 days ago

Donald Duck     

Please don't tell me there's a man really following this dude around with an umbrella smh.... Guess gangster skateboarders aint supposed to get the cold.. Keep it hood son!

924 days ago


Dudes a poser! Falling down doing 50/50s! Thats a skate move elementry school kids first learn!

923 days ago


Very stupid, i say deal with it!!!! How would you like someone running up every second taking pictures of you?

881 days ago
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