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Lindsay Lohan

Victim of a Setup?

4/9/2012 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

the ghost of Lindsay Lohan
If Lindsay Lohan really did push and shove a woman at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood last week -- it's news to the people working there, because they never even saw her.

We have spoken with 6 people at the hotel -- some of whom were working on the night in question -- and none of them saw Lindsay that evening.  What's more, none of them heard even a whisper that Lindsay was in the hotel, and none heard anything about an altercation.

We broke the story ... a woman claims Lindsay accosted her because she was speaking with a dude Lindsay was scoping out.  The woman filed an incident report with the West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept., and detectives are looking into it.

By the looks of what we found ... Lindsay is in the clear.


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My question to TMZ is why didn't you call and investigate the facts from the hotel before you printed the story? Because you won't make money off of Lohan either with these spin stories. Now the tide has turned and you're trying to make it poor, poor picked upon Lindsay. Print first, facts later, seems to be your motto now. Pitiful from all sides, Lindsay for the other bar visits, you for the bogus stories and the jerks cashing in for a few minutes of attention from sites like yours.

930 days ago

I am Spartacus    

something isn't right but it just further shows that TMZ are a bunch of idiots. So all it takes is some random nobody just saying Lindsay did something and it's enough to warrant 5 stories on it and then in the end you claim she was never even there?

maybe next time do some investigating instead of just posting articles without checking for facts. Although part of me still believes Lohan was either involved in an altercation or paid TMZ to write another story about her that will make her look positive when all is said & done.

930 days ago


Sure hope them pictures of Zac Efrom digging for crabs on that baloney doesn'et mean he did hook up with Lindsay Lohan the other week...cause he sure is digging away trying to scatch something...or catch something....LOL....Which brins up the question is their anybody in Hollywood in that that doesn't have a STD or two or hell a boatload like Lindsay does....cause the way they cat around screwing one after the other sex partners like they do seems like every body under 80 would be infected with something......I wouldn't touch one of them with a ten foot pole and a hazmat suit no matter how much money they had or how sexy they are....Makes my skin crawl.....
Wonder how many of them would be so quick to drop their drawers if they ever seen a baby covered with sores from head to foot because her mother had several STD's while she carried her... That poor darling suffered so much from her mothers stupidety ...Now she doesn't have to worry about sores or anything....poor sweet baby....

930 days ago


Beware celebs, unprincipled people are after your money, everything goes. This incident with Lindsay is absolutely ridiculous & shows what they're capable of.

930 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Loyang Inc over on ROL trying to scare this girl and making up lies. Homogeneous is running scared cause Lindsay is getting dropped like a hot potatoes. Its hilarious!

930 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Honig is running scared

930 days ago


IT's the people that should be aware of how far Lindsay will go to keep her name out there and make her look like a victim. Kim Kardashian makes herself out to be the victim in her divorce too. They use the media to get your lie out there and make the other person look so bad that people will automaticly turn on them without knowing the facts. They slant the story to first make it seem like Lindsay did wrong. Then ta-da she comes out with a story that she never left home. The planted Lindsay doppelganger swoops in for a fight and takes off never to be heard from again. Only that she filed a report and not pressed charges. Oh poor Lindsay, someone is trying to take the little money that she scraped together from selling her designer clothes. I hope the magazines, designers, fashion houses got to look through her clothes that were for sale to see if any of them belong to them. Remember she has a nasty habit of keeping clothes that are loned out for photo shoots, and not paying for them. She also takes the jewelry and claims theft or lost. So I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of that nasty mouth. Show me the girl, let me hear her and read her body language and I'll tell you who's lying....LINDSAY!

930 days ago


its confirmed this story is not completely false..she didnt hit someone at the "standard"..
she hit the pipe at the marmont..and there were staff infectioners,that didnt witness anyone at the standard.
she is planning on paying someone back for the lies, but they have to take a check right now for spreading them

930 days ago


Lindsay Lohan under investigation for punching woman in back at Los Angeles nightclub, cops say
'Mean Girls' star accused of attacking woman at trendy West Hollywood hot spot The Standard

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, who just got off formal probation less than two weeks ago, is under investigation for punching a woman at a Los Angeles nightclub, cops said.

The 25-year-old “Mean Girls” star is accused of attacking the woman Thursday night at The Standard, a trendy West Hollywood hot spot, police said.

“The person claims she was punched in the back by Lohan,” Sgt. Ed Hummel of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department told the Daily News Sunday night.

Hummel said the incident is being investigated as a “suspicious cir***stance."

The accuser, whose name was not released, filed a police report on Saturday. No arrests have been made.

Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig was quick to knock down the accusation as bogus.

“Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever,” Honig told “This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame."

On March 29, the Long Island-raised Lohan was taken off formal supervised probation stemming from double-DUI cases in 2007.

Judge Stephanie Sautner told her to “lead your life in a more mature way” and implored her to “stop the night clubbing and focus on your work.”

The actress remains on non-reporting probation until 2014 in connection with shoplifting a necklace in 2011.

930 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey H8turds, how does it feel to BE IGNORANT and live in a trailer park?????????? Even if you don't physically reside there, your minds do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO at YOU!!!!!!!

930 days ago


where theres smoke, theres fire crotch.

930 days ago


"Sources" close to some random skank have spilled that this whole blasphemous scandal will be handled by -

The Lindsay Lohan Legal Shark Corporation

While their "crack" legal team had been trying desperately to keep it under wraps until the grand opening, this unpleasant situation has forced their hand, and now the entire solar system knows about Lindsay's latest endeavor. Her attorneys have more experience getting lowlife drunken, uberviolent, cocaine-fiending shoplifters a skate from prosecution than OJ's "Dream Team", the lawyers for Robert Blake, and Clarence Darrow put together.

They are, simply, the BEST defense that any celebrity could dare ask for.... and they better be. Their fees start at one million dollars per hour. Courthouses across the country are already beginning to quiver, and where budget allows, some federal buildings are being retrofitted to withstand a reading of one million on a griefometer..

930 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This dumb bietch is going down hard, like the rest of you H8turds once Lilo's lawyers have time to subpena all you back woods illiterates. You H8turds are just like this women!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!

930 days ago


Lil Miss Homebodies latest gig:

One picture of Lindsay Lohan for a shoot i did for the next Andre's Officiel Hommes, Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles. Photo Olivier Zahm

930 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMAO, can't wait until what TMZ H8turd this women is. I could name 10 suspects, however I'll let justice take it's course!!!!!

930 days ago
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