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Melissa Etheridge's Ex-GF

I Can't Live on $23,000 a Month!

4/9/2012 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge
's ex-GF Tammy Lynn Michaels claims she's barely scraping by on the $23,000 a month Melissa currently pays her in partner and child support -- and now, she wants a massive raise ... this according to new court docs obtained by TMZ.

Tammy just filed the papers in the couple's infamously bitter separation claiming Melissa makes roughly $177,882.00 PER MONTH ... and got Tammy accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle while they were together ... so the $23k is incredibly unfair.

Tammy -- a former actress -- also claims she has "virtually no savings" and would need "extensive retraining" if she were to rejoin the workforce.

Tammy claims Melissa is also brainwashing the kids -- training them to be emotionally distant and rude to Tammy ... and now they won't even give her a hug. 

Tammy also accuses Melissa of cursing around the children -- including one instance ... when she told Tammy to "get the f**k off my back" in front of the kids. According to Tammy, Melissa also refuses to let the kids get vaccinated.

As for the reason behind the mudslinging -- Tammy and Melissa are headed into a settlement conference in May to determine support and custody issues ... so it's important for Tammy to demonstrate she's the better mom.

On top of increased support, Tammy also wants Melissa to pay her $120,000 legal bill. Calls to Melissa were not returned.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

(1) THEY WERE NEVER MARRIED. (2) This isn't a homosexual issue. It's a human greed issue.
UNIVERSAL human greed. Tammy's got 2 kids. 23k a month amounts to over 1/4 million a year. That's pretty good for a "divorced" mom of 2 whose partner is still in the picture to parent the kids.
"...Tammy accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle while they were together ... so the $23k is incredibly unfair..."? Unbelievable. Earn your own money Tammy.
Anyone remember Tammy's bitter blog where she cried about "not having a pot to piss in", dirty house, not enough money to buy food for the kids, "stuck with two toddlers", etc.? Melissa should get hold of that blog to show the court that Tammy's either (1) not making good use of finances (if that blog was/is true) or (2) outright lying & manipulation & trying to turn everyone against Melissa (if that blog was/is false).
"...Tammy accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle while they were together ... so the $23k is incredibly unfair..."? Outrageous. Those are the universal words of a gold-digger.
Tammy writes on her blog: "I've mingled with Farmers, I've mingled with Holly. The only difference printed is on their price tags." LOL. Tammy pretending she's so down-to-earth. No wonder Melissa left that entitled, lazy gold-digger. Who wouldn't?

928 days ago


hahahaha this is awesome. the g@y community wants marriage, you also get everything that comes with it!!! team tammy ftw!!

928 days ago


Melissa Ethridge seems to be behaving just like a man. Having kids all over the place, I think she is up to FOUR now.. and then not wanting to support them. It must be a fantasy of hers to be actually be a man, although she technically has not claim to ANY of these children - they are not hers, not biologically anyways. She will find some new dumb woman who believes her lies, pop out some more puppies and in a year or two the pictures in the tabloids will be replaced with the new baby mamma asking for more money cuz $23K a month is just not enough!

928 days ago

paul a.    

Hey Melissa! you wanted equal rights! Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Now you get a little taste of what most men have to go through. Paying through the nose. I have a little info for you: You are no longer an person. You are an ATM!

928 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I could live VERY comfortably on 3 months of her salary a YEAR with my husband and 7 kids. If she can't live on it, she needs to take a reality course.

928 days ago


Tammy is lucky to receive $23K monthly! She is spoiled brat and goes to look for job if she needs more money.
She can adjust to live with $15K monthly ad save 8K for emergency and toward kids college education which Melissa may help out. She is full of baloney!

928 days ago


Getting 23 grand a month, why would she need to work at all....retraining or not?

928 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

Neither can I. Caviar is pretty expensive these days. Ritz crackers are going up too.

928 days ago


Her ex has a blog.. she's been complaining for a long time.. it's so sad! I don't know who couldn't live on 23,000 bucks a month!? Our family of four lives on 1/5 of that... quite comfortably (and in an expensive place to live, too).
Her blog

928 days ago


So according to all of the comments on here, the non-breadwinner in a relationship has to take any meager offering that the breadwinner deems appropriate. I grew up this way, living in a house that was falling down around us (leaky roof, bad plumbing etc.) because my father walked out with his salary and left my mother, a homemaker, with 6 kids and no way to support herself after 20 years of marriage, telling her and us that he would always take care of us. He then made us beg for everything - a new pair of shoes, eye glasses, a $40 Prom Dress at JCPenney, all the while telling us how broke he was. He made us feel like **** every time we needed something but my mother's job barely put food on the table. Then we would visit him in his brand new house and go out to dinner and ride in his Cadillac (my mother's car btw was 15 years old and the back window was held on by duct tape). So why is it that one person gets to keep the family's wealth while the other does not? The breadwinner is more than happy to come home to a clean house, a cooked meal, all the household chores and children's extracurricular activities taken care of without him/her lifting a finger. So when he/she chooses to leave that home he/she needs to pay a proper amount to maintain it whether it's $1 or 23K or 23M. It's called responsibility.

928 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

I say let Melissa eat cake. This is why Gays want to have the same legal rights as married couples? Then so be it. You get what you pay for.

928 days ago


Im pretty sure that If most of the population can live off $1-2K a month, that she can too! She sounds like a lazy, greedy spoiled bitch.

928 days ago


$23,000? Ridiculous...she should try $1160... per month with 50% going to rent and no welfare...poor poor child...(sarcasm in case you couldn't tell...) heh

928 days ago


Seriously? GET A JOB. Stop trying to pester money from someone, and get off your butt and do it yourself. Unbelievable how selfish someone can be saying they can't live off of $23,000 a month. Oh you can you're just to lazy. Pay for your own crap or something complaining you selfish little twit.

928 days ago

Shane Taylor    

$23000 a month not enough? give it to me lol

928 days ago
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